Ridley Youth Lacrosse: College TV Schedule

Watching Games is the best way to learn. Watch players that play your position, see how they know where to be on the field and how they move when they don't have the ball and when they do have the ball. Movement is key in lacrosse and finding the open spot to be makes all the difference. Watching, learning and understanding will excel your game!

Men's Division I Games
DateTimeMatch-up (and location if neutral)Network(s)
Feb 7, Sat 1:00 pm UMBC at Johns Hopkins ESPN3
Delay: ESPNU 2/08 12:00 pm
  4:00 pm Siena at Syracuse ESPN3/TWC
Feb 8, Sun 12:00 pm Air Force at Duke ESPN3
Feb 10, Tue 4:00 pm High Point at North Carolina ESPN3
Feb 14, Sat 12:00 pm Georgetown at Notre Dame ESPN3
  1:00 pm Stony Brook at St. John's ESPN3
Feb 15, Sun 12:00 pm Army at Jacksonville ESPN3
  2:00 pm Duke at Mercer ESPN3
  4:00 pm Cornell at Syracuse ESPN3/TWC
Feb 21, Sat 12:00 pm Maryland at Yale ESPN3
  3:00 pm Hofstra at Princeton ESPN3
Delay: ESPNU 2/22 8:00 am
Feb 22, Sun 7:00 pm Army at Syracuse ESPN3/TWC
Feb 27, Fri 4:00 pm Denver at North Carolina ESPNU
Feb 28, Sat 12:00 pm Harvard at Duke ESPN3
  1:00 pm Dartmouth at Notre Dame ESPN3
  1:00 pm Princeton at Johns Hopkins ESPN3
Delay: ESPNU 3/01 10:00 am
Mar 1, Sun 12:00 pm Virginia at Syracuse ESPNU
  5:00 pm Providence at Duke ESPN3
Mar 3, Tue 3:00 pm Yale at St. John's ESPN3
Mar 7, Sat 12:00 pm Navy at Johns Hopkins ESPN3
Delay: ESPNU 3/08 10:00 am
  1:00 pm Loyola at Duke ESPN3
Mar 10, Tue 4:00 pm Bryant at North Carolina ESPN3
Mar 14, Sat 12:00 pm Notre Dame at Virginia ESPNU
  1:00 pm Drexel at St. John's ESPN3
  2:00 pm Johns Hopkins at Syracuse ESPNU
Mar 17, Tue 7:00 pm Harvard at North Carolina ESPN3
Mar 21, Sat 1:00 pm Army at Lehigh ASN
  4:00 pm Ohio State at Notre Dame ESPNU
  6:00 pm Virginia at Johns Hopkins ESPNU
Mar 22, Sun 12:30 pm Duke at Syracuse ESPNU
Mar 28, Sat 11:00 am Siena at Canisius TWC
  12:00 pm Boston University at Navy CBSSN
  12:00 pm Syracuse at Notre Dame ESPNU
  1:00 pm Georgetown at Denver Altitude
  1:00 pm Marquette at Villanova BEDN
  1:00 pm Providence at St. John's ESPN3
  2:00 pm Rutgers at Johns Hopkins ESPNU
  2:30 pm Colgate at Loyola CBSSN
Mar 29, Sun 11:00 am Brown at Princeton ESPNU
  1:00 pm Duke at North Carolina ESPNU
  3:00 pm Ohio State at Penn State ESPNU
  5:00 pm Michigan at Maryland BTN
Apr 2, Thu 7:00 pm Albany at Syracuse ESPN3/TWC
Apr 3, Fri 7:00 pm North Carolina at Virginia ESPNU
  8:30 pm Villanova at Denver FS1
Apr 4, Sat 4:00 pm Penn State at Maryland BTN
  5:00 pm Notre Dame at Duke ESPNU
Apr 5, Sun TBA    Johns Hopkins at Ohio State BTN
Apr 7, Tue 4:00 pm Marquette at Notre Dame ESPN3
Apr 11, Sat 12:00 pm Manhattan at Siena TWC
  1:00 pm Army at Navy CBSSN
  1:00 pm Denver at St. John's BEDN
  4:00 pm Syracuse at North Carolina ESPNU
  6:00 pm Penn State at Johns Hopkins ESPNU
Apr 12, Sun TBA    Maryland at Rutgers BTN
  12:00 pm Virginia at Duke ESPNU
  2:00 pm Ohio State at Michigan ESPNU
Apr 14, Tue 7:00 pm Hobart at Syracuse ESPN3/TWC
Apr 17, Fri 6:00 pm Harvard at Princeton ESPNU
  7:00 pm Colgate at Army CBSSN
Apr 18, Sat 11:00 am Maryland at Ohio State BTN
  1:00 pm Providence at Denver Altitude
  2:00 pm Duke at Marquette CBSSN
  2:00 pm Michigan at Johns Hopkins ESPNU
  4:00 pm North Carolina at Notre Dame ESPNU
Apr 19, Sun TBA    Rutgers at Penn State BTN
Apr 21, Tue 4:00 pm Albany at Siena TWC
Apr 24, Fri 4:30 pm Patriot Semifinal #1 CBSSN
  5:30 pm ACC Semifinal #1 at Chester, PA ESPNU
  7:30 pm Patriot Semifinal #2 CBSSN
  8:00 pm ACC Semifinal #2 at Chester, PA ESPNU
Apr 25, Sat 11:30 am St. John's at Georgetown CBSSN
  12:00 pm Ohio State at Rutgers ESPNU
  2:00 pm Denver at Marquette CBSSN
  6:00 pm Penn State at Michigan BTN
  7:30 pm Penn vs. ACC Team at Chester, PA ESPN3
  8:00 pm Johns Hopkins at Maryland BTN
Apr 26, Sun 1:00 pm ACC Championship at Chester, PA ESPNU
  1:00 pm Patriot Championship CBSSN
Apr 30, Thu TBA    Big East Semifinal #2 BEDN
  TBA    Big East Semifinal #1 BEDN
  5:30 pm Big Ten Semifinal #1 BTN
  8:00 pm Big Ten Semifinal #2 BTN
May 1, Fri 5:00 pm Ivy Semifinal #1 ESPN3
  8:00 pm Ivy Semifinal #2 ESPN3
May 2, Sat 10:00 am America East Championship ESPNU
  1:00 pm Notre Dame at Army CBSSN
  3:30 pm Syracuse at Colgate CBSSN
  7:30 pm Big East Championship FS2
  8:00 pm Big Ten Championship BTN
May 3, Sun 12:00 pm Ivy Championship ESPNU
  12:00 pm Boston University at Duke ESPN3