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Welcome to the website for schedule and standings information for the  Reisterstown Recreation Council's Girls Basketball Program.


Friday, March 6th, 2015:  8:00 pm




We just received word from Baltimore County that we have to shut down our playoff games for this weekend, because BCPS will now allow Rec and Parks to have any activities in Baltimore County Schools for the entire weekend (Note: This does not affect Hannah More, which is a state-run facility. But Hannah More is in use by the boys program this weekend.).  We're very sorry that we're just notifying you now, but we literally just received word ourselves.


All in-house playoff games and trophy ceremonies for the weekend are postponed. The rescheduling plan is as follows:


Tuesday, March 10th, at Franklin Middle: Semifinal playoff games (These are the games that had been rescheduled for Saturday morning)

6 pm 4th-5th grade semi-final

7 pm 6th-7th grade semi-final

8 pm 8th-12th grade semi-final


Wednesday, March 11th, at Franklin Middle: Championship games (These are the games that had been rescheduled for Saturday afternoon)

6 pm 4th-5th grade championship

7 pm 6th-7th grade championship

8 pm 8th-12th grade championship


If a previously undefeated team wins the Wednesday night championship game, then that team will be crowned as the champion and that age group's season will be concluded. But because this is a double-elimination playoff tourney, if a previously undefeated team loses in the championship game to the team that already has one previous loss, then there will be a need for a rematch between those two teams to determine the champion. Any necessary championship game rematches will be scheduled for Thursday night at Franklin Middle. The time slots for any necessary championship rematch games on Thursday will be as follows: 


Thursday, March 12th, at Franklin Middle: Championship rematch games, if needed (These are the games that had been rescheduled for Sunday afternoon)

4th-5th grade (if needed): 6 pm

6th-7th grade (if needed): 6 pm (if there is not a need for a 4th-5th game) or 7 pm (if there is a 4th-5th game)

8th-12th grade (if needed): 6 pm (if there is neither a 4th-5th nor a 6th-7th game), 7 pm (if there is either a 4th-5th or 6th-7th game, but not both), or 8 pm (if both the 4th-5th and 6th-7th need to play a rematch game)


Travel players should expect to hear from their coaches about the effects of this, if any, on the travel games for this weekend. Decisions about travel games are made by the individual travel leagues in consultation with the school sites they use.


K-1 and 2nd-3rd players who would like to receive their trophies should look forward to hearing from their commissioner within the next day or so regarding which night we will be distributing the trophies to these players.


Again, we sincerely apologize for the late notice and any inconvenience this causes. If we could have notified you any sooner, we surely would have. Take care, have a safe weekend, and we'll look forward to seeing you and concluding our season next week. 




Check the menu on the left side of this page over the course of the season for game schedules, game results, and league standings information.  Also, check this home page for up-to-date information on weather-related game cancellations.  And remember to check in with our companion website at for additional information about our program.


Best of luck to all of our players and coaches this year!


Reisterstown Girls Basketball Executive Team