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Giving a helping hand - 14U Sorton Renegades
Sunday, January 25

2014 - 14U Triple Crown National Champions - Silver Bracket

Welcome to the Renegades Fast-Pitch Home Page. The Renegades Fast-Pitch Association are competitive traveling teams based in Elizabeth, Pa., about 20 miles south of Pittsburgh. The Renegades field competitive teams for Girls 12 and Under, 14 and Under, 16 and Under and 18 and Under. The teams travel throughout the Eastern United States.

January 2015 News

Update:  Joey Fabus has passed away from his terminal brain tumor and will be buried on Monday, January 26th, 2015.

Members of the 14U Sorton team - pictured above - Alana Cleary, Jillian Welsh, Madi Taylor, Bri Sersevic, Addie Tagg and Lexi Argyros with Joey Fabus (Missing from photo - Abby Chalovich).  The girls helped at a spahetti dinner fund-raiser for 8 year old, Joey who has terminal brain tumor.  Get more information on Joey at his facebook page at "Joey Fabus Childhood Cancer Foundation".  Great job, girls - well done, we're proud of what you have done for Joey's cause.

News from the Queen of Diamonds College Showcase North at Kent State University - Nice job by all Renegades - all of you made us proud of the effort displayed at this event.  A special CONGRATS to our members that were awarded GAME/CAGE "MVP"s - Sarah Turek and Kourtney Gavatoro who each received a MVP.  Jessica Cartia had a special weekend receiving three MVPs. 

December 2014 News

It is with a heavy heart to notify the Renegade Family of the lost of one the FIRST Renegade coaches - Robert Salopek.  Bob passed away on Tuesday, December 9th after battling a long illness.  He will be sorely missed by us, his family and the Renegades Family.  RIP Bob.


November 2014 News

Congratulations to the following Renegades for being selected for the Queen of Diamonds College Showcase North to be held at Kent State in January 2015:  Lacie Lautner, Shelby Minardi, Sarah Turek, Lauren Mathews, Emma Mattei, Raeann Sleith, Jessica Cartia, Bailey Fialkovich, Kourtney Gavatora, Cheyenne Hamel and Addie Tagg.

The Renegades would like to thank all their supporters for attending the Association's November fund-raiser held at the Boston Spectrum - just in case, you were not present, the winning numbers drawn are listed below:

7PM - 094; 7:15 - 112; 7:30 - 319; 7:45 - 866; 8PM - 154; 8:15 - 038; 8:30 - 831; 8:45 - 022; 9PM - 379; 9:15 - 021; 9:30 - 263; 9:45 - 891; 10PM - 426; 10:15 - 300; 10:30 - 794; 10:45 - 476; and 11PM - 341.

The PA-Renegades Softball Association is a travel organization that has been around since 1981. During the 2015 travel season, the organization will be fielding teams at the 10U, 12U, 14U, 16U, and 18U levels.  The number of teams will be determined by the number of players willing to contribute to fielding quality competitive team(s).  The PA-Renegades would like to invite any interested fast-pitch player, ranging from 9 years of age through 18 years of age, to come and try out and be part of our organization.  THERE  IS  NO  TRY  OUT  FEE.  Try Out dates and times will be posted shortly.

October 2014 ....  Only the 14U team has an opening at this point - currently looking for a starting pitcher for the 2015 team.  If interested, contact Head Coach, Howie Sorton to arrange a try out at 412-443-5890.


10U TEAM - Head Coach: Buck Chalovich (412) 498-9389 - No positions available at this time.  

14U TEAM - Head Coach: Howie Sorton (412-443-5890) -   

16U-CAMPBELL TEAM - Head Coach: Bob Campbell (724-880-1759)  - No positions available at this time.  

18U-HARVEY TEAM (PA-Renegades 3n2) - Head Coach: Dutch Harvey (724-961-7448) - No positions available at this time  

18U-RUTHERFORD TEAM - Head Coach: Harry Rutherford (412-559-5763) - No positions available for this team.

18-Over Team - Head Coach: Nick Shermenti (412-913-3452)

     Contact Head Coach if interested in playing in the 2015 season.

GPS addresses for fields to be used for try outs:

Blaine Hill Field - 320 Kendall Way, Elizabeth, Pa.

Beedle Park Field - 1599 Decker Ave., Clairton, Pa. 

West Newton Field - 105 Robertson Street, West Newton, Pa. (behind the Giant Eagle)


Tournament results for the 2015 Season:


Centerfield (Let's Go!)

Wednesday, October 23
Indoor Pitching and Hitting Practice - 2013 Season

Directions to the Blaine Hill Field

Tuesday, October 23
We are a Team - 2013 Renegades motto

Wednesday, September 10
History thru 2014 Season

Sunday, December 24
Directions to Skillet Hill training facility