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  Reedy's JOAD News : What is JOAD?  

What is JOAD?



The National Archery Association of the United States recognized a need for a Junior Olympic Archery Development program in 1961 and has improved its structure over the years. Since the commitment was made the JOAD program has endeavored to meet the need of all youth in archery. The program is an effort to provide a basic organizational guide for junior archery activities. The NAA, with its Olympic membership affiliation, is the guiding force for these potential Olympic and international archery contestants. The program is also intended to provide the necessary guidance for the recreational archer who is interested in archery purely for the enjoyment of shooting a bow and arrow. The rules and regulations of the JOAD program change from year to year as FITA and the NAA adopt new changes. The JOAD Committee works hard to update these changes as they occur. Significant changes have occurred each of the last two years in the JOAD program.


The JOAD Committee governs activities in the JOAD program. The Committee consists of a JOAD Chair, four directors, one from each of the four NAA geographic regions and an Athlete representative. The Chair is appointed by the President of the NAA, and approved by Board of Governors. The current JOAD Chair is Randi Smith. The regional directors are responsible for overseeing and coordinating JOAD activities within their regions. The Regional Coordinators communicate with the state coordinators in their region who in turn relay information with the local JOAD clubs. The four regional directors are
WEST-Jim Hills,
EAST-Cindy Bevilacqua,
NORTH-Eva Fuller and
SOUTH-Jim Krueger,
The Athlete representative is Kevin Eldredge. Each Director selects two youth representatives from their region to serve as liaisons. The Massachusetts State Coordinator is Ken Dono


Competitions in JOAD tournaments are governed by the shooting rules of FITA and the NAA. Each member nation of FITA is allowed to develop additional sets of classifications and rounds as long as the shooting rules and equipment regulations conform to FITA. The NAA and the JOAD programs have used separate standards over the years for indoor and outdoor competitive rounds but have been consistent with the age classification.

The NAA has developed and instituted a unified Distance and Classification structure for both NAA and JOAD tournaments. Youth may participate in the JOAD program through the calendar year of their 18th birthday. A new classification for those archers thru the calendar year of their 9th birthday became effective January 1,1997. Competitive rounds for this class are being developed. JOAD recognizes both the Olympic Bow and Compound Bow shooting style divisions for both Ladies and Gentlemen. The new JOAD classes which became effective in 2002 are as follows:

JUNIOR ~ Archers may compete up to and in the year of their 18th birthday. Archer will shoot adult distances and face sizes in the NAA and JOAD Tournaments. This class should be shot if an archer would like to qualify for Jr USAT (top 5 boys and top 5 girls in each bow division).

ARCHER ~ Archers may compete in this class up to and in the year of their 18th birthday (this is a recreational class).Those who shoot in this class for a full season will NOT qualify for Jr USAT

CADET ~ Archers may compete in this class up to and in the year of their 16th birthday. Shoot this class for to qualify for Jr USAT (top boy and top girl in
each bow division).

CUB ~ Archers may compete in this class up to and in the year of their 14th birthday.

BOWMAN ~ Archers may compete in this class up to and in the year of their 12th birthday

YEOMAN ~ Archers may compete in this class up to and in the year of their 8th birthday. (there is no National competition in this class

The Texas State Archery Association   web site has an excellent chart on this subject and has all the distances and target faces required for each Class. To find your JOAD age classification CLICK HERE


The JOAD program, with the cooperation of the NAA, conducts National and Regional JOAD tournaments in both Indoor and Outdoor Target Archery. The JOAD National/Regional Indoor Tournaments are usually held the same weekend in conjunction with the NAA National Indoor Tournament. The tournaments are held in the four NAA geographic regions and the results combined to establish the National Indoor JOAD tournament winners.

The National Outdoor JOAD tournament is rotated around the four NAA Regions. Regional Outdoor JOAD tournaments are held individually in each region. In addition, each state may hold an Indoor and Outdoor State JOAD tournament during the year.


The JOAD program also has a club level achievement program for the grassroots level. A system of qualifying rounds and achievement levels were designed to provide a challenge for youth in archery achievement. Success at each level is dependent on the individual's skill and willingness to apply themselves. Each archer can advance at his or her own pace, progressing to the next distance after completing the previous level.

To progress through the achievement program, the JOAD archer must challenge each level, starting with Yeoman, and shoot the required score in tournament-like conditions. To score a qualification round requires a minimum of three JOAD archers and one adult sponsor. The indoor qualifying and indoor tournament rounds may be held out of doors when space or safety may be a factor. Qualifying scores are shot in rounds of 30 consecutive arrows. After an archer has achieved a qualification level he or she may start working on the next level with a new 30 arrow round. The NAA office maintains a supply of achievement awards and clubs may purchase them for a fee. The achievement of the JOAD Olympian level is rewarded with a one year paid dues to the NAA, an Olympian Certificate and patch.

A complete description of the JOAD program can be obtained from the National Archery Association, One Olympic Plaza Colorado Springs, CO 80909. You may also e-mail your request to Director of Programs: Catherine McCullough - 719-866-4576

Reedy's Archery JOAD & Xtreme Team
Reedy's Archery JOAD & Xtreme Team
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