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Sunday, January 29
Rapid City Fury... 2012 SD United Futsal Tournament Champions

Rapid City Fury

... 2012 SD United Futsal Tournament Champions!!!




Saturday, January 28
Pierre (SD United update)

Fury... movin' on up!  This weekend the Fury, a U10 team played in the U12 division in the second annual SD United Futsal Tournament.  Game one was against a significantly larger team from Mitchell.  The Fury swarmed the Mitchell team and forced turnover after turnover.  The first half was a defenseve battle back and forth.  Half time score 2-1 Fury.  Secaond half began with a big boot from Mitchell to tie it up.  The boys didn't fold... instead their intense defense tightened up even more.  This was the boy's strongest defensive showing to date.  The entire team was amazing!  The boys controlled the ball a majority of the second due to their intense pressure.  Game 1 Final 8-2 Fury over Mitchell.  

Game two was against Pierre.  Pierre is always a good contender.  We came out slower and less  aggressive than in game one.  As the first half progressed we picked it up.  The Fury controlled possession and the scoreboard throughout.  Game 2 Final 6-1 Fury over Pierre.

Game 3 would be against a true U12 team from Minot.  Prior to the game, it was determined that based on the points, the Championship game to be played later in the day, would also be the Fury vs Minot.  It was agreed that this would be the Championship game, rather than playing the same game twice...

The Minot team was big.... much bigger then us, and they knew it.  Our strategy would be to play them like Mitchell, with a fierce defense.  Their strategy would be to try to use our smaller size against us.   Our constant pressure, hustle, and overall smart play was working.  Their strategy to force corner kicks with headers over us was stopped by great defense and amazing heads up play by our keeper!  The Fury led 1-0 before Minot was able to tie it up with a PK to end the first half.  Halftime 1-1.  Second half was much the same.  With the noisiest game we have ever played, the boys played an amazing second half.  We scored 2 more to take a 2 point lead. As the clock ticked down, Minot's attacks became quicker, and harder.  They managed to score another.  Score 3-2.  We had several opportunities to score as well, but just couldn't hit the back of the net.  The clock ticked to zero. Rapid City Fury U10 over Minot Flying Circus U12 in the Second Annual SD United Futsal tournament 3-2!!!

Thursday, January 19
Pierre Tournament Coming Up
The Fury travels to Pierre at the end of the month.  The boys will be playing up a division.  It should be a lot of fun.  We are hoping for some good solid matchups!

Thursday, January 19
Indoor Soccer Season is Underway
Winter 2012 Soccer Tournament in Underway.  The Fury so far has played in one tournament.... Spearfish.  We played 3 great games in the U10 bracket.  The U10 is a festival format, so no championship brackets.  We played game one against one of the Pierre teams.  The boys played solid soccer for their first indoor game of the tournment season.  We held Pierre off 5-1.  Game two was against Belle Fourche.  Again, the boys played solid soccer.  They moved the ball fairly well and maintained possession a mojority of the game.  We held off Belle Fourche 6-0.  Game three was against Spearfish.  This was a newly formed team.  We dominated possession in this game.  Half way through the first half we had established a 6-0 lead.  This would be a good opportunity to spread the field and practice our passing under pressure in a game situation.  The boys actually did this quite well.  The boys still want to score, so just about the time we get our passing and movement going, then someone drives and scores.  Which also proved a good point... get the defense spread out and chasing you and the middle opens up for opportunities.  We finished the game 11-0.  Overall it was a fun weekend for all.  Thanks again, Fury and parents for a fun soccer weekend!

Sunday, October 16
Rapid City Fury... RCYSL Soccerfest 2011 Champions!!!

Wow!  Enough said!  Ok not really.  The boys played awesome.  The Fury started the 2011 Soccerfest tournament against RSC Gold.  The boys really started the game playing well.  The boys maintained possession for a majority of the game and made some great passes and pushed continously at the goal.  It was truely a great way to start.  The final Fury 16 RSC Gold 6.  

Game 2 was against The Razor City Renagades of Gillette.  Gillette started out moving the ball very well.  It has been a while since the boys played a team that moved, passed and spread out so well.  Once the boys adjusted, we pretty much took over the game and maintained possession for a majority of the game.  We began to play more and more as a team.  We finished the game Fury 7 Renegades 0!  

Sunday mornining at 8:00 was a cool one.  I was so happy to see the boys show up one after another in a great mood and full of energy.  Nobody seemed to be struggling with the cold or the early game.  The game began and from that moment the Fury began the fierce attack.  One after another the Fury scored.  This was a great opportunity to focus on passing.  I set some limits on the minimum number of passes and limits on scoring to force the boys to try something new.  It worked.  They began to make some amazing passes, drops, and reverses.  The final Fury 13 RSC Black 4

Road to the Finals:  

We met RCYSL White in the semifinals.  This game picked up pretty much where the last one left off.  I felt that in our last game the boys passed well.  This game we mixed our normal attacking game with last games passing and had our best game EVER.  The boys moved the ball and played better that I have ever seen.  I was truely impressed.  Everyone played a solid role in our victory.  Fury 9... RCYSL White 0

Finals.... against our favorite competitor, the Explosion.  I always know that when the Fury meets the Explosion it will be an amazing game or a potential heart attack for me.  This was no exception.  The Fury struck first, and then the Explosion. Then the Fury...  The Explosion ruined the sequence and scored back to back goals.  The Fury answered with a successful PK. The Explosion scored again... but now it was the Furys turn to break the sequence.  The boys scored two goals and played some strong defense to hold off the Explosion.  Final: Fury 5  Explosion 4.

As always, the the goals are critical to winning a game or a tournament.  But for the Fury, the amazing job of our defenders and those that play the role of goal keeper is equally as impotant.  The defense played some awesome soccer and the Furys keepers were truely amazing this weekend.  I am so proud to be coaching such an amazing group of boys!

Congratulations:  RCYSL FURY 2011 Soccerfest Champions!!!   

Return soon fo some videos and photos. 

Monday, October 10
RCYSL Soccerfest 2011

The schedule for the weekend is up and ready.  The boys are pumped and ready to play.  The weather looks good... not too hot or too cold!  The fields are mowed, marked and look great.  Sounds like a great tournament weekend is coming! 

The RC FURY is ready...

...... are you?

Thursday, October 6
Wow, where has the season gone?

The fall season has been a blast!  The Fury has only one regular season game remaining, and one tournament.  Wow this went by faster than ever.  Since the last update we have played against another U9 team.  They were a good bunch of players, but were no match against the experience and skill of the Fury.  

The next game was against a U12 Rushmore Club Girls team (Oro).  We played strong, and had many opportunities to take this game.  We moved the ball fairly well, but the age difference and size seemed to intimidate several of the boys.  Many of them seemed to be afraid to go shoulder-to-shoulder with them.  Not sure if it was fear of getting girl germs or just getting to close.  It was great experience for the boys.  Even though we did not win, the boys really experienced a different level of play and did well against it.  

We now move on to the other two challenge teams.  Game one... the Coil.  We played really well against the Coil.  The boys moved the ball well and spread out well.  We came out with the win.  The next game... Explosion.  This was a battle from the beginning.  We took a 2-0 lead and seemed to have the momentum on our side.  The second half came around and we needed to continue to play smart.  Then a very questionable PK was called.  The Explosion scored and it seemed to empower them and deflate us.  We still continued to play strong, but made a few defensive errors that allowed them to score two more.  We had several chances to take it back, but couldn't capitalize.  It was a great game.

Our last two games of the season are against the Fire-Ice-Storm group.  The first game against the Storm was another great battle.  We exchanged goals throughout the entire game.  We moved the ball well and used space very well.  The second half though we seemed to raise our level of hustle.  That is what made the difference.  This was a great game for the players and the Fans (the coach loved it too).  Each game I am seeing different players develop new skills, making better decisions, and thinking away from the ball.  We are really developing as a team and developing our individual skills as well.   Go Fury!

Game two against the Fire wasn't exactly what we had hoped for.  The game started and we were moving the ball around very well.  We slowly saw our play slip a bit.  The first goal went in and then the second.  The boys still were playing ok, not great, but ok.  The first half ended, and we discussed better movement of the ball and away from the ball.  The second half began and we saw some good movement, and some great passes.  The Fire however just outplayed us on both ends of the field.  They scored numerous times before Kale finally took matters into his own hands and dribbled across the face of the goal and put one in the net!  It wasn't the seaon ender that I had hoped for, but it was good competition leading into the RCYSL Soccerfest tournament. 

Tuesday, September 13
Fall Season Week One here and gone!

What a way to start.  We knew that our first weekend would envolve working out a few bugs and getting our game faces back on.  Game one on Friday started just that way.  The Challenge U9 team came out and scored on us within minutes.  Wow, was that a wakeup call to the boys.  We started battling back.  We had a lot of turnovers, and still didn't play to our abilities, but once the boys started playing together, the scoring began.  We had a great season opener!

Game two, Saturday morning, was against Rushmore U9 boys.  We really came ready to play.  The boys took the field, and I could tell that they were ready.  The play looked great.  They moved the ball much better than the prior day, and the score at the end showed it.  Great first weekend of soccer... Go Fury!!! 

Monday, August 29
Gillette Fall Blast Update

  Wow what a great tournament.  Our 10 man roster consisting of 5 Fury players (Carter, Corrin, Liam V, Gabe, Zac M), 3 Explosion players (Ethan, Connor, Justin), and 2 Coil players (Blake, Taigen) played awesome.  

  Game one was at 8:00am against Lander, WY.  The boys played tough while we figured out the whole 8 v 8 thing.  Once we got going... the goals followed.  However Lander started firing too.  We squeezed by 4-3 in an exciting game.  

  Game two was in the afternoon heat against Gillette.  The boys just couldn't seem to get going.  At half it was 0-3.  Gillette was  playing well and we were just flat.  We came out the second half with some strong play.  We managed to hit the back of the net only once, but we also prevented Gillette from scoring at all in the second half.  This would prove to be important later in the tournament.

  Game three... Casper, WY.  Our second 8:00am game of the tournament.  We new that this would be a battle, as Casper always brings a solid group.  We were right, but the Fury was firing an all cylinders.  We out played them on both ends of the field.  The final was 5-2.  This also was an important game for us, as a berth into the finals would come down to point differential... and the 3 points here made the difference.

  Game four was against Green River, WY  This game turned out to be a perfect game to really focus on positional play and understanding roles.  Green River did a great job forcing us offsides.  We lost out on many goals due to offsides, and not because of cherry picking... but because Green River really knew how to push up on defense at the right times.   However, when we took them one on one, they were no match for our speed and footskills.  The boys really played awesome and moved the ball extremely well.  We ended up winning this game 10-1.   

   The Final:  We made it into the finals on a 3-way tie with Gillette and Lander.  We were officially the first to qualify on point differential, and Gillette followed on fewer goals allowed than Lander.  This is where the point margin from the Casper game came in to save us.  The 3 point differential in that game is what gave us a one point edge.  We now moved on to play Gillette again!  Just the way we wanted it, because we had something to prove.  This time we came ready to play.  As, I told the boys, if we play this game the way we played the second half during our first meeting, then we would win.  The boys did just that.  They played tough, working the ball from one end of the field to the other very well.  We prevented them from taking too many shots on goal, and the ones that did get through the defenders were handled by our keeper.  We, however had many good shots on goal, but could only capitalize on one.  Well that one was enough.  Fury 1 - Gillette 0.  

Rapid City Fury the 2011 Gillete Fall Blast U10 Boys Competitive Champions!!!


Wednesday, August 17
Gillette Anyone???

Five members of the Fury squad joined by 3 members of the Explosion, and 2 from the Coil travel to Gillette, WY this weekend to play our first games of the season.  Not only are these our first games, but these will be our first ever 8v8 games!  This should be a fun tournament to play and watch.  Our 10 man roster plays against teams from Gillette, Casper, Green River, and Lander....  We love the idea of playing new teams, and look forward to a great challenge, as Wyoming teams always seem to provide.  GO FURY!!!

Wednesday, August 17
Fall Update
The fall Schedule is out.  Please look either at the "calendar of events" for our complete list of events, or at the "schedules" tab for just our game schedule.  Please note all games played at the polo fields are 6 V 6.  The weeknight games played there are at 5:30pm.  All games played at the Omaha fields are 8 V 8.  We are "playing up".  These weeknight games are at 6:00pm.  We will be "guest playing" a couple a players to give us more subs in these games.  

Wednesday, August 10
Fall Season is Here!!!

Here comes the FURY!!!

The fall season in under way.  We are ready for another great season.  We lost a couple of players and picked up a couple more.   I would like to welcome our two new players Corrin and Aaron.  They will be great additions to our team.  I would also like to say goodbye to Max and Cody.  You guys will be missed... best of luck in all that you do and don't be strangers.

 The season scheduling meeting is coming up, so we will have that information to parents soon.  We also will be having our U10 challenge pre-season picnic.  I look forward to some fun!

Tuesday, July 12
Fury 3V3

The Fury was back in action this past weekend.  We had 5 players from the Fury plus five additional pickup players that participated in the Just Kickin' It 3v3 tournament.  "Fury White" was made up of Logan, Liam, Zach W, Levi and Jory.   "Fury Black" was made up of Kale, Carter, Zac M, Dawson and Ethan.  What a blast.  The two teams were in seperate pools, and I was hopeful to see White vs Black for the champioship. 


Game 1 vs Got Milk (a U10 challenge group)  The boys came out and were still just figuring out the game.  This was a strong competitor and they came out ready to play. The Fury came up a little short 4-2  

Game 2 vs Stingers (a U9 rec grou)  The boys looked like they had mastered the game.   Final Score 7-0

Game 3 vs Barbers of Belle Fourche ( a U10 group)  We had this game by time of possession and overall play.  The boys played awesome, but in the end just barely missed out of moving on to the semifinals due to a tie.  3-3 


Game 1 vs Triple Threat (u9 challenge rec mix) The boys came out a bit slow, but turned it on to finish strong 6-3

Game 2 vs Flamin French Fries (u9 rec team) The boys couldnt quite get it together this game.  They moved the ball well but couldnt hit the back of the net. 3-3

Game 3 vs Triple Threat  We played well in the first half.  We were up 4-1.  Within 2 minutes of the second half we were tied 4-4.  We had a breakaway goal that should have givin us the win... however a slide tackle from behind gave us an unsuccessful direct kick.  5-5

Game 4 vs Flamin French Fries ( u9 rec team) We played well in this one from start to finish. The boys moved the ball well and hit on goal after goal. 8-1 


Semi Final vs Got Milk (u10 challenge team)  This was a great battle from start to finish.  They are a strong group of kids.  They moved the ball extremely well... and so did we.  We went goal for goal and ended up on top.  We finished 4-3.... off to the finals!!!

Final vs Triple Threat With one win and one tie vs this team we knew that we needed to be ready.   They came out strong... We traded goals for a while... Then we turned it on.  It was a great game against a very aggressive team.  8-6

Congratulations to both Fury teams.

RC Fury White: for a great tournament.  I truely believe that this team also belonged in the finals.  They were a great group of boys and soccer players.  Once they found their comfort zone, they played awesome!

RC Fury Black:  2010 3v3 Champions! They played great!

With this win the Fury Black can advance to the regional in Vale, CO. 

Thank you Fury players and parents, as well as the players and parents of our guest players for a great tournament! 

Thursday, June 9
Is Sioux Falls Ready for the FURY???

Six of the 9 Fury players plus 3 guest players make their way to Sioux Falls for the Dakota Alliance Soccer Tournament.  We look forward to taking the boys to a new experience.  We will be playing 2 teams from Sioux Falls and one from Northern Iowa.  


The Fury rocked the U9 division in Sioux Falls.  Saturday started out as a perfect day for soccer.  The boys played an awesome first game against Dakota Alliance (Sioux Falls). They played well at both ends of the field.  It began to look a bit like the Sturgis tournament.  Game two against Northern Iowa was different.  We came ready to play... and so did they.  We got on the board first, but before half they scored a couple, took the lead, and the momentum.  We made a few minor adjustments to our play, but really focused the half time talk on getting "fired up" and how that little extra effort can make all of the difference.  Well that extra effort came out right away.   We began scoring... several within the first few minutes.  The extra effort was there and the fire continued throughout the game. Game 3 was against the other U9 Dakota Alliance team.  This team was faster than their first team.  They gave us a solid challenge... but when we turned it on... we put it out of reach.  3-0 IN SIOUX FALLS!!!  Thanks Fury players and Fury parents for a great weekend. Extra thanks also to our guest players and their families!

Thursday, May 19
RCYSL Champions Cup
We had a great tournament.  Game 1 was against the Rushmore U10 team.  They are always a good matchup.  We came out looking strong.  The kids were playing well.  The second half came and the boys softened up some and Rushmore took full advantage of it.  They scored many unanswered points.  We could, and should have won this game.  Game 2 was against another tough opponent.... the Explosion.  We played them during the regular season and tied.  We wanted this win... we came out looking like it was our day.  We took an early lead... and let it slip away.  Some of the boys acted beaten... and some didn't.... and that was the difference.  We scored with only seconds on the clock to tie the game... saved only by those who continued to fight!  Game 3 was against the Coil in the heavy rain.  It was miserable for soccer.  Cold and wet.  Once the boys got warmed up and started scoring you would have thought it was 70 and sunny.  They played very well and we came out with a win.  Our game 4 didn't count for tournament points.  This game was against the U10 Gillette Razor City Rascals.  We matched up well at the beginning, but much like the Rushmore game, we allowed them room and the took it and ran.  This should have been a closer game than it was.  We ended up with a loss in this one... the experience was good, but the beating was painful for the boys.  At the end of the tournament, we missed the finals by essentially one goal.  If we would have stopped one more goal, or scored one more against the Explosion, we would have played in the championships against Gillette, instead of Rushmore.  It was a great coaching point to pass on to the kids that no matter what.... don't give up!!!  Unfortunately we have played far to many games where we had to let up on the opponent to be good sports. 

Wednesday, May 18
3 more games to report
With three more games behind us, the boys are getting experience against all sorts of play types.  In the first of three games the Fury played the Dynomite White.  The Dynomite played well.  However, the Fury came ready to play.  The boys moved the ball well.  We really seemed to be clicking.  Games 2 and 3 would be our tests for the season.  Game two was against the Fire.  We started out slow... almost as if we were caught off guard by how well they moved the ball.  They were by far the strongest team that we have encountered this season.  As the game progressed, the Fury seemed to get more comfortable with the new level of competition.  We started to play at their level.  The second half was more of the same.  We scored several goals, however the point spread was just too much to overcome.  The Fury suffered our first loss.  The third game was against the Ice... The other half of the Fire/Ice group.  This team seemed to be pretty much an equal to the Fire.  This game however the Fury scored first... and we pretty much traded goal for goal until right before halftime.  The Ice score two in a row to close out the half.  The second half continued like the first half ended.  We just couldn't quite get into our groove.  The boys hustled, but the Ice did a great job of moving away from the ball to find space, and then distributing the ball to that open player.  Both the Fire and Ice have a year on us...  At this age that is a big difference.  I look forward to seeing the Fury playing at their level next year... and we are almost there already! 

Friday, May 6
Karen Mailloux Memorial Mother's Day Festival Here We Come!!!

The Fury is headed to Sturgis for the Karen Mailloux Memorial Mother's Day Festival.  Look for updates on a busy soccer weekend soon!


Wow, what a tournament.  The weather was overall pretty good.  The sun shined on and off throughout the day, and the wind blew on and off as well.  The one thing that didn't seem to switch on and off was the boys level of play.  We had an excellent tournament.  The boys played hard start to finish... even though you could tell that by the end of the day they were all exhausted.  Game one set the pace... once the boys got settled the goals started coming and the quality of play grew.  We had a small break, and stuffed them full of food to keep their energy level up.  As we moved into game two, I think we were all a bit afraid that we stuffed them too much and they would play sluggish.  That was not the case... they came out and played a strong game.  The teamwork and play quality just kept going throughout the game.  So much in fact, that everyone of the 9 boys scored!!!  Game three, was right after game two.  The boys moved fields and picked up right where game two ended.  The competition was stronger for this game and they moved the ball better than our previous competition, but our teamwork and hustle was just too much for them.  After game three, we had a pretty lengthy break.  So again, we fed the boys and tried to get them some rest.  We succeeded with the feeding part, but I think the boys just had too much energy and excitement... so we kind of failed the rest part.  Anyway, game four was against the Wolff Pack.  They were probably our strongest competition of the day.  The hustled and played physical, but in the end the FURY came out with the win.  What a great day of soccer... 4-0 for the day!!!

Friday, May 6
The season continues...
Two more games... We played the Amity on an extremely windy Saturday.  The weather was cold and the wind was blowing.  The boys came ready to play and walked away with a win.  Our next game was against the Dynomite Black.  The Dynomite is a girls team that is a year older than us.  We have played different parts of the Dynomite team in the past.  We were not too sure what to expect.  We played aggressive and moved the ball well.  Again, we came out with a solid win.  We look forward to the temps warming up soon.  Spring here is often unpredictable, but this year has been predictably cold, wet, or windy... or all 3.

Wednesday, April 20
2011 Outdoor Season

With game three under our belt, we are definitely off to a great season.  The first game of a two game weekend was against the U9 Amity.  The game started slow, but then things started to come together.  We really played well as a team.  We came out with a solid win on this one.  As expected Saturdays game would be a challenging one.  The game was against the Explosion... another U9 Challenge team.  The explosion came ready... but so did we.  It was truly a back and forth battle.  Both teams had several chances to secure a win, but in the end the score was 2-2.  Both teams played great.  We passed the ball very well.  The boys are coming along very well!!!  They are playing each game with more confidence and less instruction than ever.  Click the link for a quick slideshow.  



Wednesday, April 13
Spring Season has begun!!!
Game number 1 is here and gone!  Wow, what a beginning.  We played great for our first game.  It felt like we picked up right where the fall season left off.  The boys really hustled and played well.  I am really looking forward to the new season.  Since the winter indoor season, we lost one player and gained one too!  It was a good pickup for the Fury as I think he will fit in well with the rest of the boys.  He is a very coachable young man... much like the rest of the Fury!  

300 Violin

Wednesday, April 20
Slideshow of 2011 Indoor Winter Season

We finished the indoor season with a record of 7-5-1.  This is a great record for our first tournament season as a U9 team in a U9/U10 division.  We just keep working hard and getting better!!!  Click the link to watch a quick slideshow of the season.




Thursday, March 10
Rushmore Presidents Cup
This past weekend, the Fury played in the RSC Presidents Cup.  It was as another exciting indoor tournament.  Our first game was against the RSC boys.  We have battled with them numerous times this season.  This was an exciting game.  We were up 1-0 at half.  In the second half we came out playing equally as well.  We definitely led in time of possession and shots on goal, but our defense was caught off guard, and two of their shots slipped by.  We ended up falling in this game.  Our second game was against Gillette.  We were down 2-0 a minute before half time.  We caught up 2-2 in that minute, and continued that momentum into the second half.   We ended up winning with a sizeable margin.  Our final game of the tournament was against the Reccos of Scottsbluff, NE.  This was a new team for us.  My first impression was WOW.  They really had some big kids on the team.  They also did some things much differently than what we have seen.  The first half was not pretty.  The second half we slowed their attack quite a bit and also showed many signs of a strong counter-attack... but not nearly enough to come back.  In my opinion the tournament was a great way to end the indoor season.  We were able to see and feel the emotions from 3 very different games.  (1.) A physical close battle, (2.) A hard fought but easier win, and (3.) An unsuccessful big brother-like beating.  Kids need to be able to to deal with all of these emotions, and I feel they did it well!  We finished the indoor season with a record of 7-5-1.  This is a great record for our first tournament season as a U9 team in a U9/U10 division.  Thanks Fury and Fury Parents for a great indoor tournament season!!!

Friday, February 4
Spearfish Indoor Classic


WOW!!!  Another amazing tournament for the Fury.  We started the Spearfish Indoor Classic tournament against Belle Fourche.  This wasn't an easy game.  The boys battled from start to finish.  Both teams had a hard time hitting the back of the net.  Based on time of possession we performed very well, but we were just unable to capitalize.  If the score was directly related to possession time we really handled them well, but it is not.  We need to score to win.  The Fury squeaked by on this one.  The second game was against Rushmore.  We have met up with them many times.  Each time we seem to improve but we usually trail by several goals at the end.  This time was different though.  Much like our first game against Belle, the score was low.  Our time of possession, ball movement, dribbling, and overall decision making was on.    This was an absolute victory for the Fury.  The score at the end showed a tie, but we played so well.  Game # 3 was against a team that we have performed well against with every meeting, Gillette.  We tried some new positions with the boys, and even focused more on our passing... almost looking to play more of a keep away type game.  It was a good game for us, and a much better game for our competitor than past games.  We came out of this tournament with 2 Wins, 0 Losses, and 1 Tie!!!  Our best performance ever!  Great Job Fury.


The Fury is back in action again this weekend in Spearfish at the Indoor Classic tournament! 

Tuesday, January 18
RSC Winter Classic Coming soon...


We had a great tournament in Rapid City.  We really had some kids that played probably their best tournament ever.  It was great to see.  We worked on some new things in practice leading up to the tournament, and the kids executed.  We started the tournament playing a U10 RSC squad.  It was a close game throughout.  The kids played great but in the end fell to RSC.  Our second game was against a team from Belle Fourche.  Again, we played very well, and executed our offense very well.   We walked out with a great win.  Game three was against the first of two Gillette teams.  We handled the first team quite easily, but the second team, the stronger of the two, managed to outrun the Fury.  We suffered our second loss of the tournament.  So we finished 2-2, but we made huge progress in so many areas.  I look forward to seeing our team continue this path of development and personal growth!!!

Thursday, January 6
Spearfish Holiday Classic

 The day is fast approaching.  After a long wait, the Fury finally gets the opportunity to play in an indoor tournament.  The boys are traveling to Spearfish to play the Spearfish Holiday Classic!  We play Belle Fourche, Pierre, and Gillette.  Watch for updates on their play.


For the last two years, the Holiday classic was hit with bad weather.  The tournament went on.  The Fury started the weekend with the first game on Saturday morning (7:20) against Belle Fourche.  We played well for our first indoor game as a team.  We won the game with a PK in the last few minutes.  The second game we were tied at half, but our inexperience on the court showed in the second half as the team seemed to forget how to play as a team.  We allowed Pierre to pull ahead in the second half and suffered our first loss.  Game number three again was the first game of the day...7:20.  The first half we really started to put things together, but struggled to get the ball into the net.  We were up by one at half.... but the second half we really put it all together.  We scored one after another to shut out the Gillette edge.  This was a fun way to end the tournament.  I would have loved to have another game or two... as the boys were really starting to click!!!  


Monday, October 18
Soccerfest 2010

What a great tournament!  The boys played great!  We ended up with a record of 2-2.  It easily could have been 3-1 or even 4-0.  Our first game was against a U10 boys rec team... the Lightning.  It was a close game for most of the first half, until we pulled ahead by a couple.  During the second half our defense softened just a bit and they took advantage of it.  Record 0-1.  Game two was against the Coil.  The whole first half was an even matchup.  In the second half, the Fury started playing more as a team and began to pass much more effectively.  We finished the game very well.  Record 1-1.  The third game was a physical battle against the Rattlers.  We struggled getting the ball into the back of the net while we adjusted to the physical play.  In the second half we were getting used to the physical play and the scores started coming.  Record 2-1.  Our final game was another physical one.  We played the Explosion.... a team that we really struggled with earlier this season.  We played this one close the whole first half.  The second half was played well also, but the final score was not in our favor.  I am very proud how the boys rose up and really challenged the Explosion this go around. Final Record 2-2. They are really improving and I cant wait for the next season!  Click below to view some photos of the tournament.

Saturday, October 9
Here are some video clip highlights!

We had our last game of the season.  We played the Rushmore girls U10 team.  We came out looking a little flat.  That didn't last long.  Our boys turned things around before half time and took the lead.  The second half was more of the same to give us a solid victory.  Great Job Fury on a great season.  Soccerfest 2010 is coming soon!!!

Awesome Save   -2010 SDSSA Save of the Year-  WOW!!!

Another Great Save! 

Cross and Goal! 

Fast play from Keeper to striker for a goal! 

Another Cross and Goal 

Dribble in for a Quick Goal

Another Dribble for a Goal 

Header to an Assist and Goal

Nice Keeper Save

Keeper Steals the Opportunity

More videos to follow after I have had a chance to get through all of the videos!!!

Tuesday, October 5
Season Update
Two more games under our belt.  These two were both very well played.  Our boys took some of things that we have been working on in practice, and really showed some great team play.  They are starting to develop a better understanding of positions, responsibilities,  and maintaining width.  The first of the two games was against the Coil... one of the other U9 boys teams.  We really played as a team and came out with a win.  We took our confidence and solid game play to our next game against the Fire a U10 boys team.  The were tough competition, but we hung with them pretty well.  Several of the kids really stepped up their play.  It was awesome!  More importantly we kept our heads up and played smart.  At the end, the score showed a win for the Fire, but I see this game as a real victory for the Fury as well.

Wednesday, September 22
Season Update
The Fury has 5 games under our belt.  We have a record of 3-2-0 .  We played the dynomite 2 team and played a fairly solid game.  The boys came ready to play, took an early lead, and held on strong throughout.  Yesterday we played the Explosion (one of the other U9 boys teams).  This was our first weeknight game this season, and was our most physical game thus far... We really had a mixed bag of play by our players.  They played us strong and caused both our offense and defense to fall apart. We will regroup and use this as a learning experience.

Wednesday, September 15
Season Update
We are having a great season so far.  With three games under our belt, we are 2-1-0.  Our first two games were lessons about sportsmanship for our boys.  I am very proud of all of them for the way they played.  Our third game... which was our first loss occurred to an older boys team.   We definately held our own against them and even learned a few things as well.  I look forward to watching the kids grow as they get better with each and every touch of the soccer ball. 

Wednesday, August 25
The Fall 2010 Season has begun!
Congratulations to the children chosen to play on any one of the RCYSL Challenge teams.  The season has begun and one academy-style training is under our belt.  It looks like it is going to be a great season!