Rim Shaker Knights Basketball was created to offer kids an opportunity to enhance their basketball skills and offer educational tutoring when needed. It is our mission to provide the best after school programs, staff and equipment to fully meet the various educational, sports and lifestyle skills training needed to help our youth become positive member in society. It is our mission to provide an alternative to keep boys and girls off the streets. Besides providing an excellent value to our youth, Rim Shaker Knights Basketball is determined to create an unmatched educational/sports atmosphere that will add to the enjoyment of every boy and girl in our program. Dedicated to the community, our hope is that through the use of our program, boys and girls life will be enhanced.

Our focus of the program is to help students develop a game plan on how to balance school and life's challenges and sports. Rim Shaker Knights Basketball hopes to motivate our youth to stay in school, and offer our help if needed in areas such as tutoring and counseling. Rim Shaker Knights basketball program will enjoy a positive perception within the community. We will offer solid support of concepts and purpose that have an awareness of the problems inherent in a program that involves volunteers. Everyone will consider our programs to have a positive influence on youth and a potential deterrent to violence and other anti-social behavior. The initial purpose of Rim Shaker Knights basketball program remains constant. School-sponsored sports programs are severely limited in terms of age and range of events. Driven by economics, most notably with the passage of state legislation limiting school funding, many sports programs have not survived increasing economic pressures on the public school system. Property tax modifications may further impede the public school system's ability to offer any more than the most basic classroom experiences.

Rim Shaker Knights basketball program seeks to serve all interested children from 5th through 11th regardless of what the school they attend offers. There are absolutely no expectations regarding skill or experience, only the desire to participate. Rim Shaker Knights programs are orchestrated to make this experience as accessible and affordable as possible for our youth.

Here are the programs, activities and accomplishments:

* Daily activities occur 2 days each week for 2 hours each day

* First 15 minutes we have a discussion daily about school and talk about life style skills needed to be successful.

* Students needing academic help attend tutoring.

* Compete against other kids in other cities with similar skills

* Program teaches kids how to compete and work hard.

* Tutoring program has helped students grades improve from C/D to A/B on tests

* Kids in our program are learning the value of hard work and dedication.


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