Ridley Youth Lacrosse: Schedules

3rd to 8th Grade Travel Teams 

*** All games are subject to change, website may Not show changes in schedule, please check your email or contact your coach confirm Day, Time and Field location. This should be done the week before the game. Coaches normally email or tell players the week of the game ***

Please visit our Youth Lacrosse League Website for Game schedules:
Youth Lacrosse League: SEPYLA (Southeastern PA Youth Lacrosse Assoc.)
NOTE* Look at our Coaches Page on our Ridley Youth Lax website to see what Division your son is playing in. (ex. A1, B1, C1 etc.). Ridley is always in the SOUTH on the league website.
Once you are on the SEPYLA website Go To:
- Teams
- Then "Choose a Team"
- Then "South"
- Then select your Division (ex. A1, B1, C1, etc.)