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Practice Schedule for this Week 9/14- 9-18  at Ralph Russel Field on Pine Road

T-Ball (3-6 yr olds) Tuesday/Thursday Field 1 6-7pm

Rookies (7-8 yr olds) Tuesday/Thursday Field 2 6-7:15pm

Minors (9-10 yr olds) Wednesday/Friday Field 1 6-7:30 pm

Majors (11-12 yr olds) Wednesday/Friday Field 2 6-7:30 pm

We are still signing up players for all age groups this week. 


 Right Way Little League Fall Baseball Schedule -Season Starts Monday September 21st and Ends Thursday November 5th

Please have players to the field 30 mins prior to game start to warm-up

 Monday Tuesday Thursday

 Field #1

5:45pm 5:45pm 5:45pm

T-Ball Yankees vs Pirates T-Ball Cardinals vs Yankees T-Ball Pirates vs Cardinals

 7:00pm 7:00pm 7:00pm

Minor Reds vs Orioles Minor Cubs vs Reds Minor Orioles vs Cubs

Field #2

5:45pm 5:45pm 5:45pm 

Rookie Indians vs Dodgers Rookie Dodgers vs Mets Rookie Mets vs Indians

7:00pm 7:00pm

Major Marlins vs Rangers Major Rangers vs Marlins


 Right Way Little League Opening Day Game Schedule Saturday

September 19th Starts at 10am (please be 15 mins early)

Field #1

10:30 am T-Ball Pirates vs Yankees

11:00 am T-Ball Cardinals vs Yankees

11:30 am Rookie Dodgers vs Mets

12:00 Rookie Indians vs Dodgers

Field #2

10:30 am Minor Reds vs Orioles

11:00 am Minor Orioles vs Cubs

11:30 am Major Marlins vs Rangers


Opening Day Picture Schedule  

10:20am T-Ball Yankees

10:35 am T-Ball Cardinals

10:45 am Minor Cubs

11:00 am Rookie Dodgers

11:10 am T-Ball Pirates

11:25 am Minor Reds

11:40 am Rookie Indians

11:55 am Minor Orioles

12:10 pm Rookie Mets

12:20 pm Major Rangers

12:35 pm Major Marlins


Did you see our article in the Ocala Star Banner on 3/27/14?

 If not, find it online at ocala.com