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Congratulations to the JPW South and JM Wolf Pack teams for winning the Sagebrush Pop Warner Championship. JPW South also went on to win the Pacific Northwest Division 3 Championship


Day              Time    Location                                       Football         Cheer
March 8th        11-2  Bully’s on Robb Drive                     $175            $60
April 12th        11-2  Paulies Pizza on Kietzke                 $175             $60
May 10th        11-2  Round Table @ Damonte Ranch    $175            $60
June 7th         11-2  Mira Loma Park                               $175            $60
June 21st        11-2  Mira Loma Park                              $175            $60
July 12th        11-2  Mira Loma Park                              $175            $60
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