Ridley Girls Youth Lacrosse: About Us

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Ridley Girls Youth Lacrosse is the ultimate Lacrosse experience. The program is designed for all Ridley area youth girls ranging from Kindergarten to 8th Grade. This upcoming Lacrosse season we have developed a curriculum focused on helping our Ridley youth develop the confidence, skills, and love of the game to succeed in the sport of Lacrosse. Our program is full of experienced coaches that are knowledgeable, passionate and supportive coaches.

Our philosophy is to provide all participating players with a positive and fun learning environment with an emphasis on the fundamental aspects of the game. It is our belief that fun and enjoyment of the game remains the most important element for success. The developmental age of the participant is taken into consideration with regards to the content and the delivery of the sessions. The Ridley Youth Girls Lacrosse Program will be run as one unit with every coach of every age group working collectively to teach the same philosophy and fundamentals of the game. We will be teaching stick skills, offensive and defensive positioning and movement, field sense, small and big game concepts and a willingness to compete with every age group.
Goal of the Program:
Our program is designed for any player who wants to learn the game of lacrosse. Practices will be planned according to the players’ needs. We will divide the players according to their level of play in each age group in order to meet the needs of each player at their individual level. Players are able to move between teams in their age group according to their growth and development throughout the season. The players will be evaluated by several of the coaches in the program throughout the season. Our goal is to make every player better throughout the season and still keep the game of lacrosse fun and enjoyable. Our focus will be on four major areas of the game:
1. Technical – Core Skills
-Stick skills
-1v1 Attacking and Defending
2. Tactical – Game Concepts
-Seeing the Field
-Decision Making
-Team Play
3. Mental – Mind-set of a young player
-Will to compete
-Work ethic
4. Physical – Foundation of a young athlete
-Change of speeds