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Volunteers Needed!
Hello Parents,

Volunteers are needed to help us run our team for the upcoming season.  Below is a table indicating which positions have already been filed.  Our website will be updated regularly as volunteers come forward...We thank you for your help with ensuring our season runs as smoothly as possible!



Manager Team Admin duties Narduzzi
Team Mom Provide support to players  
Nets Set up nets/flags at each
home game
Treasurer Handle Team finances Steblin
First Aid Provide first aid as required
bring ice to every game
Team Photographer Taking pictures of team throughout the season Berg
Newspaper Articles Writing and submitting articles to the local newspaper Berg
Webmaster Administer the team web site  
Social One Arrange/Host social event August Berg
Social Two Arrange/host social event prior to the end of December  
Social Three Arrange/host social event prior to the end of March  
Fundraiser/Sponsorship Arrange/organize sponsorship or fundraiser activity before Thanksgiving  
Fundraiser/Sponsorship Arrange/organize sponsorship or fundraiser activity before January