Cardinals: Welcome


      Welcome to the 2007 Cardinals Rookie team website. This site is designed to keep players, parents, coaches and family members informed and up to date on our team and league. You will find information on game times and days, as well as any scheduled events and practices. Please check the message boards regularly for any announcements and/or updates. Use our message board to communicate with coaches, players, and parents.

Our team philosophy is use baseball as a tool to teach kids about life and to understand the concept of team work. When players understand and hold to the concept of teamwork, ordinary people can accomplish extordinary things. We will work HARD to ensure that each and every player gets the most enjoyable experience out of this season and leaves this season a better PERSON than they were at the start of the season. Our idea of a successful season is that every player not only has fun but is able to use the tools and experiences they encounter on the field to help make them a better person. Please communicate with your team and coaches and remember what Bob Lemon said, "Baseball is for kids, grown ups only screw it up" Let's all be kids at heart and keep in mind that they are the reason we are all here.

      Our team goal this year is to have the LOUDEST AND PROUDEST players and parents in the league. Show your support your by being as loud and proud as you can. Come to every game prepared to MAKE SOME NOISE and encourage your team. This is YOUR TEAM!!!