THS Questions Addressed  

Several of Rampage's tournaments are run through the Tournament Housing Service (THS). These tourneys provide hotel choices at set rates, and impose Stay to Play requirements in which each team must book a minimum number of rooms in order to qualify to play. While it would be nice to have more say over our travel choices, THS does provide some benefits, especially in the Atlanta and Denver tournaments. Click here for a link to a THS newsletter that addresses many of the most common questions.

Good Luck, Rampage Coaches

We wish the best of luck to this year's Rampage Coaching Staff. Thanks for the time you put in and the effort you give to make our girls stronger players and better human beings!

 11 Regional
 Head Coach Emily McCall, Asst. Coach Mike McCall
 12 State
 Head Coach Allison Riley
 13 Regional
 Head Coach Nancy Hopper
 13 Travel
 Head Coach Heather Martin
 14 Travel
 Head Coach Bianca Maikranz
 15 Elite  Head Coach Nancy Hopper
 15 Travel
 Head Coach Christy Quigley
 15 State
 Head Coach Olha Morekhodova
 16 State
 Head Coach Rachel Holloway
 16 Travel  Head Coach Andrea Rasmussen
 17 Elite  Head Coach Sarah Eckert
 18 Travel
 Head Coach Mike McCall, Asst. Coach Emily McCall




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2014 Team Classifications
Elite Teams

Designed for the athlete committed to playing volleyball in college and willing to make sacrifices for her progress, her team, and her sport.  These teams may travel out of state and take on the best competition.  These players have the athleticism and skill to match up against the very best prospects.  Playing time will be competitive and will not be equitable.

Travel Teams

Designed for the athlete who is also serious about her volleyball and who is working hard to open doors to playing in college.  She also makes sacrifices for her progress, her team, and her sport.  She may be looking at a wider array of colleges that may not require elite level athletic ability, skills, or physical gifts.

State Teams

Designed for the athlete seeking experience and development of her fundamentals.  She is very serious about competing in high school and may be open to playing in college.  This level is appropriate for multi-sport athletes who are unable to commit to a more rigorous practice and travel schedule or who is unable or unwilling to commit to a large financial commitment.

Regional Teams

Designed for the young athlete seeking development of her fundamental skills. She is a novice or beginning player and new to the club experience. These teams would travel to one-day and two-day AAU tournaments only.


Fee Schedule/Payment Plan

Try-Out Fee:  $25.00 payable online or at registration for try-outs, payable to Rampage Juniors.

 Due Date  Elite  Travel  State  Regional
 Dec. 6, 2013  $475  $400  $350  $200
 Jan. 10, 2014  $475  $400  $350  $250
 Feb. 10, 2014  $475  $400  $350  $250
 March 10, 2014  $475  $400  $350  $250
 TOTAL  $1,900  $1,600  $1,400  $950


Sponsorship donations will be credited 100% to the individual player’s tuition.
Sponsorship letters are available on our website.


QUESTIONS? Contact Co-Director Nancy Hopper at 772-519-6747 or Co-Director Mike McCall and Administrator Bonnie McCall at 772-713-8011. Or email the club's website at  rampagejrs@gmail.com