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2 p.m., SUN., Nov. 2
John Carroll High School gym

-- Players AND Parents need to attend.
-- Before coming, you must print 2015 Rampage Team Forms under Handouts and READ and SIGN all forms. These contain important information about your daughter's safety as well as guidelines for ensuring a successful and satisfying club volleyball season
-- Once forms are submitted and first payment is provided, players will be able to try on uniforms for proper sizing, then meet their new coach and teammates!

Team Orientation Checklist:
(all forms included in 2015 Rampage Team Forms under Handouts) 

1) Photo release. Must be signed by parent/guardian. 

2) Parents Code of Ethics. Must be signed by parent/guardian.

3) Code of Conduct (for athletes). Must be signed by both athlete and parent/guardian.

4) Playing Time Guidelines. Must be signed by both athlete and parent/guardian. 

5) Club Participation Agreement. Must be signed by both athlete and parent/guardian.

6) FIRST PAYMENT IS DUE. Please pay online under Player Account or bring check made out to Rampage Juniors Volleyball. The amount of your payment will be determined by your team classification (National=$375 vs. Travel=$350), or will otherwise be communicated to you. See payment schedule under Rampage News on web site at rampagejuniors.com. Contact Bonnie McCall or email rampagejrs@gmail.com if you have any questions.

Payments not received by the due dates will result in $50 late fee for every week late, unless prior arrangements have been made with Bonnie McCall at least one week in advance of the fee due date. After 3 weeks late, the athlete will be suspended until all fees and penalties are paid in full. 

More Information under Handouts

-- Rampage Handbook and Powerpoint, providing everything you need to know about Rampage Juniors Volleyball.
-- Sponsorship forms so that your daughter can receive full credit while donors receive a tax-free donation.


Coming Up:

SKILLS TRAINING CAMP -- Dec. 20-21 -- Information on cost and times TBA  


  Contact Co-Director Nancy Hopper at 772-519-6747 or Co-Director Mike McCall and Administrator Bonnie McCall at 772-713-8011. Or email the club's website at  rampagejrs@gmail.com


    The Rampage Juniors Philosophy 

1.    The BEST coaching –  Provide coaches with College and State high school experience.  

2.    The BEST tournaments – Provide the best competition in Florida and at National qualifiers.

3.    The BEST value – Provide the best value for your money.

We are a club member of the Florida Region of USA Volleyball. As a player you might stop any unwanted contact from a club representative simply by asking (either verbally or in writing) that all contact cease. Any player believing a club representative of any Florida Region Volleyball Club has been intimidating, harassing or acted inappropriately in any matter of contact or recruiting should contact the Florida Region office at (352) 742 0080