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04-28-16 11:15 PM
Reading Babe Ruth
Jeff Pierce
Reading, Massachusetts


Upcoming Games
Date Event Time Location
Sat 4/30 Baseball 16 White Sox vs Angels 9:00 AM Morton Field
Sat 4/30 Baseball 17 Phillies vs Mariners 11:30 AM Morton Field
Sat 4/30 Baseball 18 Astros vs Marlins 2:30 PM Morton Field
Sat 4/30 Baseball 19 Athletics vs Royals 5:00 PM Morton Field
Sat 4/30 Baseball 20 Padres vs Pirates 5:00 PM Symonds
Sun 5/1 Baseball 21 Angels vs Royals 3:00 PM Symonds
Sun 5/1 Baseball 22 Padres vs Athletics 5:30 PM Symonds
Sun 5/1 Baseball 23 Pirates vs Astros 5:30 PM Washington Park
Tue 5/3 Baseball 24 Royals vs Mariners 5:45 PM Symonds
Tue 5/3 Baseball 25 Marlins vs Phillies 5:45 PM Washington Park
Wed 5/4 Baseball 26 Mariners vs White Sox 5:45 PM Symonds
Thu 5/5 Baseball 27 White Sox vs Pirates 5:45 PM Symonds
Thu 5/5 Baseball 28 Phillies vs Marlins 5:45 PM Washington Park
Recent Games
Date Event Time Location
Sat 4/23 Baseball Royals 7 Mariners 2 11:30 AM Morton Field
Sat 4/23 Baseball Marlins 13 White Sox 1 2:30 PM Morton Field
Sat 4/23 Baseball Athletics 15 Angels 6 5:00 PM Morton Field
Sat 4/23 Baseball Phillies 7 Pirates 6 5:00 PM Symonds
Sun 4/24 Baseball Marlins 7 Padres 3 3:00 PM Symonds
Sun 4/24 Baseball Royals 12 Pirates 2 3:00 PM Washington Park
Sun 4/24 Baseball Angels 12 Mariners 0 5:30 PM Symonds
Sun 4/24 Baseball Astros 12 Phillies 7 5:30 PM Washington Park
Tue 4/26 Baseball 11 Athletics vs White Sox-Postponed 5:45 PM Washington Park
Tue 4/26 Baseball 10 Phillies vs Padres-Postponed 5:45 PM Symonds
Wed 4/27 Baseball Astros 7 Angels 5 5:45 PM Washington Park
Thu 4/28 Baseball Mariners 12 Athletics 11 5:45 PM Washington Park
Thu 4/28 Baseball Marlins 11 Pirates 6 - Game under protest with the League 5:45 PM Symonds
Upcoming Events
Date Event Time Location
Sun 5/1 star Reading 16-18 Team Game v. Wilmington 12:00 PM Washington Park
Sun 5/1 star Reading 16-18 Team Game v. Wilmington 2:30 PM Washington Park
Thursday, April 21

Presidents Power Rankings (Pre-season version)

1. Royals- the defending champs are returning all but three players and have ten high schoolers on their roster of 14. Last year they surprised and were not the prohibitive favorite, this year how will they do as the favorite? The coaches and players take Spring Babe Ruth very seriously and they get points from me for that. The coaches often refer to their players by their uniform #'s even in the offseason and have been seen taking strolls around the lake discussing team strategy.  They are a few steps ahead of all others talent-wise entering April.

2. Astros- saying Chuck is due would be an understatement. His draft class two years ago was underrated at the time now looks to be brilliant (so you know it must have been luck). The strong 15 year old class gives Chuck what we call "deep depth". It's all about developing reliable arms and getting these players to buy in to "selling out" (a football term that Chuck has translated to baseball).

3. Angels- Roy downplays his team every year, saying things like "no pitching", "we are going to be terrible".  I don't know if it is a strategy (like Jack) or blissful ignorance. Bottom line is because of the "organization" his team is basically up by two runs before every game starts.  The Angels will never lose because they are underprepared but they can and have lost because they "over think".

4. Phillies- Jack's teams according to him prior to most seasons couldn't beat the Little Sisters of the Poor. His teams always either overachieve or with his stacked teams basically run the table. There is enough to work with and solid pitching that no one is going to want to draw the 8-time champs come playoff time.

5. Pirates/Padres- I like the Padres because they have been there before and have some good top-end talent. They will need to thread the needle this year after losing a strong graduating class including the leadership of "The Legend". The Pirates have struggled as a franchise since their 2012 dominant season leading to a championship. Will their veteran and talented roster translate to the field? They got a later start this Spring than all the other teams so I am going to be in the "show-me" mode with them for awhile.

Tough omission:  Marlins- sneaky good with pitching

National League- The senior circuit for most all of my tenure has been stronger then the AL but last year was an exception. The ship has been righted and all five teams could be worthy of a WS appearance in 2016. Nothing will surprise me once the playoffs start but I am going to go with the Astro's breaking down the door finally after knocking on it for years, as they best Chuck's nemesis (Jack) in the NL Final.

American League- Heads will roll on Howard St. if the defending champs mess this one up. Will see how much late help the Angels get from Southboro to totally rule them out. The Mariners will be much improved and have a shot at the AL Final if Matty Tighe goes out in the playoffs like his brother did when he was 15.  Enjoy any wins versus the A's this year as there won't be many the next two seasons and ditto for the White Sox or are in rebuilding mode. I like the Royals to go back with a chance to repeat like their brethren from 2010 did by edging out the Angels again in the AL Final.

World Series- Will be worthwhile just watching Chuck on this stage as he faces off against the man he has been in an "uneasy alliance" with for many years. In the end the Royals who have "been there, done that" will remain cool and focused and prevail providing they remain hungry. They will also become the first franchise to achieve two "back to backs" and their 5 titles will be creeping up on the Phillies 8.






Full Regular Season game schedule now posted on the RBRL Calendar


We have achieved our goal of $8000 for the Moscariello Ballpark scoreboard and park signing! Thank you to all of the RMHS alumni and baseball community contributors for your generosity. Anyone whom still would like to make a donation to upgrade the Moscariello Ball Park venue can do so by sending a check (made out to RBRL) to:  Jeff Pierce, 12 Pearl St. Reading, MA. Thank you!

We are good to go on the fields as of tonight 4/11 !!

All practices now displaying on RBRL Calendar page.


The 13 year old player draft is scheduled for Tuesday March 30th. Players will find out their new team by April 1st! 

Royals 2015 Story "From Worst to First" click here (see story in menu) 

Week Four awards announced! (Click Here) 

The Presidents Pre-Playoff Power Rankings:

1.       Angels (11-5)   Odds on World Series Champion favorites when they are on their game they are head and shoulders the best team in RBRL.  When they sleep-walk through a game like with Friday nights 9-0 pasting by the Marlins they are beatable. Long arduous season playing with Roy’s required intensity can wear his teams down but they appear refreshed for another post season run.  Past three seasons for Angels (AL Final loss-AL Final loss- WS loss) predicting this is the year they break down the gate. Roy’s pre-season refrain of “no pitching” was quickly rectified on draft day getting a top 13 year old arm and with Connor Ehl’s breakout season on the mound.

2.       Astros (11-5)  In a rebuild year Chuck has turned some magic with less hitting but strong pitching and defense. Least runs allowed in the league by an 18 run margin. Often on the mound it is Petrillo and Gibbs and pray for rain but the formula is working and everyone “does their job”, players one through thirteen. Solid favorite here to return to the World Series for first time since they took El Prez’s team (Athletics) down in 2005.

3.       White Sox (8-6-3) Strange season for a team that should have opponents crying “uncle”. Finally peaking and at the right time, have gone 5-0 since the Memorial Day weekend meltdown versus the Royals.  Only the Angels have more firepower in their batting order and I am predicting that the schizo Sox advance past the Royals.

4.       Royals (10-4-2) Can’t take their record away from them with the least losses in the league but finished the regular season (2-4) and sensed some swagger lost during the final two weeks of the season.  Algeri’s post game speech on Sunday had a tinge of sadness in it (yes the man has emotions) as he departed for a short getaway knowing he may not be there for his teams last game. Team needs to improve from Sunday’s sloppy effort to see their coach back in the saddle for AL Final. Team is one year away from championship form in my judgment.

5.       Padres (10-5-1) Padres threw away “literally” their chance at the #1 NL seed in their Saturday showdown with Astros. They still have enough to advance to the Spring Classic.  The fun loving Pad’s are going to have to get more focused if they are to beat the hot Marlins on Tuesday, will be curious if there is any hangover effect from the late game collapse on Saturday.

 Barely on the outside: Marlins (9-7) Jack Malley’s three year plan  “man or myth” we will find out this post season. Regardless the “king slayers” are making Jamie Lannister proud these past couple of weeks.

RBRL unveils Morton Dugout project plans and fundraising page please click for details




Rockets Sr. Babe Ruth


Lou Tompkins League
Suburban PONY League
Big Diamond Summer League

RLL Website

Baystate "Tournament of Champions



Webster's Phillies Sit on Top of the RBRL throne (again)

Week Six RBRL Recap and POTW Awards are now posted

Read Week Five Recap in the Reading Patch

Week Three Recap and Awards now posted (click)

Week Two Recap and Player of the Week in the Reading Patch (click) .

Week One Recap now posted on the Reading Patch

Reading Babe Ruth players have a big hand in State Hockey title victory:

Dateline March 16, 2014 at the TD Banknorth Garden, current Pirate player Matt Thomson scored the game winning goal with a slap shot from the left point on the power play which proved to the difference maker in the Rockets 4-1 victory over Braintree.

Prior to that Jake Barbera from the Mariners 2011 class put Reading on the board 1-0 with a nice feed from Mike Thomson his former Mariner teammate. The back breaking goal was scored by former Angel Sean Verrier with a highlight reel marker after a nice rush and pass from former Blue Jay Mike Seibold.

Thomson left no doubt with his empty netter in the last minute for the final 4-1 count.

Congratulations to the many RBRL current and former players that are members of the 2014 D1 State Champs.

2012 RBRL Players of the Week

2012 RBRL Weekly Roundups

Unveiled: Phillies 2011 Season Video

Please contact Jeff Pierce at 781-944-7552 or if you have any questions.

Reading Babe Ruth
Reading Babe Ruth

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