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Thursday, April 6
Silver State Invitational, Las Vegas March 4th & 5th 2006
............................ Results for Silver State in Vegas, March 4th & 5th

Las Vegas Coaches Classic. Feb 18th & 19th 2006
............................ Results for Coaches Classic in Vegas, Feb 18th, 19th & 20th

Las Vegas Cup January 14th, 15th & 16th 2006
... Las Vegas Cup

... The Reno Moondogs get to the final of The Las Vegas Cup before going out 4-2 against the U16 team from Wisconsin MYSC Blue.

... The Reno Moondogs amazing story continues, the Moondogs, because of injuries, were only able to send a skeleton crew down to the tournament in Vegas and if that wasn't a big enough challenge they were put in a U16 age group!

... With a roster of only 13 players, one of which saw no further action after the opening game due to yet another injury, the remaining 12 players played some remarkable soccer and reached the final of the tournament against all the odds.

... The Moondogs character is without doubt a huge contributing factor to their continued success, playing against quality U16 teams is a tall order and in the case of the eventual Cup winners "tall" is no understatement. The U16 team from Wisconsin is inch for inch the biggest team I have ever seen, and that include MLS teams, English Premier teams, in fact I think the last team to have 7 players on their rooster in the 6ft 2inch range were the German World Cup winners in 1974!

... The games were played on the most dismal of surfaces with not a blade of live grass in sight, and on the first day, not a corner flag in sight either, but after numerous requests to the admin people, corner flags did appear for the finals! As the field marking were painted on dirt and dead grass it didn't take any more than the first day to obliterate the most crucial lines, like those that identified the penalty area and the goal line! Apparently next year the tournament will return to the quality fields at the Bettye Wilson complex, hopefully the quality referees that were absent this year will also be there. Enough said!

... The Moondogs opened their account with a fairly comfortable 3-0 win against a decent side out of Oregon, Casey got the 1st and just as the Oregon team were starting to find their rhythm Eddie got the second which killed the momentum that the Oregon team was building, a final goal from Sergio which crashed in off the underside off the bar put the result beyond doubt and gave the Moondogs maximum points from the encounter. The only negative from the game was the injury to Abel Islas who just before half time pulled up after stretching for a loose ball, the injury prevented him from playing any further games as sprinting became impossible.

... The following two games against MYSC, the eventual tournament winners, and Inter LV, both U16 teams, ended in ties, 2-2 and 0-0 respectively. Both these games were played in heavy winds which made attractive soccer very difficult, in the first, the Moondogs lead 2-0 at the half with the wind and ended up 2-2 at the end against the wind, the final group game v Inter proved to be the better game despite the 0-0 scoreline. It was a very competetive encounter, probably due to the fact that a U16 team out of Vegas had their egos dented by a U15 team from the north. The teams kept the ball on the ground, thus eliminating some of the wind issues, the Moondogs certainly had the better of the chances, Casey almost scored from a freekick that he bent round the wall and then moments later a full-blooded volley from Braeden that the keeper somehow managed to keep out.

... In the semi-final The Moondogs were matched against a U16 from New Mexico, who, on paper, should have been the easier game of the semi's. They proved to be difficult to breakdown, getting men quickly behind the ball, their work rate was commendable, yet they were unable to create a single chance on the Moondogs goal, they were able however to frustrate the Moondogs attempts to put the game away. It wasn't until midway through the half, that the Sergio emphatically crashed home the winner on the back post, that the game was wrapped up in the Moondogs favor.

... The final proved to just too much for the Moondogs with their depleted crew, which went down to 10 men after the sending off early in the 2nd half. The Moondogs did themselves proud and never quit battling and at 3-1 down in the 2nd half had a 10minute spell that would have fooled anyone not knowing the score into believing the Moondogs would be the eventual winners.

Nike Harvest Cup in Irvine California. November 25th, 26th & 27th 2005
Irvine team
... The Reno Moondogs win the Nike
    Harvest Cup in Irvine California

... Nike Harvest Cup Results U15
... Nike Harvest Cup Results
... U15 Harvest Cup Results
... Tournament website
... Pictures from the final
... Eddie Vega in Nevada Appeal
... Victor and Morro in Truckee paper

... The Reno Moondogs experienced an amazing Thanksgiving weekend in southern California and returned to Reno with the Championship trophy from the Irvine Nike Harvest Cup. 456 teams entered the tournament all hoping to come away with Championship medals, the games were played at 26 different locations in the Irvine area with the finals being held at the campus of the University of California, Irvine (UCI). The winning teams also had the opportunity to meet the US National and LA Galaxy player, Landon Donovan.

... The Moondogs took part in five incredible high scoring soccer games and finished with a record of won 4, lost 1, scoring a total of 19 goals, averaging almost 4 per game.

... In their opening game, Casey Wardell got the Moondogs first goal, but the Moondogs had to then come back from a 1-3 first half deficit. They succeeded by scoring 3 unanswered goals from Victor Islas, Eddie Vega and Austin Schuveiller in a outstanding second half to record a 4-3 comeback win against Del Sol from Arizona. Del Sol incidentally, recovered from that loss to go on and be one of the semi-final teams.

... In game 2 the Moondogs came out at a blistering pace and went up 2-0 with a spectacular volley from Sergio Mercado and the 2nd from Casey within the first 10 minutes. Unfortunately Paris St Germain (PSG) from southern California got back in the game and tied it up 2-2 by half time. In the 2nd half it seemed as if we stepped into the twilight zone, nothing went right for the Moondogs, their already extensive injury list got worse as Alex Sanchez, Oscar Luna and Trevor Johnson joined Victor Rodriguez and Halan needing medical treatment. The Moondogs had chances to win the game but the ball wouldn't go in for them, the ref turned away what seemed like a deliberate hand ball in the box denying the Moondogs a penalty. Meanwhile at the other end, PSG scored from a dubiously given free kick and then furthered their lead with a break-away goal as the Moondogs threw everyone forward looking for the equalizer. The result 2-4 to PSG.

... In preparation for the final group game to be played the following morning the calculators had to come out to see what the Moondogs had to do against another southern California team, SVSC Eclipse, a 3-0 win or greater would probably put the Moondogs into the semi-final. In this tournament a team is awarded an extra point if the deny the opponent a goal

... Game 3 and final group game against SVSC Eclipse the Moondogs got off to a dream start with Victor Islas heading in a Casey corner at the back post to make it 1-0, then Casey increased the lead, unfortunately the Moondogs gave up a goal and lost the extra point, so now is was crucial that the Moondogs went on to score as many as possible to get the points necessary to go through to the semi-finals. With a 2-1 half-time lead the Moondogs threw caution to the wind and attacked the Eclipse with everything they had in the 2nd half. They played some outstanding 1 and 2 touch soccer and came out 5-2 winners to set themselves up for the semi's with further goals from Casey (2) and the final nail in the coffin, the 5th goal, from Sergio.

... After the tournament organizers had adjusted the group standings for goals scored,
shutout's and deducted points for any for red cards, the semi-final teams were anounced as follows : Celtic Harps (CA) v Reno Moondogs (NV) and Del Sol (AZ) v Porterville Juventus (CA)

... The Reno Moondogs opponents, Celtic Harps are ranked 21st in the nation and out of the final four were certainly the favorites to take the Championship, but they still had to face the Reno Moondogs, I'm sure they were unaware the Moondogs have been quietly winning California tournaments all year and love playing the top established teams.

... The Moondogs, despite their injuries seemed remarkably focused; their pregame warm up showed a maturity beyond their years, the players were ready for the toughest test in Moondog history. The Celtics opened the game in confident fashion, holding possession well, and denying the Moondogs any opportunity, the Moondogs in turn remained patient, waiting for the Celtics to make a mistake. The Moondogs stunned the Celtics by the speed of their transitional play and took a 1-0 lead when Sergio was the first to react and drilled a loose ball in at the back post after the defense had failed to clear. The shock to the Celtic system took effect and they increased the tempo of their game and pushed the Moondogs back deep into their own half and scored 2 quick goals to re-establish their authority. As half time approached things didn't look good for the Moondogs, yet against the run of play, Casey somehow managed to get inside the six, find just enough room and tuck away an equalizer, giving the Moondogs a 2-2 lifeline going into the 2nd half.
... The next 35 minutes were simply incredible; the Moondogs matched the Celtic Harps in every department and exceeded them in heart, courage and finishing. Every player was outstanding and some of the soccer they played was just plain brilliant, the shocked Celtic players had no response to the tenacity of the Moondogs. Midway through the half Casey was brought down from behind in the box and a penalty was awarded. Casey picked himself up and calmly put the spot kick away to give the Moondogs a deserved lead. The next 10 minutes the Moondogs defended a Celtic onslaught, with all the Moondogs back defending and Oscar left as a lone striker, the Moondog's back three of Rendell Chavez, Emmanuel (Morro) Sarabia and Braeden Delong were amazing and won every tackle, every header and played some of the best defence I saw all tournament. Jonathan Morales, the Moondog keeper, pulled off one spectacular one-handed save from a thunderbolt of a shot that kept the Moondogs in the game. At every opportunity the Moondogs broke forward quickly in counter-attacks trying to catch the Celtic defence on the back foot. Their endeavor was eventually rewarded when Oscar's back post shot crashed into the net off the underside of the crossbar to score the Moondogs 4th goal and seal a memorable victory and set up the final against Porterville Juventus, winners of the other semi-final.

... The venue of the Final was at the University of California Irvine UCI campus and the fields were much faster, with only nine fit players, JB Olson courageously playing with a pin in his elbow after recent surgery and Sergio had come down with a nasty chest cold overnight, the Moondogs came into the game as the walking wounded and it showed. At half-time and with the Moondogs trailing 1-0, the players were half a yard slow to react, the previous day had sapped the energy out of their legs and the fast surface was hurting. If they were going to win this game they were going to have to dig deep into themselves and find something special. Our magnificent supporters believed they could do it and encouraged them to hang in there.
Again another lifeline was thrown to the Moondogs when Casey squared the ball to Austin on the top of the box, Austin hit an inch perfect shot into the top left corner form 20 yards out to tie the game 1-1. Juventus however, came straight back and retook the lead, the Moondogs looked wrecked, their body language told a sorry story, somehow they had to find a way back.
With only 7 minutes left in the game the Moondogs are awarded a free kick about 25 yards out, Juventus put up a five man wall to defend the shot, Casey stepped up to take the kick and hit a curving ball that cleared the wall and then dipped just enough to graze the underside of the crossbar, beat the Juventus keeper and tie the game 2-2. This equalizer finally gave the Moondogs the energy they needed, they now looked like they believed this was going to be their day, they pressured the Juventus defence and had several shots before the referee blew for the end of regulation. 2 five minute overtime periods followed by a penalty shootout were ahead of them, unless either team scored, and then the scoring team would win by sudden death.
... It would take only about 2 minutes before the Moondogs got that result, Casey cut in from the left and beat first one Juventus defender, then another before striking a low shot to the far corner and scoring the winning goal and bringing the game to an end. The dogpile that followed involved players and supporters alike as everyone rushed from the sidelines to celebrate an incredible win and a terrific weekend....

... The Reno Moondogs only exist because of the kind people that want to see Northern Nevada have a successful soccer team and take the name of Reno out to the soccer world with pride and the Moondogs would like to thank all the sponsors who have made this team possible, it costs over $25,000 a year to enable this team to travel and spread the word that soccer is alive and well in Northern Nevada. If you are interested in make a tax-deductable donation to the Reno Moondogs please email us at, or call the manager Tonya at 775 324-4236.


Cal Cup in Roseville, California. July 22nd & 23rd 2005
HEADLINE: Reno Moondogs tie the Number One ranked team in Northern California, DeAnza Force 1-1, and as an indication as too how far they have come, they are truly disappointed with the result!

California Cup in Roseville CA.........July 22nd, 23rd & 24th ....California Cup Link

The final tournament of the Reno Moondogs season was marred by the most bizarre decisions by a young boy who was the AR and officiating the Moondogs game against SCC Chivas(Chivitas). I have always had a smile to myself over the last 40 odd years of standing on the terraces in cold wet football grounds in England and listening to coaches, parents and players alike blaming the ref for one reason or another for the outcome of a game. And while I have probably seen my fair share of bad calls, never have I seen anything quite like this. There is no intent here to take anything away from the Chivas who deserved the win, took advantage of some horrible defending by the Moondogs in the first half, firstly taking the lead, and then, after Casey had leveled and Oscar had put the Moondogs ahead, the Chivas came back again and tied it up for a 2-2 half-time scoreline. The next 30 minutes must rank as one of the most unbeliveable halves I have ever seen, the first fiasco was when the AR failed to see the Chivas player standing 10 feet offside, the Moondogs defence all raised their arms in unison, the keeper strolled out to take what was obviously going to be a free kick, but NO, the linesman's flag stayed down and the same Chivas player stroked the ball in the net. While you could criticize the Moondogs for not playing to the whistle, something that obvious and that far behind the defence couldn't have been defended anyway without some miraculous goalkeeping. Needless to say when things start to go wrong, go wrong they do, at the other end Oscar hits the post and then Alex has a goal called back for being "inches" offside. Now you'd think lightning wouldn't strike twice, but low and behold you'd be wrong, approximately 5 minutes later, an even more incredible situation occurred, after some activity in the Moondogs penalty box the defence moved out to edge of the area leaving a Chivas straggler at about the 6, the ball is played back in and the boy sticks a foot out and its in the net, no worries you'd think, wrong again, despite being 10 yards offside the "goal" is allowed to stand. Numb with shock, I felt like I had had entered the twilight zone. What flashed through my mind was all the nights of getting the kids to practice, all the expense and effort to try to put together a team from Reno that could finally at least compete with the California teams, and the amount of times we had talked about the better quality we would find in California. This kind of officiating makes a mockery of the game and makes you wonder why we all do it? Answer: At the end of the day the best team still won regardless of the ref so with that said, have some cheese with your whine, and move on.
SCC Chivas(Chivitas)4 Reno Moondogs 2

The Moondogs were scheduled to meet Placer Prestige in the evening game, and actually had some very good officials as they did the remainder of the weekend. The Moondogs had played Placer Prestige twice in the last 12mths and have been fortunate to have been on the winning side on both of those occasions, but this game was certainly the toughtest test, I was told they had a couple of guest players from El Dorado Crew, a sweeper and #23 up front and they had just come off a narrow 1-0 defeat at the hands of De Anza Force, so they should be up for this encounter. But the Moondogs, still angered by the earlier game, and certainly not playing the prettiest of ball, eventually just plain overwhelmed them. Casey had put the Moondogs ahead, only to see Placer pull back the deficit, again the Moondogs tendancy to get sucked to the ball and lose shape cost them as it had ealier. Yet constant pressure especially in the 2nd half finally produced its reward when the Placer keeper upended Trevor in the penalty box after Trvor had rounded him and was about to put the ball in the net. Casey stepped up with 2 minutes to go to calmy crash in the spot kick and give the Moondogs back a lifeline in the tournament.
Final Score: Reno Moondogs 2 Placer Prestige 1

Saturday's game against the Number 1 ranked team in Northern California and the eventual Champions of this Tournament De Anza Force. This was a game that the Moondogs had to win to stand any chance of advancing into the knock out stage of the tournament. We had of course hoped we would come into this game with 2 wins under the belt but if we were to get to the last eight we were going to have to do it the hard way. De Anza Force are a big fast team with an equally big and fast bench at their disposal, and while the Moondogs have some speed they certainly don't have it in as many areas of the field as De Anza.
The Moondogs opened the brighter of the two and created the better chances early on, but it was De Anza Force who took the lead and they did it with their only real chance of the half. A cross from their right found one of their strikers at the back post, and although Jonathan got a fingertip to it, it was in and the Moondogs were now looking down both barrels. At the half, we felt that our best chances were going to come from set pieces as their speed was closing down any space quickly and our inability to effectively hold the ball up long enough to get the neccessary support was hurting us. Defensively we really weren't troubled, with one exception, again, it was their speed and size that got the better of us as they got around the back down our left side only to see Jonathan make a spectactular save diving to his right and clutching it out of the air. The Moondogs equalized mid way through the 2nd half from a corner, Sergio heading in at the far post to make it 1-1. and so it stayed, the Moondogs were again left to reflect on the previous day's event. This was certainly a decent result for a Nevada team, and any team from Nevada would be estatic with the score. Playing a 1-1 tie to a De Anza Force team that will be assured of, by a comfortable margin, the northern California number one ranking after this tournament, but the Moondogs aren't just a team from Nevada, they are the current champions of 4 California tournaments so this result for them was just a little disappointing.
Result Reno Moondogs 1 De Anza Force 1

In the Moondogs final game they were pitched against De Anza Soccer Earthquakes, who had fallen to both Davis and Juventus by slim 1-0 margins the previous day, so at least we knew they had played fancied teams who had difficulty scoring against them. Despite the fact the Moondogs would be going home after this game, and temperatures in the 104, 105 degree area they still had this game win to finish their remarkable season on a high note and hopefully do it with a little bit of style. They wasted no time and put the Earthquakes immediately on the back foot creating numerous chances and could possibly have been a couple of goals ahead before Alex stepped up and pounded the ball in the net from close range after a corner from the left was not cleared. In the 2nd half, further goals by Gino, finishing a nice cut back cross from Victor and then John, drilling a low ball in from the right put the result beyond doubt and gave the Moondogs a nice finish to the weekend despite the Earthquakes getting a consolation goal towards the end.
Final score: Reno Moondogs 3 De Anza Earthquakes 1

Placer Cup Champions
Placer Prestige Cup. Sacramento CA. June 25th & 26th 2005
June 26th 2005 ... Reno Moondogs win the Placer Prestige Cup at Cherry Island in Sacramento

Reno Moondogs v Placer Prestige...........Placer Cup.... Moondogs Win 3-1
Reno Moondogs v Sonoma SC....................Placer Cup.... Moondogs Win 6-0
Reno Moondogs v CV Blackhawks.............Placer Cup.....Moondogs Win 1-0
Reno Moondogs v CD Aztecas...................Placer Cup.....Moondogs Win 5-0...Final

Placer Prestige Cup at Cherry Island Sacramento .......Placer Prestige Link

Pictures from Placer Cup

The Reno Moondogs remarkable year continued this past weekend in Sacramento as they notched up their 3rd successive tournament win in California. The Moondogs have been dominate in Northern Nevada for the past year winning both the GBYSL Fall and Spring Leagues, but it is in California that the Moondogs measure their progress. Their record over the last 3 California tournaments is truly outstanding having played 12, won 11, tied 1 and not lost a single game. Scoring 39 goals while only conceding 8.
The Reno Moondogs with their unusual name and distinctive yellow and blue jersey's have got the respect and attention of the California teams, who in the past have dismissed teams from Nevada as cannon fodder and an opportunity to rack up some tournament points.

In this tournament the Moondogs opened their account against Placer Prestige United, the host team, who obviously wanted to show well. The Moondogs dominated the 1st half and took a 1-0 lead plus they denied the Placer team a single shot on goal. At the start of the 2nd half, the Moondogs conceded their only goal of the tournament to allow Placer back in the game, the goal served as a wake up call for the Moondogs who immediately got down to serious business and after a period of intense pressure not only restored their lead but went on to a comfortable 3-1 win.

The 2nd game of the tournament the Moondogs faced Sonoma SC who had some decent sized players who appeared to have considerable speed especially down the flanks. The Moondogs had to make a couple of adjustments to cope with the the Sonoma attack, but having done so the Moondogs took a 1-0 lead which they held into the half-time break. The Moondogs switched to a 4-4-2 formation for the 2nd half, playing a diamond back four with John as the anchor, and Austin and Sergio impressing as the two central midfielders. The formation seemed to suit the occasion as the Moondogs dismantled the Sonoma defense scoring five more times in the following 30 minutes to win 6-0, with goals coming from Casey(2), Oscar(2) and Gino (2)

The Capital Valley Blackhawks had also won their first 2 games and were the Moondogs next opponents, they were equal with the Moondogs in the standings so this game was going to decide who was to advance to the final. The Blackhawks are a good side and have impressed many of the independent observers this season in California, and our scouts had been impressed with their defense and their ability to get wide early in attack and bombard the penalty box with crosses.
To combat the possibility of getting over-run on the wings we played Rendell and Braeden as fullbacks, dropped Casey into the midfield to help John and Alex deal with any aerial danger from crosses.
This next game really should have been the final, as it matched to 2 best teams in the tournament and what a game it turned out to be, a game full of incident and 2 very good teams with both sides playing some outstanding soccer. The Moondogs could have taken an early lead when they caught the Blackhawks defense flat footed but the keeper somehow managed to scramble the ball away, then at the other end the Blackhawks hit the post. The Moondogs then had another shot scream over the bar by inches with the Blackhawks keeper beaten, the game switched back and forth as each team tried to find a way to create an opening. The Blackhawks did get the ball in the Moondogs net but the player had knocked down Jonathan, the Moondogs keeper and the ref signalled a free kick to the Moondogs, the Blackhawks coach furiously contested the call to such an extent that the ref saw fit to caution him. But moments later the Blackhawks were given an opportunity to take the lead, when the ref felt that Braeden had taken down a Blackhawk player in the box. From my angle it looked like a brilliantly timed tackle and Braeden took all ball, but the ref pointed to the spot.
The Blackhawk player stepped up to take the penalty kick, but unfortunately for him one of his teammates ran into the penalty area as he was running up to take the kick thus violating the ten yard rule, so despite scoring the goal was disallowed and the kick was ordered to be re-taken. From the 2nd attempt Jonathan made a huge save diving low to his right, getting a hand to it and then scrambling to make the ball safe. The Blackhawks my well have felt that they were unlucky not to be ahead at this point in the game and perhaps you couldn't argue with them on that, but I felt the ref had got it right despite the dodgy call on Braeden.
The 2nd began as the 1st half left off, with both teams playing some excellent defense, as players tired and the intensity grew, the ref had to reach into his pocket for the yellow card on more than one occasion to try to keep control of this pulsating match. The game was finely balanced and the outcome anybody's guess, neither team deserved to lose that's for sure, and so it must have been heartbreaking for the Blackhawks to see Oscar break away from their last defender on a Moondog counter attack and slip the ball under the oncoming keeper to give the Moondgs a 1-0 lead, and then with a minute left on the clock Oscar almost doubled the Moondogs tally when he again split the Blackhawks defense only to see his shot miss by no more than a lick of paint.   
Final Score: Reno Moondogs 1   CV Blackhawks 0

The final later that afternoon matched the Moondogs against CD Aztecas who had won their flight with 2 wins and a tie. The word was, they had a special player in their number 7 and most of their creative game came through him, so if we were successful closing him down then we stood a good chance of winning. Continuing with the 4-4-2 system that had proven so successful in the earlier game, the Moondogs were on a roll, and after a couple of early scares, they overwhelmed the Aztecas defense with a powerful 1st half display of clinical finishing, Casey scoring 3 times and Sergio adding another before the half. With a 4-0 lead the Moondogs just needed to keep their composure and not allow the Aztecas any reason to think a comeback was possible, the Aztecas, to their credit never gave up the battle as Rendell in the right back position was possibly the busiest man on the field. The Moondogs looked the most dangerous and created the most clearcut chances, finally wrapping up the game after Casey got in behind the Aztecas defense on the left, cut the ball back across the face of the goal for Gino to score his 4th goal of the tournament.
Final Score: Reno Moondogs 5   CD Aztecas 0


Cup Winners San Fran 0505
San Francisco Cup May 28th, 29th & 30th 2005
.................................................................San Francisco Cup Winning Team........................................................
Back Row: left to Right; Coach Barry Wardell, Sergio Mecardo, John Nuthall, Trevor Johnson, Gino Valencia, Braeden DeLong, Halan Almazan, Justin Tillis, Rendell Chavez and Casey Wardell.
Front Row: left to Right; Eddie Vega, Jonathan Morales, Austin Schuveiller, Alex Sanchez and Victor Rodriguez.

......San Francisco Cup Link.....
......Link to Photo's of the Final.....

Reno Moondogs v Novato.............San Fran Cup... Moondogs tie 1-1
Reno Moondogs v Hayward.........San Fran Cup.... Moondogs Win 2-1
Reno Moondogs v Mexico.............San Fran Cup.....Moondogs Win 4-3
Reno Moondogs v Lobitos............San Fran Cup.....Moondogs Win 2-1...Final

With three players missing, Justin (ankle), JB (broken arm), and Oscar, (out on important family business) the Moondogs were going to this tournament with only one sub until Fusion of the Wonders Academy kindly allowed Eddie Vega, one of their versatile midfield players to join us as a guest player.

The Reno Moondogs had hugely successful weekend in the great City of San Francisco not only winning the tournament which was played in Golden Gate Park, but also experiencing the ocean, the beach, the Cable Cars, the Golden Gate Bridge, Pier 39, the seals, the bushman, and last, but not least "Hooters".

Reno Moondogs 1 Novato Explosion 1

In the opening game against Novato Explosion, the Moondogs got off to dream start when John scored only minutes into the game, only to see Novato equalize about 5 minutes later from header that bounced down off the underside of the crossbar and over the line. Going into the half at 1-1 was a just little disappointing as the Moondogs had not played particularly well, yet had created enough chances to have killed off the game. The 2nd half provided the spectators with some much better quality soccer from both sides as the teams went in search of the winner, and despite the linesman signalling for a couple of penalties in favor of the Moondogs, the center ref either didn't notice or didn't agree so the game ended in a tie. A good game especially the 2nd half and a fair and not a surprising result.

Reno Moondogs 2 Hayward Rotweilers 1

The Moondogs 2nd game against the Hayward Rottwiellers or Aztecers was to prove to be a much sterner test for the Moondogs, this was a big physical side who had earlier lost 3-2 to MYSC Mexico. A win against the Moondogs would put them back in contention, while another loss would end their hopes of advancing. It was hardly surprising then, that they were really fired up after taking a 1-0 first half lead into the break. I thought the Hayward team to be stronger than Novato which was somewhat of a surprise, as Novato certainly came into the tournament as one of the favorites.
What they hadn't accounted for was the Moondog character, the 2nd half performance from the Moondogs were back to the Moondogs best, with all players applying themselves with passion and it was no surprise when the Moondogs equalized through Casey on the back post who latched onto a square ball from John to side foot home low inside the right post. The Moondogs completed the comeback after first John was pushed in the box, then Eddie was bounced of the ball into a Vega sandwich. Finally the ref had no choice other than to point to the penalty spot after Sergio had been mugged by 3 defenders in the box and Casey scored from the resulting penalty.

Reno Moondogs 4 MYSC Mexico 3

What a emotional game this was, with major turning points for both teams throughout the game, again this was not a game for the faint hearted, Mexico turned out to be even more physical than the team from Hayward. The stakes were high as the winner of this game was going to the Final, the Moondogs had another blistering start, with John finishing superbly from the right to finish of the first Moondog attack, yet within a minute or so the teams were level after some dismal defending from the Moondogs left a Mexico striker with a free header inside the six. At 1-1 the game became a knock down, drag out, no prisoners taken kind of game as both sides tried to take the upper hand. The Moondogs were the ones who got the next goal after a amazing flick by John that beat the oncoming keeper and looked to be going well wide, but it bent and came back in after the bounce, such was the spin on the ball. But moments later a free kick was given to Mexico at the top of the Moondogs box, Alex and the one of the Mexico strikers were warned by the ref after a punch was swung in Alex's direction. From the free kick Jonathan had the shot covered but then the ball took a wicked deflection off the wall to find its way into the net.
2-2 at half-time and everything to play for, and being played a pulsating pace, this game was about to produce yet more drama. Alex, while protecting the ball as it sped back to the safe hands of keeper Jonathan, was being pushed from behind, the ref felt Alex had raised his hand to the Mexico striker, issued a yellow card and awarded a penalty kick to the Mexico team.
Had the striker's kick gone in the Moondogs weekend may well have turned out so different, but Jonathan came up the a massive save, diving full length to his right and blocked the shot, the the Moondogs defence reacted first and was on hand to clear the ball away.
The game now took another twist as the Moondogs broke forward on the left, and after a three player passing move, Eddie, playing right midfield, steadied himself, kept his head, took a look, before cracking a low drive under the keeper to put the Moondogs back in front. At 3-2 Casey dropped back to bolster the defence, but within minutes, at the other end, Sergio managed to make something out of nothing when he squeezed between 2 defenders and put in the 4th, striking the ball low and right of the diving keeper.
As the clock ticked down, the Mexico team gave everything they'd got to get back into the game, but the Moondogs defended in numbers getting 10 players behind the ball with Sergio now left up as a lone striker. Mexico won a direct free kick from just outside the box , Jonathan saved, but such was the power, he was unable to hold the ball and the next few moments became a sea of bodies in a classic goal mouth scramble as both team tried to get a foot to the ball. Mexico turned out to be lucky ones as somehow the ball ended up in the Moondogs net, then as Eddie was retrieving the ball he got jumped on by 2 or 3 Mexico players as they tried to get the ball back to the center spot for the restart. Victor came to Eddie's rescue, now, when Victor gets fired up, look out, but fortunately his teammates were right there to hold him back as he appeared ready to take on the entire Mexico team. Thankfully the ref blew the final whistle immediately after the restart and the Moondogs were through to the Final.

FINAL... Reno Moondogs 2 San Jose JESA Lobitos 1

The fact that the Moondogs beat the Lobitos team back in October 4-0 in the Clovis Cup didn't mean a thing anymore, this Lobitos team had got to the last 8 of the Northern California State Cup only to be beaten by Santa Rosa Gold who apparently pounded Eldorado Crew only to lose in the dying seconds 1-0 in the California State Cup Final. So this Lobitos team who was playing very well was going to be handful. Somehow the Moondogs managed to make their life yet harder by letting in possibly the worst goal of their tournament, with 9 players back the Moondogs not only failed to clear the ball effectively, they played it back up the middle and then left the star Lobitos Striker all alone on the right side, who after receiving a simple but obvious pass thumped the ball past Jonathan as if it was a practice match. The yellow card he got for removing his shirt cooled his jets a tad, but the Moondogs had the wind knocked out of themselves at a time when I felt they had weathered the early storm from the Lobitos attack.
With nothing short of another heroic comeback necessary the Moondogs seemed dejected at the break, but after a "this the stuff dreams are made of" half-time speech and a rousing Moondogs cheer, we went back onto the field to do battle, only to realize the refs were still in the refreshment tent! The team cracked up laughing and I felt we had significant turning point, and that now we were in with a chance to win this thing.
Sergio lead the attack in the 2nd half with renewed passion, and the team picked up on his energy, things started to happen, I moved John back into sweeper, Alex up with Sergio, added Gino to the attack on the right and switched Rendell to left mid, giving the Moondogs a 4-3-3 look similar to the the later stages of the Nevada State Cup Final, on that occasion it gave us a goal and 12 minutes to find the equalizer, this time we had 20 minutes to level the scores.
Alex's aggressive running, Sergio craft and Gino support provided Austin, Casey and Rendell all kinds of options while Braeden in front of the back three was winning every 50/50 ball and most 40/60's. The ferocity with which the Moondogs came forward was immense and I think just from the intense pressure the Lobitos defence cracked and a defender handballed in the box, after a excruciating long discussion with the linesman the ref pointed to the spot and Casey calmly tucked away the penalty kick to tie the game. At 1-1 and penalties the probable outcome, I thought it better to go for it and try to maintain the momentum we had established, so the Moondogs pushed forward and with 8 minutes to go Rendell held his position on the left to take down a pass with the heal of his right foot and drop it perfectly for himself to hit a low drive with his left and beyond the keeper to make it 2-1. The final minutes seemed like an eternity as the Lobitos team looked to tie the game, but the defence came up with great play after great play, Jonathan with a flick over the bar, Trevor with a diagonal run across the box to head out when a goal looked certain, John with a huge clearance into the woods, surprisingly it hit a tree and came straight back, but it's the thought that counts! Halan with a cheeky little chip onto the field where the 3rd and 4th place game was being played and finally Sergio snaking in and out of defenders upfield holding the ball beyond expectations. One of my lasting memories will always be the look on Rendell's face as he turned away from the goal after scoring the winner, a bigger smile I have never seen, he knew the Moondogs were to become the Champions and Winners of the San Francisco Cup.


Nevada State Cup ..Las Vegas..May 14th and 15th 2005
.............................NEVADA STATE CUP.....MOONDOGS TAKE 2ND........................State Cup Link

State Cup Final...... Reno Moondogs v Las Vegas Cosmos....Cosmos win 2-1

Reno Moondogs v Neusport..........State Cup in Vegas... Moondogs Win 1-0
Reno Moondogs v LV Premier......State Cup in Vegas... Moondogs Win 4-0
Reno Moondogs v Man Utd...........State Cup in Vegas....Moondogs Win 4-0

Moondogs go down 2-1 against the Las Vegas Cosmos in the Nevada State Cup Final

The Reno Moondogs took 2nd place in the Nevada State Cup and were Northern Nevada's most successful team in the State Championships this year. State Cup Link Despite the fact that it was a huge disappointment to lose in the Final, the Moondogs can be extremely proud of their efforts. Being faced with having to beat the best 2 teams that Nevada has to offer and beat them both in the same day in 95 degree heat was a massive undertaking. And to make matters worse, the semi-final against Neusport went to extra-time after neither team could break the deadlock during regulation, meanwhile Cosmos, in the other semi-final were having a relatively easy game against Carson Fusion winning by a 5 goal margin.

In the Final the Cosmos scored within the 1st minute after Halan had headed the ball clear only to see it headed back straight back, the goal scorer appeared offside, unless there was a defender on the far side who played him on, but nevertheless the Cosmos scored and the Moondogs task got even tougher. Within a further 5 mins the Moondogs found themselves 2 down after the Cosmos got in a good low cross from the left which the Moondogs defence failed to challenge leaving the Cosmos striker enough time to crash the ball into the net from close range. With a mountain to climb against the strongest team from Vegas some of the players felt the dream slipping away and you could sense the energy drop. In the 2nd half the Moondogs switched to a 4-3-3 formation and pushed Alex up front and with Braeden courageously playing with a broken nose as stopper in a diamond back four stormed back into the game. The Reno Moondogs had the Cosmos team pinned deep in their own half for long periods before Casey drilled a low freekick and got a goal back with about 10 minutes left on the clock. At 2-1 and the momentum in the Moondogs favor, a decent bounce, a defender error, a deflection, anything that would have fallen the Moondogs way could have changed the outcome of the game, but it wasn't to be, the Cosmos team hung on and survived to take the State Championship.

Reno Moondogs 1 Las Vegas Neusport 0 (after extra-time)........Semi-final.....

A huge game, in which it quickly became evident that this was going to be a Battle Royale to see which of this teams would appear in the final. Braeden was playing the game of his life, winning every challenge and keeping the Neusport attack away from the Moondogs back three before he took an elbow to the bridge of his nose that forced him out of the game. Jonathan the Moondogs keeper, made save after save and played his most outstanding game for the team. Each of the players stepped up to the challenge, which meant we were always in with a chance, and that chance materialized in the most unexpected way, Casey took a freekick from about 45 yards out and when the ball landed in the penalty area it took a huge bounce and dropped just under the crossbar to give the Moondogs the win.

Reno Moondogs 4 Manchester United 0

The Moondogs qualify the Semi-Finals after an overpowering 1st half performance, within the 1st 10 minutes the Moondogs managed to hit the post twice and then the crossbar, had a ball desperately cleared of the line and also Oscar scored one to take the lead. Further goals from Victor and Casey had the game wrapped up by half time. The second half understandably was a little of the pace as the Moondogs tried to conserve the energy for Sunday. Oscar finished of any hope Manchester had of a comeback, by scoring direct from a free kick after Trevor had been bought down just outside the box.

Reno Moondogs 4 LV Premier 0

The Moondogs got the 1st game out of the way with an impressive 4-0 win, the LV Premier put in a solid 1st half and played their back four so deep that the Moondogs although always in control had little room to work with behind their back four, all it needed was a goal, then the Premier would have to come out and take the game to the Moondogs, and that would open up the game to the Moondogs advantage, sure enough as soon as the Moondogs scored, all kinds of room became available and John went to work and dismantled the Premier defence scoring all four goals in the 2nd half. One in particular, when he combined with Gino for some high speed one touch combination play deserves a special mention.

Comstock Shootout Carson City NV April 23rd and 24th 2005
Reno Moondogs 11 Heritage Knights 0
Reno Moondogs 2 Incline Invasion 0
Reno Moondogs 15 DVSC 2
Reno Moondogs 3 Fusion 0

The Reno Moondogs won this tournament with relative ease, with the stiffest competition coming from the local sides of Invasion from Incline and Fusion from the host city of Carson, however in neither of those games did the Moondogs keeper have much more to do than "clean up duty"
With Alex the sweeper out for the weekend injured, we moved Trevor in the middle, and he, Justin and Halan did a fine job and looked comfortable from outset.
The games against the California teams were a blow out, what can I say, we moved the ball well played some nice one touch stuff and scored a lot of goals! The other 2 games required a little more craft, as both teams worked hard and have some players capable of damage. But I really don't think there was any doubt about who would be the eventual winners and had it not been for both their keepers who are very good at getting off their line to pick up the through ball that the Moondogs use so effectively.
I think Invasion surprised us somewhat, they chased down every ball and constantly interrupted our rhythm, they are a decent side and are playing well this year so rightly they came into the game believing they could perhaps cause an upset, it wasn't to be, as the Moondogs accepted the challenge and although not finding much of a passing game, provided enough defence splitting through balls that they eventually wore down the Invasion defence for Oscar to score a goal in each half.
The Final game against the Fusion was another game that was short of rhythm, this was in part due to the ref who blew for just about every bit of minimal contact of any sort, so tackling became a redundant part of the game. So, if it wasn't wise to carry the ball in midfield, the smarter tactic was to minimize the amount of passes required to get the ball from one end of the field to the other. The long ball game, although not the most attractive soccer, is without a doubt very effective, and the Moondogs have the players to exploit such a tactic. The key to it is to play the ball into that area that makes the keeper think twice about coming of his line whilst at the same time putting immediate pressure on the defender while he is on the turn. The Moondogs do this particularly well and Osacar subsequently opened the scoring, before Casey added a 2nd after the break, Oscar rounded out the scoring by getting a third, and killing off the game.

Micro Six - Reno NV. April 2nd &3rd 2005
The Moondogs had a fun weekend off from regular 11-a-side soccer to play in the Micro Six tournament which is actually 5-a-side!
The Moondogs, entered three teams with 2 guest players from the Wonders U13 academy out of Carson City. The Moondogs, with their one touch soccer took 1st place in both their flights and picked up 2nd place silver medals in the flight which featured 2 Moondogs teams.
Once again the Reno weather was horrible for soccer with strong, freezing cold winds which made controlled soccer very difficult. The format of this tournament is always popular with the players and playing without the benefit of bench players, which was the players choice, gave all the players plenty of touches on the ball and improved their fitness for the upcoming season.

Congratulations Moondogs!

Sagebrush Cup- Sparks NV. March 19th & 20th 2005
To be fair the Reno Moondogs totally dominated this tournament scoring on average 6 goals per game while only allowing one at the other end.

The weather and its unpredictable nature was an added hurdle for the Moondogs to overcome but despite, the hailstones, high winds, lashing rain the Moondogs dealt with all that came its way to win tournament in decisive fashion.

4 straight wins, some great goals, and great discipline and patience were the key factors to the Moondogs success, the fact that the Moondogs had played 3 tournaments already this year really showed in the cohesive manner in which the Moondogs went about their business. Their passes were sharp, their transition was instant and their support was excellent, which made them very difficult to break down and even more difficult to stop from going forward.

Congratulations Moondogs!

Nike Champions Trophy
Nike Invitational - Thousand Oaks CA. March 12th &13th 2005
Nike Winners#1
Reno Moondogs March 13th 2005
Reno Moondogs Nike Champions! Nike Invitational - Standings and Nike Invitational - Results

... Mexician Newspaper Report

Moondogs score twice in the last 4 minutes to win the Championship game!

The Reno Moondogs came back from the long trip to Southern California with 4 straight wins and the Championship Trophy. They also accomplished it in emphatic fashion scoring a total of 15 goals whilst only conceding one and that was a PK.

California is becoming a happy hunting ground for the Moondogs having only lost 2 in their last 20 games playing in California.

What was pleasing about this tournament was the intensity the Moondogs showed in all their games, perhaps even a little too much, in the first game, coming off the field with a 2-0 lead, some of the players were frustrated and disappointed with their execution. This shows that they have crossed the bridge, and are starting to expect a high standard of performance from themselves.

With the exception of the 2nd half of the first game, they showed excellent team discipline, in terms of transition, support, both on and off the ball and this is reflected in the lack of goals being scored on them in open play. The midfield did a much better job of keeping their shape and the percentage of first balls won, especially in the air, was impressive.

The 2nd game the Moondogs played turned out to be somewhat of a goal fest, it was one of those games when every little flick came off, every bounce was favorable, the Moondogs were 3 goals up before the other team had time to adjust their shorts, 6 goals up at half time and ended up with 9 in total.

To follow that is not always easy as expectations may become unrealistic, but the team, in the following game showed tremendous patience, facing a team that still had a chance to progress in the tournament, it was a hard fought encounter, the Apex Futbalistas lifted the tempo of their game to match the Moondogs intensity. A goal in each half sealed the win, the 2nd finally killing off any chance of a Futbalistas comeback.

The final, on paper, looked to favor the Moondogs, but the team from Palisades were also having a good tournament and a win for them would be the icing on the cake, the Moondogs had established themselves as the team to beat. After a 0-0 first half in which, (despite the Moondogs enjoying the majority of possession), the Palisades frustrated the Moondogs with their diehard defensive attitude, and surprisingly they went ahead with about 15 minutes left to play from a penalty kick. With 8 minutes left on the clock the Moondogs reshuffled the defense moving Alex the sweeper up front in an attempt to unsettle the Palisades defence. There was 4 minutes remaining when after some intense Moondogs pressure a Palisades defender handled the ball on the edge of the box. Fortunately the Moondogs had just worked on set pieces and direct free kicks in practice so it especially pleasing to see some good movement around the defensive wall creating enough havoc that Casey was able to see a gap and beat the keeper with a low drive to make it 1-1. Predictably the Palisades team threw everyone forward in search of the winner, this however created space behind the Palisades defence and after a couple of minutes of sustained pressure, the Moondogs hit them with a counter attack by playing a long through ball to Oscar who was able to beat the last defender and slot the ball under the advancing keeper to win the game and the Championship for the Moondogs.

Congratulations Moondogs!

Nike  Celebration
Nike Celebrations

Gerald Badella Memorial, Fresno. Feb 26th and 27th 2005
Pre-Tournament email (posted on Northern California team rankings web site)

"People from San Juan saw the Moon Dogs at Silver State. San Juan beat them 1-0. San Juan said that they were a good Nevada team but thought they would definitely have problems playing in know--speed of play, athleticism, size. Their speed was good but I would not look for them to win this tournament."


Flight A
SSJ Inter 1- Porterville Juventus 1
Bullard United 4- Mustang Strikers 1
Bullard United 2- SSJ Inter 1
Mustang Strikers 0- Porterville Juventus 0
SSJ Inter 1- Mustang Strikers 1
Bullard United 1- Porterville Juventus 0

Flight B
CVSA Cyclones 1- Reno Moondogs 1
Novato Explosion 1- ACC Mavericks Cosmos 1
Reno Moondogs 3- ACC Mavericks Cosmos 1
Novato Explosion 4- CVSA Cyclones 1
Novato Explosion 0- Reno Moondogs 0
ACC Mavericks Cosmos 2- CVSA Cyclones 0

Bullard United 3-Novato Explosion 0

3rd and 4th Place Final
SSJ Inter 3- Reno Moondogs 2

Post-Tournament email (posted on Northern California team rankings web site)

"I think both Bullard and Novato didn't play particularly well. A strong wind gave each team the advantage in each half. Novato seemed to possess better, but Bullard got the goals and that's what counts! Brock08 scored on a nice play, so overall, Bullard managed to win the tournament as we all head into State Cup. According to one of the Novato coaches, they (Novato) have made it to the finals of their last 5 tournaments (Celtic Cup, Chico Invitational, Visalia, Turlock New Years, and Gerald Badella. 2 Championships, and 3 runner ups). Based on these results, you cannot argue that Novato has been one of the most consistent, stronger teams in the Top 10.
    Inter (in my opinion) outplayed Bullard, but once again, Bullard managed to score and win the game. So Bullard's defense has stepped up to the task. Porterville showed flashes of brilliance, but because of their inconsistencies, they managed only a sixth place finish. Mustang Strikers also seemed very good at times, but never really posed a threat to the other teams. The Reno Moondogs surprised some teams beating the ACC Mavericks 3-1 and then only needing a win over Novato to meet Bullard in the finals. They ended up losing to Inter in the Consolation game as Inter scored the winning goal in the 70th minute!!"

A very successful weekend which provided us with some excellent soccer, the kind of soccer that I have expected and been looking forward too. The Moondogs, without playing any better or worse, could have won all four games or lost all four games, so close were the teams. If the Moondogs need to question themselves, then its their application in the opening game, had they have shown the intensity they displayed later in the tournament they would have been comfortable winners, but despite their dominance, they allowed a free header off a corner to go a goal down and then had to scrap to get back into the game and save their tournament from getting wrecked. As in Vegas, the Moondogs are most vunerable when facing opposition the players believe too be not as good as they. Big Mistake and hopefully one they won't make again!
As the tournament progressed the Moondogs improved and played some great one touch soccer against both the Mavericks and Navato, still fitness and mental toughness need work but both showed improvement. Against Navato I was especially pleased with the mature way the team applied themselves despite Navato being ranked #11 in Northern California. The Moondogs needed to win the game to go to the final whilst a tie was good enough for Navato, difficult, yet the Moondogs played smart, intelligent ball, kept things tight at the back while keeping the Navato defence until pressure and patiently probing, looking for areas of weakness to exploit, the game resulted in a 0-0 tie but for me it was certainly the performance of the weekend.
Beating the Mavericks 3-1 on Saturday was another high, and getting revenge for the 3-0 dubbing the Moondogs suffered last September from the Mavericks in Sacramento was especially nice for the team.
In the Moondogs final game, they again impressed, this time from a different perspective, they had to endure wave after wave of attacks from SSJ Inter in the 1st half, and they defended brilliantly, the Moondogs got men quickly behind the ball and supported their teammates with text book 1st and 2nd defending. It took an awkard bounce to finally beat the Moondog defence and give Inter a 1-0 lead at half time. The boys seemed to be drained at the break from their 1st half efforts, but were encouraged to believe the 2nd half would be different. The Moondogs, with the breeze behind them, came back and played some outstanding attacking soccer of their own in the 2nd half and taking a 2-1 lead, which so nearly became 3 after another defence splitting pass resulted in a shot going inches wide. Had that shot gone in it would have killed off the game. Unfortunately it wasn't to be and in the last ten minutes the exhausted Moondogs struggled to keep up with the fitter Inter team, finally giving up the all important goal with virtually the last kick of the game. Despite the immediate disappointment of the loss, the team soon recovered knowing that, "that's just the way it goes sometimes" and that they know they had played their part in producing three great games of soccer in less than 24 hrs.
Reaching the final four and playing teams ranked 11th, 12th and 6th in northern California is an impressive acheivement, in fact had the tournament been based on points the Moondogs would have finished in 2nd place behind Bullard. As the email above pointed out "The Reno Moondogs surprised some teams".


Silver Cup Invitational. Las Vegas Jan 29th & 30th '05
The Moondogs, appearing in their 1st Tournament of the year, showed flashes of the entertaining soccer that we hope to see this spring, although a little rusty from not being able to practice and not having played competitively since Thanksgiving.

The Moondogs made progressive forward steps throughout the tournament and can come away feeling positive for the future, however the Moondogs should be kicking themselves after this tournament, although the final results do not reflect it, the Moondogs know just how close they came to being a Finalist.

The Moondogs showed a lack of basic soccer team discipline in the opening game, by not marking tightly, not supporting their teammates with the ball, being slow in transition from attack to defence and by not getting into space when in possession. I felt San Juan were better in lots of areas, got to the ball quicker and reacted well. Perhaps the Moondogs with their new star-studded team felt that showing up was going to enough!!

The Moondogs recovered and improved their work rate in their 2nd game, the Moondogs had a solid 1st half before taking a well deserved 2 goal lead against the eventual Tournament Champions early in the 2nd half. The Moondogs were unfortunate to concede 2 late goals, one from a corner and another after a harsh call for handball resulting in a penalty kick, the 2-2 tie eliminated the Moondogs from any chance of advancing.

Despite the Saturday set-backs the Moondogs played their final game against LV Premier with a much better tempo and attitude and consequently the result was really never in doubt, the Moondogs' keeper barely had a shot to save. I was delighted with the attitude, we got the ball up to our strikers and produced quality balls into the box to make it difficult for their defenders. In the 2nd half against the wind we got even tighter, the midfield won more than their fair share of 50/50 balls and we got our reward for it.

The Moondogs showed that they have the skill to compete at this level and the ability to win Tournaments of this calibre, what is needed, (and I think the weekend taught them a valuable lesson), is the respect for the opposition and the acknowledgement that there is no such thing as an easy game at this level.

Although skill is, of course critically important, a well organized, hard working TEAM will invariably beat a skillful yet undisciplined side, therefore, the Moondogs will be focusing on "on field discipline" in forthcoming practices until it becomes 2nd nature and a Moondog habit. Upon achieving that discipline I can then focus on playing systems and tactical adjustments and not have to coach "On the Fly".

Sacramento Holiday Cup Nov 27th & 28th 2004
The Reno Moondogs, opened the Tournament in fine style beating ACC Mavericks 5-0 and after having played an excellent game in the semi-final against Cruz Azul coming back from being a goal down to win 4-1. The Moondogs had gone 22 game without defeat before falling 2-1 in the Final to the Napa Sport Indians by the "golden goal" rule in overtime.
A lasting image from that tournament was Sergio (pictured left) who bravely played on after medical receiving attention from the team Doc. Lorrie Shuveiller.

Below is a HUGE photo of the Reno Moondogs most prized trophy to date, the Clovis Challenge Cup!!

Clovis Cup
Clovis Cup. Oct 30th & 31st 2004
Clovis Awards
The Reno Moondogs came away from Clovis California with the Cup after defeating San Jose JESA Lobitos 4-0 in the Final. The Moondogs surprised the tournament with their adventurous style of play and came away with 3 wins and a tie to contiue their fine record in their trips to the central California valley. 2 years ago the Moondogs came away with 3rd place after losing just one game to Ajax United, this year in their opening game they avenged that loss with a 2-0 win and went on from strength to strength. The 2nd game was a 3-1 win over Orchard Valley Pumas, having survived tense moments for about 10 minutes when the Pumas got the score back to 2-1, before Victor put the game beyond doubt with a fine half volley on a counter attack. The Moondogs finished out the qualifying bracket with an early Sunday morning 8am 1-1 game v LeMoore Arsenal, before taking on the San Jose Lobitos in the afternoon final.
Although going into the final as the underdog, the Moondogs took the game to the Lobitos side without fear and defended from the front, showing such a work rate that the Lobitos side never recovered from the 8th minute setback when Casey scored off the rebound from his own free kick after Chino was brought down just outside the box. The Moondogs would go on to score twice more with goals from Chino and then Sergio in the 1st half before Rendell wrapped things up with a fine left footed shot with about 5 minutes left on the clock. A suberb performance by the entire squad of players who all played their part in a great weekend for the Northern Nevada soccer team.

Clovis winning team
CLOVIS CHAMPIONS October 31st 2004

Sagebrush Cup. Reno, NV. Oct 2nd & 3rd 2004
The Reno Moondogs became the Sagebrush Champions for the 3rd time and have now won the Championship at the U12, U13 and the U14 levels.
The Moondogs amassed 27 goals during the three game tournament, they almost got a tournament shutout, but allowed one goal to get by them, and even that one was scored by a Moondog! Check "Schedule & Scores" for results.

Congratulations to Carlos (Chino) Melendrez who was awarded the Tournament MVP after scoring 11 goals in the 3 games with an amazing 7 goals being scored in the 8-1 win over Black Ice.

"Chino" Tournament MVP

River City Cup, Sacramento CA. Sept 4th & 5th 2004
The Reno Moondogs travelled to Sacramento with a new strike force of Chino and Sergio, and with the hope they would have some success in front of goal. The Moondogs faced a strong ACC Mavericks in their opening game and were on the wrong end of a 3-0 scoreline and then lost their 2nd game to Diablo Valley 1-0 after having dominated most of the match. The Moondogs had to wait until their third game before the striking partnership paid dividends and the Moondogs lead 4 times before finally losing 5-4 in probably the most entertaining game of the entire tournament.

Davis Shootout. Davis, CA. August 14th & 15th 2004
The first tournament of the year for the newly formed Moondogs which is developing its side for the Fall season. The Moondogs lost their first game by the narrow margin of 1-0 against Sac Utd and were then put to the sword by a very good Davis United side and did well to hold them to a 3-0 loss. The following day the Moondogs regrouped and came from a goal behind to beat Placer Utd Prestige 2-1 with Casey scoring the first Goals of the Moondogs season.

High Desert Championships. Carson City, NV June 2004
The Reno Moondogs had mixed fortune at the High Desert Championships, the defending Champions looked a little jaded after recent exploits in Medford. They lost their first game to Tahoe Ice U14 after a couple of defensive errors, one each side of the interval, and ending up losing 3-0 to a team they had beaten earlier in the year. Despite winning their next 2 games 5-1 and 6-1 that early loss eliminated them any chance of retaining the Championship.

Rogue Valley Cup. Medford, OR. May 29th, 30th & 31st 2004
The Moondogs opened their first out of State tournament with a comfortable 6-0 win over the Truckee Dynamite, before pulling off the shock off the tournament by beating the local side Rouge Valley Demons in a game to remember. With a big crowd coming out to support the local side there seemed to be a feeling they were there to witness a goal feast in their favor. However the Moondogs dug in deep and defended with amazing passion and watched as the home side's frustration gathered momentum. With the game clock ticking down to about 20 seconds remaining, the Moondogs ventured into the Demons half for probably only the third time in the whole game, Sergio pounced on a through ball and slipped it past the oncoming keeper to give the Moondogs a remarkable victory. The following day the Moondogs fought a hard game, before losing 3-1 to Truckee Jolt who had gotten the better of them three times that season, the final game had an end of season feel to it and the defence for the first time looked awful tired, eventually conceeding 6 goals. The Demons game however was well worth the long trip to Oregon.

Comstock Shootout. Carson City, NV. April 17th &18th 2004
                                    The Reno Moondogs Comstock Shootout April 2004

Back Row, left to right:- Rendell Chavez, Miguel Monreal, Gino Valencia, Casey Wardell, Coach Barry Wardell, Sergio Mercado, Warren Leonard, Oscar Gonzalez and Ryan Nelson.
Front Row, left to right:- Michael Rodriguez, Eric Pratt, Austin Schuveiller, Jose Felipe, Alex Sanchez and Mitchell Rodriguez.

The Reno Moondogs certainly entertained the fans in all three of their games at the Comstock Shootout. High scoring games, end to end stuff and great comebacks were all part of the Moondogs cavalier weekend. Starting with a 3-2 win after being a goal down to Tahoe Ice, and then a 3-3 draw after being 3-1 down to Carson Fusion, then again coming back from 3-1 down to tie the game up before losing to a late goal against Boise Nationals. The Moondogs never stopped believing in their ability to score goals despite the numerous early setbacks. Congratulations on a fun tournament, everyone got their money's worth.

Comstock Shootout Game 1
Reno Moondogs 3 Tahoe Ice 2

Comstock Shootout Game 2
Reno Moondogs 3 Carson Fusion 3

Comstock Shootout Game 3
Reno Moondogs 3 Boise Nationals 4

Micro Six Tournament April 3rd & 4th 2004
Congratulations to the Reno Moondogs who took 2nd and 3rd places in the Micro six tournament.
The U13 Moondogs were runners up to the Incline Invasion in the U13 division losing 2-1 in the final.
The U14 Moondogs took 3rd place in the U14 division by winning the 3rd/4th place game 5-3 against the Crusaders from Freemont California.

Sagebrush Tournament March 20th & 21st 2004
The Reno Moondogs played 3 games in the 2004 Sagebrush tournament against so many players that have graduated through the Reno Moondogs soccer academy that it seemed like homecoming week. In the 1st game 5 ex-Reno Moondogs were playing for Jolt and the 3rd game against Strikers saw 7 ex-Reno Moondogs take the field.

Sagebrush Tournament Game 1
Reno Moondogs 2 Truckee Jolt 3

Sagebrush Tournament Game 2
Reno Moondogs 6 Carson City Pumas 0

Sagebrush Tournament Game 3
Reno Moondogs 1 Strikers 3

RSU Washoe Zephyr July 2003

The U13 team, with three U12 guest players were immediately in trouble against the Blue team from San Jose. Before the crowd had settled in their lawn chairs the Moondogs were 4 goals behind. The San Jose team were running the dogs into the ground, but after a tactical change the Moondogs fought back and got a goal back just before the half. Although the Moondogs played the better soccer in the 2nd half it was San Jose that went further ahead and winning 5-1.
In the 2nd and 3rd games the Moondogs beat the RSU Extreme 1-0 and 4-0 before facing the San Jose team once again, this time in the final.
The Moondogs played with heart and passion in this game and had the better of a spirited first half, being in control for much of the play whilst limiting the San Jose team to few chances. The 2nd half turned out to be a more even encounter, the Moondogs were really going for it anf made the Blue work for every scrap of pitch. Yet even though the Moondogs carved out the better chances it was the San Jose Blue that were the eventual winners after scoring late in the game on a breakaway counter attack.
It turned out to be the U13's final game as the Reno Moondogs, and although it ended in defeat it was a great way to finish the season, playing the game the way it should be played, with total commitment and passion. The Reno Moondogs wish all the players success in the future and look forward to seeing them play on their new teams next year.

Renomoondogs spring 2003
Tribute Moondogs 2003
Back Row, Players: Trevor Johnson, Oscar Gonzalez, Gino Valencia, Casey Wardell, Max Brixey and Andrew Estabrook
Front Row: Andy Pitman, Grady McCann, Devin Fitzpatrick, Austin Schuveiller, Braeden DeLong, and JB. Olson


The Reno Moondogs U12 team in the Fall 2002 and Spring 2003 season posted an incredible record in the Great Basin Youth Soccer League, playing 20 games, winning 19, and 1 game ending in a tie, zero loses!
During that time they scored an amazing 83 goals while conceding only 6. The team, considered by many to be one of the strongest U12 teams to have represented the Reno/Sparks area in a long time played the kind of attractive soccer that was admired by friend and foe alike. Playing the vast majority of their games with only one substitute and against teams from the older divisions, the Reno Moondogs still managed to dominate Northern Nevada.
Starting with Gino Valencia in the keeper position and playing a modified 3-5-2 system, with Trevor Johnson as sweeper and Grady McCann and Max Brixey as the two full backs they where blessed with the quickest defence in the league. Both Grady and Max getting forward at every opportunity using their speed to terrorize unsuspecting defences while Trevor held the back line with unbendable strength. Utilizing twin stoppers dovetailing between the back three and playing in midfield, JB Olson and Braeden Delong worked tirelessly and relentlessly in the engine room. Casey Wardell, a dead ball specialist, playing as a central attacking midfielder slotted in behind the front two, created space and opportunity with his superbly accurate left foot, scoring 26 goals over the season. Oscar Gonzalez another naturally left footed player kept defences continually stretched with his wing play, as did Devin Fitzpatrick with his crosses from the right. Working up front was Austin Schuveiller, who even though he managed to find the net 11 times it was his darting runs into the box and his ability to create space for his teamates that kept defences constantly on the back foot and unbalanced. Andrew Estabrook, a utility player and Andy Pitman, sharing the other striker's role, were able to take advantage of the excellent service they received from all angles, both scored as many as 4 and 5 goals in their best games.

The Reno Moondogs wish all these great players every success with their new teams and endeavors. Also the Reno Moondogs would like them all to know that they will always be remembered for the part they played in creating Reno Moondogs history. Thank You.

High Desert June 2003
........U12 RENO MOONDOGS................CHAMPIONS.......

The Reno Moondogs U12 are the high desert champions, winning all four games in the U12 flight and scoring 31 goals, the magnificant Moondogs defence kept shutouts in all four games.

It was a tournament that the Moondogs were expected to win, the challenge was if they could do so without letting in a goal, they did both and looked untouchable the whole weekend. With a couple of players missing the U12's took on a couple of guest players, who played their part in comfortable tournament win, the closet game being the final against the Flash team from Truckee which the Moondogs won 4-0, with Andrew Estabrook scoring a hatrick.

The U13's won one of their three games playing up in the U14 bracket. Their greatest acheivement being in a 3-1 defeat against Anarchy the eventual champions. Although defeated, the Moondogs gave an excellent account of themselves, playing the Anarchy team with commitment and tenacity the Moondogs tied the game up with about 15 minutes to go and really looked as if they were going to pull off the shock of the tournament. Unfortunately a couple of late goals sealed the win for the Carson Anarchy, but the Moondogs turned in a great performance.

Medford May 2003
The Reno Moondogs U12 team produced a repeat performance in Medford this year. Again coming home undefeated, but again just missing out on the finals by tying their final game against a Truckee team. Amazing as it my seem the Moondogs won their first game and tied their remaing three just as they did the previous year. A minor difference being, they dominated each of their games this year, but playing on a very narrow pitch it favoured the defences, especially against the Moondogs who enjoy the wide field which allow them to play using 2 wingers.

The U13 team started very brightly taking a quick 2 goal lead in their first game before ending with a 2-2 tie. The second game they were the better team by far only to lose by the single goal, a day of missed chances. The following day they were punished early for defensive errors and were 4 down by half time, they made a couragous recovery in the second half with Stefan Kaiser scoring the goal of the tournament, a full blooded 40 yard volley from just outside his own half. Their final game was a good natured romp to a 6 or 7-1 win with everyone getting to play a multitude of positions.

As always a great tournament in a great location and without a doubt the drive up through the mountains to Shasta is worth the trip alone.

NEVADA STATE CUP May 10th & 11th 2003
The Moondogs U12's returned from The State Cup in Vegas with mixed results. The played very well in their first game against the Goaladors to win 4-0. Austin, Max and Casey getting the goals and a own goal from a Max Brixey cross. In the 2nd game against the Carson Fusion, some of the players were feeling ill, hot or were just not into the game and the young Carson team inflicted the Moondogs biggest defeat this season, running out worthy winners at 4-1. Casey getting a critical goal for the Moondogs with 6 seconds to go to ensure a place in the semi-finals. The semi-final game was a game of missed chances against the eventual State Champions. The Moondogs dominated the 1st half but failed to find the net, had the Moondogs have scored I'm sure they would have gone to the Final. Yet as in the game against Fusion the 2nd half was the Moondogs downfall, the Premier team scored from free kick, and although the Moondogs continued to battle, with some players not 100% it was only a matter of time before the Premier team increased their lead, running out 3-0 winners. A big improvement from last year, but still 3 or 4 players away from Championship material.

Comstock Shootout April 12th &13th 2003
Gino Valencia wins the U12 goalie wars and the Reno Moondogs U12 take 2nd place after competing in a outstanding final against Carson Fusion. An brilliant game of soccer with both sides providing top class entertainment for the sidelines. Carson Fusion were the eventual winners by 3 goals to 2. Casey and Andrew Estabrook scoring for the Moondogs giving themselves a 2-1 lead at halftime, but Fusion came back win a pulsating game that was what a final should be all about.
The weekend was a weather nightmare with gale force winds followed by heavy rain and falling temperatures resulting in driving snow.

Tournament Scores were:-

Comstock Shootout U12 Game 1
Reno Moondogs U12 8 Martinez Predators 0

Comstock Shootout U12 Game 2
Reno Moondogs U12 5 Boise Capitals Fire 1

Comstock Shootout U12 Game 3
Reno Moondogs U12 2 Carson Fusion 3

Comstock Shootout U13 Game 1
Reno Moondogs U13 1 Boise Capitals 1

Comstock Shootout Game 2
Reno Moondogs U13 1 Venom 2

Comstock Shootout Game 3
Reno Moondogs U13 3 Battle Mtn Shorthorns 2

Micro-Six Tournament April 5th & 6th 2003
Micro-Six (A five-a-side game played and coached by the players)
Congratulations to the the Renomoondogs who dominate the final standings with 4 of the 5 Reno Moondog teams entered picking up medals.
RENOMOONDOGS take 1st Place, two 2nd places and a 3rd and a 4th place in the weekend tournament hosted by the RSU United Soccer Club.
Both Reno Moondogs U12 sides were unbeaten in their respective flights. Both teams winning 5 games and drawing one.
Reno Moondogs U12 Yellow win 1st Place after a penalty shootout and the Reno Moondogs U12 Blue take 2nd place in penalty shootout, after beating the the eventual winners 6-2.
Reno Moondogs U13 White take 2nd in their flight followed by Reno Moondogs U13 Blue in 3rd and Reno Moondogs U13 Yellow in 4th. The best game coming in the Reno Moondogs U13 Blue 7-5 pulsating win over Reno Moondogs U13 White in their second game on Saturday.
Top scorers for the weekend were Al Virrey with 15 goals and Eric Holman and Casey Wardell with 13 a piece.

Sagebrush Startup March 22nd & 23rd 2003
March 22nd & 23rd 2003

The U13's played their best soccer to win the Sagebrush Tournament. The turning point coming after their last game on Saturday when the U13 team had to go away and really think about who they are and who they want to be. The team that returned Sunday played in a way the coaches have always known they were capable. From Warren as keeper all the way to the bench, they were part of "THEIR TEAM" and the final figures showed the U13 team scoring 11 goals in 4 games and only seeing one get by the defence. Congratulations!!


Reno Moondogs U13 1 Warriors 0   
Reno Moondogs U13 0 Venom 1   
Reno Moondogs U13 5 RSU Extreme 0 3

U13 Championship game

U13 Goal Scorers
5 Al Virrey
2 Stefan Kiser
1 Austin Prouty
1 Kyle Kingery
1 Matt Hardy
1 Alex Estabrook

Reno Moondogs U12 6 RSU Blue Streak 0
Reno Moondogs U12 4 RSU Invasion 0
Reno Moondogs U12 3 Darkside 0

U12 Championship game

U12 Goal Scorers
4 Casey Wardell
3 Austin Schuveiller
2 Oscar Gonzalez
1 Devin Fitzpatrick
1 Sia
1 JB Olson
1 Max Brixey
1 Gino Valencia

Silver Cup Vegas Feb 1 2003
2/1/03 Silver State Cup in Vegas

Both Moondogs teams represented the north with pride with the U12 team winning its consolation semi-final 3-1, while the U13 team won the most exciting game of the weekend in a blistering 2-1 win under lights in a Saturday night game.

For complete Silver Cup results click here Link to Silver Cup Info

U12 Results:

Moondogs U12 0 Metro Stars (AZ) 3
Moondogs U12 1 Arsenal (AZ) 0   
Moondogs U12 3 San Tan (AZ) 1   

Clovis U12
Clovis Odyssey Challenge Cup Oct 2002
                                                                Reno Moondogs '90


Reno Moondogs U12   6   Modesto Storm 1   
Reno Moondogs U12   2   Odyssey Red    0   
Reno Moondogs U12   1   Ajax Storm       2

Reno Moondogs U12 v Odyssey Red    3-3 after extra-time.
Moondogs take third place 6-4 after penalty shoot out.

Goal Scorers:

5    Casey Wardell
4    Devin Fitzpatrick
2    Austin Shuveiller
2    Oscar Gonzalez
1    JB. Olson
1    Sia Shamshirpourian


Reno Moondogs U13   0   Central Marin Bulldogs   1
Reno Moondogs U13   0   Odyssey Red U13          6
Reno Moondogs U13   1   San Juan Cyclones U13   3   



Played    11    Won    11    Lost    0    Tied    0    Points    33

Goals Scored    52    Goals conceded    3

Goal Scorers:

14    Casey Wardell
9    Austin Schuveiller
5    Sia Shamshirpourian
5    Devin Fitzpatrick
4    Oscar Gonzalez
4    Andrew Pitman
3    JB Olson
3    Braeden DeLong
2    Gino Valencia
1    Max Brixey
1    Andrew Estabrook


Played    11    Won    8    Lost    2    Tied    1    Points    25

Goals scored    36    Goals conceded    12

Goal Scorers:

11    Kyle Kingery
9    Al Virrey
4    Andy Apolinar
3    Eric Pratt
3    Eric Holman
2    Matt Isbell
2    Ryan Nelson
1    Stefan Kaiser
1    Alex Estabrook

Tournament Summary Spring 2002
Spring 2002 RSU Orange U12


A huge thank you to all our brillant parents who encouraged the boys to maintain such a high level of performance thoughout the season, and congratulations to the entire team who never stopped wanting to improve and worked so hard to become better soccer players.

SAGEBRUSH 'START UP' TOURNAMENT - March 23rd and 24th at Mendive in Sparks.

MICRO SIX TOURNAMENT - April 6th & 7th at Shadow Mtn. in Sparks.
Team# 223.    1st PLACE.      
Team #232.    3rd PLACE
Team #222.    5th PLACE

COMSTOCK TOURNAMENT in CARSON CITY April 20th & 21st. at Edmonds Sports Complex.

Congratulation to Casey Wardell - Finalist

NEVADA STATE CUP in VEGAS, May 4th & 5th
CONGRATULATIONS to The Orange Team who were awarded the "FAIR PLAY AWARD" in their division.

ROGUE VALLEY CUP in MEDFORD, OREGON - May 25th, 26th & 27th.
CONGRATULATIONS!!!! to The Orange Team who returned to Reno undefeated.

Congratulations to Casey Wardell - Finalist

HIGH DESERT TOURNAMENT in CARSON CITY June 8th & 9th, at Edmonds Sports Complex.

WASHOE ZEPHYR in RENO/SPARKS June 15th & 16th. at Reno High School.

Played 12, Won 7, lost 3, Tied 2, Goals for 33, Goals against 9, Points 23.

ROGUE VALLEY CUP in MEDFORD, OREGON - May 25th, 26th & 27th. 2002
CONGRATULATIONS to The Orange Team who returned to Reno undefeated. The highlight of the 4 games was a 0-0 tie against Southside Crew, who went on to win the Tournament with a 3-1 win over the Aguilers from Sacramento. The Crew, who were averaging 5 goals a game, and outclassing everyone that came before them, were held by the magnificent Orange defence in a pulsating game. The Orange team seem to play to the level of their opponents and   ironically it was the game against Apex that ended the Orange's weekend. The Orange keeper(s) only touched the ball once and that was unfortunately to retrieve it from the back of the net, after a hopeful kick toward goal snuck under the crossbar in the opening seconds of the game. The Orange team then camped in the Apex half of the field, and tried everything to win the game. The Apex who played all eleven players behind the ball for much of the game gave up a penalty midway through the 2nd half from which Casey equalized. For the remainder of the game it was one way traffic but the goal wouldn't come despite some glorious chances, Crush were unable to get the winning goal to take them to the semi-finals.
As a footnote; The Orange equaled the Crew as the best defence with only 2 goals conceded in the tournament.

Orange Crush 4 Klamath Falls Crew 0 (Austin Schuveiller 3, Devin Fitzpatrick 1)
Orange Crush 0 Southside Crew       0
Orange Crush 1 Arcata Bravehearts 1 (Stefan Kaiser)
Orange Crush 1 Truckee Apex          1 (Casey Wardell)

MICRO SIX TOURNAMENT RESULTS - April 6th & 7th 2002 at Shadow Mountain in Sparks.

Team# 223.    1st PLACE.       CHAMPIONS!

Gino Valencia, Stefan Kaiser, Devin (Munch) Fitzpatrick. Kyle Kingery and Grady McCann.

1st game lost 2-3. Stefan 1, Gino 1.
2nd game won 4-3. Stefan 2, Kyle 1, Munch 1
3rd game won 5-2. Munch 2, Gino 1, Stefan 1, Grady 1
1st game won 6-0. Kyle 2, Stefan 2, Grady 1, Gino 1
2nd game won 1-0. Stefan 1

Team #232.    3rd PLACE

Austin Schuveiller, Trevor Johnson, Casey Wardell, Braeden DeLong and guest player Austin Morgan.
1st game lost 3-4. Casey 2, Austin M 1
2nd game won 6-2. Casey 2, Austin M 2, Austin S 1, Trevor 1
3rd game won 8-2. Casey 3 Austin S 2 Trevor 1 Braeden 1 Austin M 1
1st game tied 1-1. Casey 1
2nd game won 8-0. Austin S 4, Casey 3, Braeden 1

Team # 222.    5th PLACE

Scott Kelly, Ian Garcia, Rahul Joshi, Eric Pratt and Eric Holman.

1st game lost 0-2
2nd game won 3-1. Eric Holman 2, Scott 1
3rd game lost 2-3. Eric Holman 2
1st game tied 2-2. Rahul 1, Eric Pratt 1
2nd game lost 0-1   

Top scorers for Micro-six:
Casey Wardell         11
Stefan Kaiser          7
Austin Schuveiller   7
Austin Morgan         4
Eric Holman             4
Munch Fitzpatrick   3
Gino Valencia            3
Kyle Kingery            3
Trevor Johnson       2
Grady McCann         2
Braeden Delong       2
Scott Kelly               1
Eric Pratt                  1
Rahul Joshi               1


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