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Ridley JR ABA - 50th Anniversary

Summer Clinic / Open Gym Announced

The ABA is pleased to announce that it will be holding Summer Clinics and Open Gym time starting June 9th running through July 30th.  All sessions will be held at the Ridley Community Center and sessions will be broken out by age groups.   The clinics are open to all Ridley area children and the cost is only $5.00 per session and no registration is required. 


Monday Nights:

6-7:30 PM:  8-9 Boys (Side 1) and 8-9 Girls (Side 2)

7:30-9 PM:  10 Boys (Side 1) and 10 Girls (Side 2)

Tuesday Nights:

6-7:30 PM: 11-12 Boys (Side 1)

7:30-9 PM: 11-12 Girls (Side 1)

Wednesday Nights:

6-7:30 PM: 5-7 Boys (Side 1) and 5-7 Girls (Side 2)

The ABA is looking forward to the clinics and hopes to see you at the gym!

Please send any questions and or concerns to ridleyjraba@gmail.com

Ridley JR ABA Mission:

The Ridley JR ABA is in our 50th year and is committed to teaching the game of basketball to the children of our community and surrounding areas for both boys and girls from ages 5-15.  Our philosophy is a simple one!  It is one that is based on teaching the fundamentals of the game while instilling the concept of team play along with sportsmanship at all ages and levels of our organization.  We look to provide an environment that is safe, which creates competitive game play and an environment that is simply enjoyable for our players.


2013-14 ABA Sponsors:

Updated 2/10/2014

The Ridley ABA greatly appreciates all the support we receive from both our team and league sponsors. With their help, the ABA is able to provide the needed accommodations and environment for our players to learn and play basketball while having fun doing it!  Please visit our Sponsor Page to see the current sponsors for this year.  If you wish to sponsor a team or participate as a league sponsor, please see the sponsor letter on our handouts page to learn how you can participate or click on the donate button below to make a donation.   Again, a big thank you to all our sponsors!!!


Ridley Jr. ABA Leagues
10 Year Old Boys     10-11 YEAR OLD GIRLS    
11-12 Year Old Boys     12 - 14 GIRLS    
5 & 6 YEAR OLD GIRLS     5 - 6 year old boys    
7 & 8 YEAR OLD GIRLS     7-8 Year Old Boys    
9 Year Old Boys     9 Year Old Girls    
Challenger Division     DEL VAL 13 GIRLS    
Del Val Boys     DEL VAL GIRLS 10    
Teen Boys (13, 14 & 15)