Redruth United Football Club: History

Monday, November 8

Redruth United Football Club - History

Darren Lewarne, Club Secretary

So, how did it all start?

Well, pre-Redruth Utd, I was playing for a local team called Raymond Rovers (yes, I know, where did we get the name - we played at Raymond Road & I think that was the best they could come up with!) against Trelander on 10th October 1992. I was playing on the left wing and tried to turn my marker. As I did so, he challenged me from behind and I fell into a crumpled heap. I could hardly walk & limped off for treatment. I was due to go away on holiday the following day and despite a sore leg, off I went.

During the holiday, my knee started to swell and by the end, I could barely walk. On my return to the country, I went to hospital where they diagnosed a ruptured cruciate ligament. After a quick arthroscopy, the doctors told me my cruciate ligament had snapped and they couldn't do anything except trim up the loose ends.

Physiotherapy followed as well as a meeting with the consultant who informed me that without corrective surgery (which they felt was unwarranted as I could walk), I would never play football again. Now, remember I was only 24 at the time, football had been my life, and to say the least, I was absolutely gutted.

Two months later I tried to come back and play for my old side. I came on in the second half, and lasted about two minutes. Four months later, I was back again, but still with problems. It was then that I agreed to set up what was intended to be the club's 2nd team. The club had at that point decided to change their name from Raymond Rovers to Redruth Athletic.

However in May & June 1993 the first team had problems financially and with personnel and soon folded. Wanting to stay involved myself with the game, I applied to change the name of the remaining 2nd team to Redruth Town only to find the name already registered. Finally, on 13th August 1993, I decided to make a clean break and Redruth United was born.

The early days were a struggle - we didn't have any kit, nets or much of an idea! I managed to buy a set of nets and kit from a manager I used to play Sunday football for (thank you Roger Terrell of Redruth Rangers FC) and we were ready. We rented out an old caravan from him and whilst basic, it served its purpose.

I won't go into match results etc here as these are shown on a separate page Statistics

Some of my fondest moments in the first few years were marking out the pitch and setting up the nets before every home game. As every manager of a small side will testify, I did everything! It wasn't so bad in good weather when the two hours or so passed quite pleasantly but in the cold, wind & rain, it was an absolute nighmare!

We played at one of the highest points in Redruth, so when it was windy, it felt like hurricane force. Trying to put up a net when the wind keeps blowing it away & your fingers are so numb from the cold is not a pleasant experience.

Even worse were the occasions when the rusty old line marker broke. When this happened (about half a dozen times in the four years we played at Raymond Road), I was left with no option but to mark out the pitch by hand with a paint brush. By the time the game started I was absolutely knackered! Credit here also to Paul Hawkey & Graham Bolt who did the same on one occasion when I was absent.

After a couple of years renting out, I managed to get my own caravan to change in (thanks to Pat Seery, formerly of White Acres Holiday Park in Newquay) after a kind donation. The caravan was so small the teams had to take turns changing. And it was subject to vandalism. I spent countless hours boarding up windows & doors, replacing locks etc and even spent a couple of nights on "lookout". Yes, you could say I was dedicated!

Our time at Raymond Road came to an end towards the end of our fourth season when I received a phone call from the council to advise that the caravan had been broken into. That was an understatement - it had been ripped apart and was lying in pieces all over the pitch. With no changing facilities, I had to find somewhere else and as our fifth season got underway, we started life at Clijah Croft, our present home.

Most of the stats are shown elsewhere, but clearly one of the proud moments in our early years was the 1999 capture of our first ever trophy - The Jubilee Cup with a 2-1 win over Trebellan. I was particularly proud as I scored our 2nd goal in this match and when the final whistle went, I felt so proud of the team.

The next few years, as our stats show, were a mixture of under-achievement and disappointment as we ranged from Division 2 also-rans with lows of 9th twice, but also so many close run-ins, finishing 6th once, 5th once, 4th once and 3rd twice. And all this with also getting knocked out in the Jubilee Cup at the semi-final stage in 2 out of 4 years!!

Our tag of being the best Div 2 team never to have got promoted was beginning to be a running discussion in local football circles but the most recent season - 2006-07 - was set to change that.

As we set ourselves for training in July '06, and with early numbers not looking encouraging, the season was set to be a replay of the frustrating years gone by. However, with the commitment of Ryan Baber early on, and with the re-introduction to the club of Dylan Burrows and James Stacey as the season commenced, combined with the return of Brett Wasden from injury, we began to look like a capable squad.

With Redruth's ever-youthful captain Phil Nicholls enjoying a great midfield partnership with Ryan Baber, and with Richard Ward joining us in October and who ended up top goalscorer, we put in our strongest-ever league start, and went through our fixtures with a 19 game unbeaten streak.

Whilst we clearly ran out of steam during the last couple of months, we finally got a deserved promotion with a nail-biting win over Camborne School of Mines on 1st May 2007 that finally secured a runners-up spot and a promotion into Division One.

On the 20th June 2007, Redruth United Reserves were born with election into Mining Div 3 and the following day, the newly-elected committee of myself (Darren Lewarne), Phil Nicholls (chairman) and Darin Thomas (Reserve Team Manager) sat down to plan out our forthcoming season....

Well, that is a brief summary of the team and its humble beginnings so far.......