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This site is dedicated to all youth baseball & softball players and fans, and of course to Bedford's own Skilton All Stars: Connor 30U, Jen 27U, Mike 24U, Erik 16U, and Braden 9U.  RBI = Ron's Baseball Instruction.

Special Note: Erik Skilton is a competitive swimmer and runner and does not take to the baseball diamond. You can follow Erik (E-Man) on his "Surf & Turf" website at: SURF & TURF

We will post some action photos each season and we continue to work on building helpful links and fun clubhouse pages. Be sure to visit the HITTING CAMP page in the menu to the left for instruction on how to improve your hitting skills. For you Little League players and coaches, please also visit RBI Camp for a complete coaching and skills review of all areas of the game.

The menu will aslo take you to current and past Skilton teams.  Be sure to make a stop and take a look at the motivational pages and links at True Champions & Moments in Time.

Enjoy the site and please feel free to sign our guest book.

REMEMBER... "Winning is for a day, Sportsmanship is for a Lifetime"


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The Will to Prepare!

"The Will to Win is important, but the Will to Prepare is Vital"

All you high school ball players had not yet started grade school when this "Bunch of Nobodies" USA Olympic baseball team PREPARED and won the 2000 Olympic Gold medal in Sydney Australia.

I trust that all baseball fans everywhere, in every country, hope that the International Olympic Committee, one day soon, reinstates baseball as an Olympic sport. Baseball has stood the test of time in our country, so I have a feeling if the Olympic Committee brings our sport back; they will come.


GO USA! Click on the Photo to see how the USA team won GOLD. This is a 20 min. video taking you through the inspirational sotry of the team. View when you have time, it's worth the time to see this bit of baseball history.

You can also watch the entire game here by copying & pasting this link> https://www.youtube.com/watch_popup?v=ITRAxHSQtUs

Of course many may know the name Ben Sheets who pitched that gem of a game, a 4-0 shutout over Cuba in the Gold Medal game. However, many may not have heard much about Mike Neill, the USA left fielder who made a web gem catch for the final out for the Gold..., and who also hit a home run to get things going in the Gold Medal game v. Cuba. Mike was 30 years old in 2000 and at the end of his baseball career after winning a MLB AAA World Series the year before.


All you have to do is "DARE TO DREAM" and believe in your DREAM.  Click on the USA cap above to see the power a DREAM has.   "I can feel it in my bones boys, I can feel it in my bones!"


"This cannot be a team of common men, because common men go nowhere.  You have to be uncommon."
                                               Herb Brooks

< Click on the BHS Bulldog player (Mike Skilton # 24) photo to the left to understand why you must be uncommon... Oh yes, I do hope that you all know, by now, the answer to the quesion;     "Who Do You Play For?"


"Individually you can be good, but collectively you can be champions."

1980 USA Gold Medal Hockey Team

"Great Moments Are Born from Great Opportunity"

(Click on the above quote; this could be your great moment in time!)


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"You know, Willy Wonka (Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory) said it best: We are the makers of dreams, the dreamers of dreams, we should be dreaming. We grew up as kids having dreams, but now we're too sophisticated as adults, as a nation. We stopped dreaming. We should always have dreams...

I'm a dreamer."  Herb Brooks


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