Reston ELITE '98 Girls: Welcome

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RESTON ELITE U17 Girls-Tryouts for Winter/Spring 2015-16 The ELITE are WAGS Division II Champions -- we are playing WAGS in the Spring with NO practices during the week.

ALERT -- We are holding a tryout this Sunday, December 13 from 1:30-3:00 at South Lakes High School Stadium field.


Interested players should contact Coach Helen at or call 703-401-5600

About the Coaches

Helen and Rick have been a coaching team for 10 years.  Their last team was the McLean Legend (2003-2010) who played their final season in WAGS Division 1 and made it to the semi-final round of State Cup.  All of the Legend girls played on their Varsity High School teams and many will continue to play collegiate level soccer.   Coach Helen's goal for the new WAGS team is to prepare her players to be successful in life and in soccer. 

 Helen and Rick stress player development and give every player the opportunity to be her best.  With two coaches, players are given plenty of guidance and feedback and they are committed to the success of every player.   Players are taught to play possession soccer and to think!  The coaches' goal is to give their players the tools to be successful soccer players throughout their soccer careers.

What former parents and players have to say:

"As I watch my daughter finish up her high school career and prepare to graduate, I am extremely grateful for the knowledge, mentoring and coaching that Helen and Rick gave her over the last six years.  She began her travel soccer career with the Grasshoppers (now Legend) and continued to play through High School.  As coaches they offered her different perspectives on soccer, and always put the girls first.  Helen and Rick worked to their strengths and treated them as special individuals." --Carylann A--

"Coach Long and Coach Rick always push players to do their best, but are also standing behind them and encouraging their players 100% of the time" --Kris W--

"I would like to thank Coach Helen and Coach Rick for teaching me how to play the game and for their never ending encouragement for me to strive to be my best.  I will be playing soccer for Christopher Newpot University this fall" --Mary D--

 "My daughter was on the Legend for five years starting when she was 12.  The great things that Helen and Rick provided as coaches were the following:  they teach and emphasize possession soccer and teach their players to read the game; fitness is strongly emphasized and my daughter and all the girls were extremely fit; coaches emphasized full acceptance of all players no exclusionary behavior; coaches provided balance between soccer and other committments; Fun - my daughter had alot of fun on the team and that was a key ingredient to what kept her playing as long as she did." -- Dorothy S--

"Helen and Rick represented the best in their approach to coaching girls soccer at the travel level.  A blend of high expectations without being fanatical about winning.  My daughter played for the team for as long as anyone with the exception of the manager's daughter.  As with most players, her development was at different rates of change and both Helen and Rick understood this fact of life." --John E--