Ridley Girls Youth Lacrosse: Video Drills & Tips

Girls Lacrosse Video Drills & Tips to improve your game
Here are some training Opportunities for Players and Parents alike:
For parents or players relatively new to Lacrosse or even for ones that have been playing for years, this link is great. You can get an overview of key aspects of the game as well as download the current rule book. There are a few slight variations for our league, CONNY, but you will get almost all of it here:
Below are YouTube videos that give great instruction and most of the terminology is what we are using on the field, Great for players and parents too. They are mostly 2-3 minutes a piece so they won't take much time. Focus Areas for ALL players should be Ground balls, Catching and Throwing. Lastly, ALL players should be doing Wall Ball on their own, for at least an hour a day, it will only make you better!
CLICK on the web-links below.
Ground Balls
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p3Papg_vIpI Cradling http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=15OxB4W8BBA&list=PL6725A5DFD3083D45
Face Dodge
Roll Dodge
Stick Checking
Defensive Stance and Positioning
Wall Ball : Get better fast!
Great Wall ball workout example - Watch the whole video to see more advance skills: