Rancho Bernardo High School Girls Lacrosse: Welcome

Thursday, September 23
Home of the Lady Broncos! Go Big Blue!

 Coach Laura Fortney on this season, "My goal is always to be better than we were yesterday.  We want to reach a high level of play that will lead us to successful results.  This year's varsity team has the ability to make awesome things happen.  We have to do all the little things every day, be competitors, do our very best, and have heart and passion when we play.  If we can execute these things consistently as a unit, then winning will take care of itself."

Wednesday, June 8
Post-Season Accolades for Coach Fortney, Allison Proehl, Rachel Bokmeyer & Meghan Macaulay

Congratulations to CIF San Diego Section Coach of the Year, Laura Fortney, and All-CIF First team Midfielder, Allison Proehl.  Recognition that is both well deserved and hard earned.  Additional congratulations go out to 2nd team All-CIF selections, Rachel Bokmeyer and Meghan Macaulay. 

Monday, April 11
Player Stats updated on MaxPreps.com

You will typically find updated, individual and team statistics on the Rancho Bernardo Girls Lacrosse page at MaxPreps.com, within 48 hours of our contests.  Saves, Goals and Assists should be pretty accurate, less so for Groundballs, Draw Controls, and some of the other Stats.

Wednesday, March 9
Bang the Wall

Meet your new BFF...your lax stick! Go BANG THE WALL! 

 Rancho Bernardo Wallball

These are all activities you can do to improve your stick skills.  Find a wall, it can be the side of your house, in a gym, at a park…wherever you can throw the lacrosse ball and it will bounce back to you!
1) 50 Dominant Hand (regular catch and throw)
2) 50 Non-Dominant Hand (regular catch and throw)
3) 50 Switches (throw with right hand, catch with right hand, switch to left, throw
with left, catch with left, switch to right…)
4) 25 Weak side catches (with stick in dominant hand, throw the ball against the
wall, and then catch it on opposite side without switching hands)
5) 25 Fake high, pass low
6) 10 Dominant Hand Front Pull (when you catch the ball, push stick straight out in
front with only one hand on the bottom of the stick, then pull back into your
cradle, then throw against the wall)
7) 10 Non-Dominant Hand Front Pull (same)
8) 10 Dominant Hand Side Pull (when you catch the ball, pull stick with one hand on
the bottom of the stick to dominant side, then pull back inot your cradle, then
throw against the wall)
9) 10 Non-Dominant Hand Side Drop- Pull (same to non-dominant side)
10) 20 Quicksticks Dominant
11) 20 Quicksticks Non-dominant
12) 10 Over the shoulder catches dominant hand (throw the ball against the wall,
then turn around to catch the ball over your dominant hand shoulder)
13) 10 Over the shoulder catches non-dominant hand (throw the ball against the wall,
then turn around to catch the ball over your non-dominant shoulder)
*Can do over the shoulder catches while jogging…this to practice catching on the
move for a goalie clear for example*