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Friday, June 23

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It is that time of year where you are running your child to the ball field for practice & then games. Umpires are also doing the same. We are reviewing rules, & tightening up our mechanics to be the best we can be. But just as your child will make mistakes along the way, so will umpires. We are all human and as a human beings, we tend to do better with encouragement then with criticism. Umpires are not all the same, just as coaches are not the same. Your child will not miss out on a scholarship or being seen by a recruiter because an umpire missed a call or saw something different then you in the stands. They are not the enemy and do not care who wins the game, they are only there to call the game to the best of THEIR ABILITY (which varies with experience). Use the time they are involved in sports to show by example how to deal with disappointment and to always show respect for an authoritative figure. These are the life lessons that are going to develop your child into a contributing adult in our communities. Life is NOT always fair and not everybody is going to see things the same way. Please do not allow yourself or others around you in the stands to verbally abuse umpires on the dirt. It is not in our job description to be society's whipping post for having a bad day at work. I am sure you would not appreciate a stranger to come into your place of employment & yell at you on how to do your job better. For the majority of us, we love the game & enjoy what we do. Let's not forget why we are all out there in the 1st place----our children are watching!
Thanks and have a great season. #eboard       
A big thank you from RGSA to everyone who sponsored RGSA or any team in the 2017 season!  Click on the "sponsors" link in the left menu to see the list of our sponsors. 
Have a bat that's too light?  A helmet or cleats that are too small?  RGSA is now collecting used equipment to help out those players who may need new equipment but can't obtain it at this time.  Please bring your no longer needed - but still in good useable condition - helmets, cleats, bats and gloves to the park during registration.  Lets' all try to help more girls enjoy the sport of softball.  It would be a shame to exclude any player just because she cannot afford any equipment!
If you have any questions about registration or the League, please e-mail to rialtogirlssoftball1960@gmail.com or contact Shelly Henderson at (909) 278-5071 or any Board Member listed in the link in the left menu.

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Friday, June 30
2017 All Star Teams

6U - Managed by Jimmy Magana
8U - Managed by Steve Aguilar
Qualified for "B" State Championship Tournament 
10U - Managed by Bryan Abajian
12U Gold - Managed by Jorge Martinez
Qualified for "B" State Championship Tournament
12U Silver - Managed by Raymond Estrada
Qualified for "C" State Championship Tournament
3rd Place Eastern "C" District Championship
1st Place Jurupa Summer Showdown Tournament
14U - Manged by Joseph Rodriguez 

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