Regina Ladies Softball Assoc: Welcome

The objective of the RLSA is to foster, improve, and perpetuate ladies softball in Regina, Saskatchewan. The league consists of twenty teams divided into two divisions playing games at Douglas Park in Regina.

Saturday, July 26
Rescheduling of Thursday, July 24th Games

Game P1 - Cyclones vs Heat rescheduled to Monday, July 28th, 6:45 PM, DP #2
Game P2 - Rush vs Fusion rescheduled to Tuesday, July 29th, 6:45 PM, DP #2
Game P3 - Flyers vs Thunder rescheduled to Tuesday, August 5th, 6:45 PM, DP #2

Refer to updated Playoff Schedule in the Handouts section of the website.

Wednesday, July 23
Final Standings

Final Standings are:

Division I

Team 1 - Gold
Team 2 - Kaos
Team 3 - Extreme
Team 4 - Remco
Team 5 - 222's
Team 6 - Pride
Team 7 - Senior Saints
Team 8 - Riot

Divison II

Team 1 - Earl Grey Heat
Team 2 - Fusion
Team 3 - Rush
Team 4 - Cyclones
Team 5 - Impact
Team 6 - Thunder
Team 7 - Flyers

Division III

Team 1 - MFN Mystics
Team 2 - Edge
Team 3 - Flames
Team 4 - Standing Buffalo
Team 5 - Ochapowace
Team 6 - Piapot
Team 7 - Pasqua

An updated Playoff Schedule can be found in the Handouts section.

Tuesday, July 15
Playoff Schedule in Handouts Section

The 2014 playoff schedule has been uploaded to the Handouts section of the website.

Wednesday, July 9
Playoff Schedules

Playoffs will start on Thursday, July 24th.

Division 1 - 8 teams (Vipers not participating).  Split into two divisions of 4; top 4 teams (A) & bottom 4 teams (B).  In the A division, team #1 vs team #4; team #2 vs team #3.  The winners will play the final; the losers will play the consolation final.  In the B division, team #5 vs team #8; team #6 vs team #7.  The winners will play the final; the losers will play the consolation final.

Division 2 - 7 teams.  Split into two divisions; top 4 teams (A) & bottom 3 teams (B). In the A division, team #1 vs team #4; team #2 vs team #3.  The winners will play the final; the losers will play the consolation final.  The B division will be a 3 team round robin.

Division 3 - 7 teams (Canucks & Midget Storm not participating).  Same format as Division 2.Every team will get two games in playoffs.

Thursday, July 24th - Division 2A & 2B
Friday, July 25th - Division 1A
Monday, July 28th - Division 1B & 2B
Tuesday, July 29th - Division 3A & 3B
Wednesday, July 30th - Division 1A & 1B.  Playoffs complete for Divison 1.
Thursday, July 31st - Division 2A & 2B & 3B.  Playoffs complete for Division 2.
Tuesday, August 5th - Division 3A & 3B.  Playoffs complete for Division 3.

A formal playoff draw will be available next week.

Available Players

The following player has indicated interest in joining a team in the RLSA in 2014:

Mandy Fuller, 306-737-9624 (cell) or 306-787-5865 (office), prefers 1st or 3rd.

Nicole Haynes, 306-515-2678, prefers 1st or 3rd.

Samantha Becker, 306-781-4130, catcher, 2nd, outfield, left handed,

Jodie Kempf, 306-502-4122, prefers Div I, 1st or 2nd base.

Megan Miller, 306-529-2855, 3rd , catcher,

Aliya Jiwa, prefers 2nd or outfield but can play other positions,



Scheduling Practice Diamonds

Contact Matt Johner at 545-4254 or to book practice diamonds at Douglas Park.

Information Centre Phone Number

The RLSA has purchased an Information Centre Mailbox service.  Dial 306-522-0772 to listen to recorded announcements.  This service will primarily be used to provide information about whether games have been cancelled.  This will be of particular value to players having to travel into Regina.