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ASA Eastern National Tournament - 2013
2013 ASA Eastern National Tournament - 16U
Friday, August 23

2013 TWIST 14U-Campbell Tournament Champions

Welcome to the Renegades Fast-Pitch Home Page. The Renegades Fast-Pitch Association are competitive traveling teams based in Elizabeth, Pa., about 20 miles south of Pittsburgh. The Renegades field competitive teams for Girls 10 and Under, 12 and Under, 14 and Under, 16 and Under and 18 and Under. The teams travel throughout the Eastern United States.

CONGRATS to the following members of the Renegades Softball Association for being named to the PG All-Section 2013 Teams:

Portia McBride (EF), Virginia Roche (EF). Kelsey Geyer (Woodland Hills), Jessica Beitler (McKeesport), Jen Keefer (EF), Caitlyn Arico (EF), Nicole Ashcraft (BVA) and Vanessa Falce (McKeesport).

CONGRATS to VANESSA FALCE (14U-Harvey) being named the "2013 McKeesport Daily News Softball Player of the Year".

CONGRATS to JESSICA BEITLER (16U-Rutherford) being named to the 2013 PENNSYLVANIA ALL-STATE TEAM.

CONGRATS to PORTIA MCBRIDE (18U-Shermenti) and JESSICA BEITLER (16u-Rutherford) for being named to the 2013 PG-SOUTH TOP 10 SOFTBALL TEAM.


The PA-Renegades Softball Association is a travel organization that has been around since 1981. During the 2014 travel season, the organization will be fielding teams at the 10U, 12U, 14U, 16U, and 18U levels.  The number of teams will be determined by the number of players willing to contribute to fielding quality competitive team(s).  The PA-Renegades would like to invite any interested fast-pitch player, ranging from 9 years of age through 18 years of age, to come and try out and be part of our organization.  THERE  IS  NO  TRY  OUT  FEE.  Try Out dates and times will be posted shortly.


10U TEAM - Head Coach: Denny Resnik (412-523-3595). UPDATE: Due to lack of interest - all future try outs for this team are CANCELED.

12U TEAM - Head Coach: Howie Sorton (412-443-5890). Second year 12U team - Finished FIRST this year in one tournament and SECOND twice as a first year 12U team.  Two positions remain available for this team. Contact Head Coach to schedule a private try out.

14U-JEFFERS TEAM - Head Coach: Steve Jeffers (412-496-5910).  First year 14U team. UPDATE: Due to lack of pitching - all future try outs for this team are CANCELED.

14U-CAMPBELL TEAM - Head Coach: Bob Campbell (724-880-1759).  Second year 14U team.  SORRY - THERE ARE NO POSITIONS AVAILABLE FOR THIS TEAM.


18U-FREDERICK TEAM - Head Coach: Ed Frederick (412-721-0010). First year 18U team. Solid core of returning players - several positions still available for this team including a #1 pitcher who plays another position, a catcher that plays another position, and a shortstop.  High School level players, travelling out of state several weekends for SHOWCASE tournaments. Private try outs will be conducted - contact the head coach via cell phone listed or email at: to schedule. 

18U-RUTHERFORD TEAM - Head Coach: Harry Rutherford (412-559-5763). First year 18U team. SORRY - THERE ARE NO POSITIONS AVAILABLE FOR THIS TEAM.

23U-SHERMENTI TEAM - Head Coach: Nick Shermenti (412-913-3452). 23U team. No positions available for this team.  If intested in playing at 23U, contact Nick for list of teams looking for players. 


Tournament Results for the 2013 season:

NATIONAL TOURNAMENT RESULTS - Four RENEGADES teams participated in NATIONAL TOURNAMENTS during the week of July 30 thru August 4th -

The 14U Harvey team travelled to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina to participate in the TRIPLE CROWN National Tournament.  The team finished the tournament with 8 WINS, against 1 LOSS and the TOURNAMENT CHAMPIONSHIP IN THE GOLD BRACKET.  An overall great performance by a great group of young ladies.

The 16U Rutherford team travelled to La Plata, Maryland to participate in the ASA Class "A" 16U Eastern National Tournament.  They finished 1-1 in pool play, losing to the Valley Storm (5-4), then defeating the Maryland Black Ice (8-0) and drawing a third place seeding for the double elimination portion of the tournament.  In the first round of the of double elimination portion of the tournament, the Rutherford team defeated the Maryland Crush (8-7) in extra innings.  They were defeated by the ICE - Silver team (9-5) knocking them into the loser's bracket.  They then eliminated the Wildcats; Pittsburgh Power - Dobson; and the Kinzua Crush teams before being eliminated themselves by the Valley Extreme - Black.  Their effort got them a NINTH place finish with a 5 Win, 3 Loss performance.

The 18U Shermenti(2-3)  and 18U Bashada teams travelled to Virginia Beach, Virginia to participate in the ASA Class "A" Eastern National Tournament. 

Weekend of July 19-21, 2014 -

The 18U Bashada team participated in the USSSA tournament at Penn Township.

The 14U Harvey team participated in the NSA tournament held in Canonsburg in the 16U age division and finished FIRST for the TOURNAMENT CHAMPIONSHIP.

The 18U Shermenti(4-4) for 3rd place, 16U Rutherford, 16U Frederick (all three teams competing in the 18U division) and the 12U Sorton teams participated in the ASA Nationals Tune Up Tournament in Beaver County.

The 14U Campbell team took the weekend off to prepare for the NSA World Series tournament.

Weekend of July 12-14, 2013:

18U Bashada team took the weekend OFF.

14U Harvey team travels to Columbus, Ohio for the BUCKEYE SHOWDOWN tournament and went 8-0 to finish FIRST with the TOURNAMENT CHAMPIONSHIP.

The following teams participated in the ASA TWIST Tournament in Washington, PA.: 18U Shermenti(5-1), 16U Rutherford (3-1), 16U Frederick, 14U Campbell and 12U Sorton teams.  The 14U Campbell team WON the 14U CHAMPIONSHIP.  

Weekend of July 5-7, 2013:

18U Bashada, 18U Shermenti, 14U-Harvey and 12U Sorton teams took the weekend OFF.

The 16U teams (Rutherford and Frederick) participated in the Battle of the BurghTournament in the 18U age division.

The 14U Campbell team travelled to Orrville, Ohio to participated in the Fire n Ice tournament, where they posted a 4 Win, 1 Lost record.

Weekend of June 28-30, 2013:

What a WET weekend -

The following Renegades team was scheduled OFF this weekend:  16U Rutherford.

The following Renegades teams participated in the Ohio Valley Cardinal Classic - 18U Bashada, 18U Shermenti(4-1), 14U Harvey playing in the 16U division, and 14U Campbell.  The 18U Shermenti team lost in the semi-final match up with the Silver Creek Starz;  the 14U Harvey team WON the 16U Championship against the Ohio Blast; and the 14U Campbell team WON the 14U Championship against the Pittsburgh Power - McKnight team. 

The 12U Sorton team participated and WON the 12U Championship in the Firecracker Classic in Meadville.

CONGRATS to all the Renegades teams on a nice showing this weekend.

Weekend of June 21-23, 2013:

The following Renegades teams participated in the ASA State Championship Tournaments:

    16U Rutherford travelled to York, Pa. to participate in the 16U ASA State Championship.  The team won their first and second round bracket games against the Flood City Elite and the Extreme Black.  The Renegades lost the third round bracket game against the Newtown Rock Elite.  They then lost to the Central PA Krunch in the loser's bracket to finish fifth in the State Championships.

    14U Campbell played in Cranberry -

14U Harvey travelled to Cincinnati, Ohio to participate in the Queen City Showdown tournament and the team went 5-1 in the tournament.

Weekend of June 13-16, 2013:

The following Renegades teams were OFF this weekend and did not play:  18U Bashada, 18U Shermenti, 14U Harvey, 14U Campbell.

    The 16U Rutherford team travelled to Canton, Michigan and participated in the Compuware Classic Showcase and finished the tournament 3-2.

    The 16U Frederick and 12U Sorton teams participated in the ASA Beaver County tournament. 

Weekend of June 7-9, 2013:

The 18U Bashada team did not play.

The 18U Shermenti (3-3-1) team played in the ASA Valley of the Rage Tournament in Beaver County.

All other Renegade teams were at the ASA Bat Wars Fastpitch Showdown Tournament held at the Lou Beliner Sports Complex in Columbus, Ohio.

    The 16U Rutherford team finished 7-0 for the tournament.

    The 16U Frederick team finished 5-2 for the tournament.

    The 14U Harvey team finished 8-0 and were Tournament Champions.

    The 14U Campbell team finished 6-1 for the tournament.

    The 12U Sorton team finished 2-5 for the tournament.

Weekend of June 1-2, 2013:

All Renegade teams participated in the ASAWPA - Summer Slam Tournament hosted by the Renegades Softball Association.

    Playing in the 18U age division were the 18U Bashada and 18U Shermenti (3-1-2) teams as well as the 16U Rutherford and 16U Frederick teams.  The 14U Harvey team played up in the 16U division - however, the 14U Campbell team played in the 14U division.


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