Rapid City Fury: Links & Video Sites

Landon Donovan's Wild Kick

US World Cup Goal vs Algeria
Landon Donovan's winning goal vs Algeria. Shot felt around the world. Great reason to always follow a shot!!!

Footwork Video
Awesome Footwork video

Awesome plays by Messi
The Legend of Lionel Messi

Ronaldinho Compilation
Amazing Footwork on and off the field!

Field Markings
Good explanation of the field lines and markings

Offside Law Explained
A good explanation of the Offside Law

Rapid City Youth Soccer League

MLS Soccer
Major League Soccer

US Soccer
US Soccer

US Youth Soccer
US Youth Sccer

World Cup Soccer
World Cup Soccer FIFA

UEFA Champions League
UEFA Champions League

Barclays Premier League
Barclays Premier League

Chelsea FC
Chelsea FC