Roosevelt Fastpitch: Welcome

Max and the Mascot
A New Era of Roosevelt Fastpitch Softball Begins!

“There’s a special breed of player who’s size, talent and strength is irrelevant. They play with a fire in their heart and with a fierce loyalty to the name that’s stitched across the front of their uniform. Their composure is even, their posture is big, their memory is short and their “bounce back” is quick. They plan their work and work their plan keeping the journey greater than the destination. They live each day with a passion that fuels their blood with the desire to become the best they can be. Some players come to play the game – others come to Change It!”

Sunday, February 5
Photos from Ballard Game (2016)

Sunday, February 5
2016 Season Recap

Sunday, February 5
Appreciation for Coach Geving and Gomez

The Roosevelt Softball team appreciates the contributions, effort and energy that Coaches Geving and Gomez gave to the team during the 2015 and 2016 seasons.  Their work helped turn Roosevelt into a contender and with another year's experience, the team is in great position to refine and build upon the great foundation that these coaches provided.

Thank you again for all your contributions to Roosevelt Softball and hope to see you at our games this season.



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