Rampage: Welcome

Welcome to the all-new Rampage website! Take a look around, it is still under construction, but will hopefully prove to be helpful to both athletes and parents.

Throughout the season, the coaches will be teaching the rules of softball in an effort not to overwhelm the girls. The skill level and attention span of the team will be gauged before running the players through a host of drills. The coaches will teach different concepts in separate sessions instead of doing it all at once.

During the first few weeks, the girls will walk through the different positions then, play the positions to solidify the ideas.

All coaches have playing experience, and/or spend time researching the game and coaching. One goal is to have structured practices and teach the rules in an appropriate way, all while keeping the atmosphere flexible. All players should remain attentive and engaged at all times, even if the drill is “lame”.

Each practice will begin with a warm-up. This will make the girls less prone to injury and will promote a good habit for them before games. Stretching and small throwing drills should warm up players effectively.

Please remember to have patience with the coaches, as they are making their best effort to have patience with the players.

Have FUN! FUN is the first three letters in “fundamentals”!

Each player will continuously be evaluated upon their skill, ethics, and mental abilities. To promote a competitive atmosphere within the team, incentives may come into play.

-Coach Chafin