Ridgewood-Glendale-Middle Village-Maspeth LL: Handouts / Documents

Ridgewood-Glendale-Middle Village-Maspeth Little League Handouts And Documents.
2016 RGVM Rainout Schedule

2016 RGVM Rainout Schedule Always check with the manager. Managers' always check with your player agent..

2016 RGMVM Rainout Schedule2016 RGMVM Rainout Schedule

***The RGMVM 2016 Manager Contact List

The RGMVM Little League 2016 Season Manager / Team Contact List.

Call your Player Agent with any questions.

2016 RGMVM Manager Contact List2016 RGMVM Manager Contact List

2016 Calendar

RGMVM 2016 calendarRGMVM 2016 calendar

RGMVM 2016 Team List

The RGMVM Little League Season 2016 Team List.

2016 RGMVM Team List V4 4.1.162016 RGMVM Team List V4 4.1.16

RGMVM 2016 Instructional Schedule

The RGMVM Little League 2016 Instructional Season Schedule. Manager info will be added later.

2016 Inst Schedule v22016 Inst Schedule v2

RGMVM 2016 Rookie Schedule

The RGMVM Little League 2016 Rookie Season Schedule. Manager info will be added later.

2016 Rookie Schedule v22016 Rookie Schedule v2

RGMVM 2016 Boys Baseball Minor Schedule

The RGMVM Little League 2016 Minor Boys Baseball Season Schedule.

2016 Minor Schedule v32016 Minor Schedule v3

RGMVM 2016 Boys Baseball Major Schedule

The RGMVM Little League Boys Baseball 2016 Major Season Schedule.

2016 Major Schedule v32016 Major Schedule v3

RGMVM 2016 Girls Major / Senior Softball Schedule

The RGMVM Little League Girls Major / Senior Division 2016 Season Game Day Schedule.

2016 RGMVM GSB Schedule2016 RGMVM GSB Schedule

2016 RGMVM GSB Complete2016 RGMVM GSB Complete

RGMVM 2016 Boys Baseball Master Schedule

Complete Boys 2016 master schedule. Always check with your manager for any changes.

2016 RGMVM Boys Master Schedule2016 RGMVM Boys Master Schedule

2016 RGMVM Team Standings 4/24/16

Team standings for the Rookie, Minor, and Major Divisions. Updated 5/14/16

2016 RGMVM Major Standings 5.14.2016 RGMVM Major Standings 5.14.

2016 RGMVM Minor Standings 5.142016 RGMVM Minor Standings 5.14

2016 RGMVM Rookie Standings 5.142016 RGMVM Rookie Standings 5.14


The RGMVM boys baseball in-house rules for the Instructional, Rookie, Minor and Major divisions.

In House Rules 2015In House Rules 2015

Running your practice

Running your practice by coach Ed Blankmeyer of the St Johns Red Storm.


The 2016 Little League Volunteer Child Protection Form


All local Little Leagues are now required to conduct background checks on Managers, Coaches, Board of Directors members and any other persons, volunteers or hired workers, who provide regular service to the league and/or have repetitive access to, or contact with, players or teams. Individuals are also required to complete and submit a Little League Volunteer Application to their local league. No manager or coach is allowed on the field with out this form being on league file. This form must be filled out new every year.

2016 New Volunteer Form2016 New Volunteer Form

2016 Return Volunteer Form2016 Return Volunteer Form

2010 Softball League Rules

2010 Softball League Rules


Umpire Letter

A Great Umpire Letter A Must Read..........


Baseball For The Mind

Coach JP details why baseball is the greatest game in the world that a boy can play.


Molloy High School Summer Baseball Camp ....

Molloy Camp 2016Molloy Camp 2016

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