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Last updated
09-10-18 10:02 PM
Rambler Park Fastball Association
Stephen Kwasnicki - President
Fax: 306-924-1251
Regina, Canada

Constitution Logo

1. Name
The Association will be known as the Rambler Park Softball Association. For the purpose of this Constitution and By-Laws, it will be referred to as the Association.

2. Objective
The objective of the Association will be to foster, improve and perpetuate men's softball in the city of Regina and surrounding area.

3. Team Membership
Application for team membership will be received by the League Committee prior to any current season. Acceptance will be decided by the Committee and will be confirmed at the March meeting. All new acceptance teams will be placed on probationary period decided by the Committee.

4. Fees
(a)    Affiliation fees ($100.00) are required from every team upon entry into the Association. A performance bond ($50.00) is also required from every team upon entry into the Association. The performance bond will be returned to the team when it leaves the Association provided it is still in good standing with the Association.

(b)    League fees are required from each team in amounts set out by League Committee prior to the start of each season. Payment of $100.00 as deposit is due by the March meeting. League fees related to operating expenses must be paid as a minimum 50% by the April meeting and the remainder by May 1st. (2007)

5. League Committee
The League Committee will consist of no more than two (2) representatives from each team, for the first three and the last meeting of the year with all remaining meetings being conducted by the appointed League Executive.

6. League Executive
The League Executive will be elected for a one (1) year term, with no more than two (2) officers from the same team. The League Executive will consist of a President, Immediate Past President, Treasurer, Secretary, Statistician and a minimum of two (2) elected committee members (Members at Large).

For the 2009 season, the League will operate without a president and a rotation of Executive Members will chair the League Meetings. (2009)   

7. League Umpire-In-Chief
(a)    The League Umpire-In-Chief will be appointed by the League Committee. The functions of the Umpire-In-Chief will be in accordance with Softball Saskatchewan. The Umpire-In-Chief will act as liaison between Softball Saskatchewan and the Rambler Park Softball Association.

(b)    The Umpire-In-Chief will act as chairman for the protest committee which will settle disputes regarding interpretation of the League playing rules, and also those of Softball Saskatchewan and the Canadian Amateur Softball Association. The Umpire-In-Chief and the Committee members will not be responsible to preside over matters that have been submitted for appeal. Procedures governing appeals are covered under section 21 of this Constitution. The Umpire-In-Chief will select two other umpires to sit on the committee with him. Protests will be handled in the manner set out under Section 20 of this constitution. The League President will act as advisor on constitutional interpretation for the protest committee and will not have a vote. (99)

A posting on the League Website and an e-mail to Team Representives advising of the meeting date and time will serve as appropriate notice. (07)

8. League Meetings
(a)    League Committee meetings will be held on a monthly basis on the 1st Wednesday of February, March, April and either October or November to conclude the year's business.

(b)    At the first three, and the last meeting of the year, two-thirds (2/3) of the League Committee will form a quorum. Notices calling a League meeting will be sent out at least five (5) days before hand.

(c)    A Member of the Executive will notify the members of the calling of meetings of the League Executive or League Committee. (2007)

(d)    A special meeting will be called if requested by half (1/2) or more of the total teams in the Association.

(e)    All matters will be decided on by majority vote. A secret ballot will be used when requested by any team.

(f)    The Secretary will report the minutes of the meeting of the Association, as well as be responsible for all League correspondence. The Treasurer will be in charge of collecting, depositing, and recording the funds of the Association.

(g)    During the course of the year, the League Executive will carry out the normal operation of the League's business. It is felt that the Executive can operate the weekly running of the League without having to bring the entire League Committee together other than on the dates set out in Section 8 (a) and (d).

9. Signing Officers
The signature of two executive members, one of whom must be the Treasurer, must appear on all cheques. Three members of the Executive will be designated as having joint signing authority at the bank.

10. Playing Rules
The playing rules will be those adopted by Softball Sasktachewan, with amendments approved by the League Committee.

11. Amendments to the Constitution
Amendments to this Constitution shall not be made more than once per year and shall be submitted and voted upon no later than April 15 of the current year. Proposals to amend the Constitution or to change the current Playing Rules may be made in writing and presented to the League Executive at any time, but these proposals will only be brought to a vote of the membership prior to the start of the current year's season. In order to vote on an amendment to the Constitution or on a change to the Playing Rules a team must be a member in good standing with all current fees and all outstanding fines being paid in full. (99)

12. Penalties for missed meetings/work day etc.
(a)    Fines will be imposed on those teams not having representation at the first three and the last meeting of the year. This fine will be imposed after the fifteen (15) minute grace period is violated. 1st meeting $50.00, 2nd meeting $75.00, subsequent meetings $100.00. Teams not present for three meetings will be under review and may face possible expulsion from the League. (99)

(b)    A fine of $200.00 will be imposed upon any team that does not have at least 1 (one) player present at a work day as required. (2000)

(c)    If any outstanding payments have not been paid by March 15, the team will forfeit its league position in the tier structure and will have to re-apply to the Association in order to participate in the upcoming season.

13. Registration of Players
Each team will register a maximum of seventeen (17) players and may register an additional three (3) non-playing coaches.

(a)    Prior to all games, each manager or coach will fill out a lineup card listing the surname, first name, sweater number and position of all players who are present at the bench. The lineup card is to be exchanged with the opposing manager or coach as well as the League umpire and scorekeeper. This will apply for all games before and after the roster deadline.

Registration of Players: If a player's name is omitted on the game lineup card prior to the start of the game, the player will be permitted to enter into the game upon notification of the omission to the home plate umpire, the opposing team and the official score keeper. The player must be on the team's regular season roster in order to be included on the game lineup card.(2007)

(b)    The final date for registration of the current year's player roster is the Tuesday after the May long week-end. (2001) Roster sheets will be issued to each team and these are required to be completed and submitted to the Executive by the due date. After the roster deadline, each manager or coach, prior to all games will fill out a lineup card, listing the surname, fist name, sweater number and position of all players who are starting in the game.

(c)    After the season start date, players will be allowed to transfer from one team to another team on one occasion only. The player must remain on that team's roster for the remainder of the playing season, including playoffs. The transfer must take place prior to the roster submission deadline (Tuesday after May long week-end). (2001)

(d)    After the player registration deadline, completed player rosters will then be issued to all other teams in the Association or posted to the League web site.(2007)

(e)    Only in exceptional circumstances,and with approval of the League Executive, will a decision be made to alter the registration regulations.

(f)    If a player suffers a "season ending injury", the player's spot on the team's roster may be filled with another player (who is affiliated with Softball Canada). The injured player must provide medical proof of disability, suitable to the League Executive, prior to being eligible to be substituted for on the roster. The replacement player must appear in five (5) regular season games in order to be eligible to participate in League playoffs as per rule 15 (e) of this Constitution. (2001)

14. Playoffs
(a)    As scheduled by the League Executive

(b)    No playoff dates are to be broken except in the case of inclement weather. The League Executive will then authorize a postponement.

(c)    The tie breaker rules for determining playoff positions are outlined in Appendix 1.(2007)

15. Suspension of Players
Players will be suspended under the following rules and in accordance with the penalties hereinafter set forth. All suspensions will be made by the League Executive and the respective team manager or coach will be contacted before the next League game. Approval of the League Executive to reinstate the said player for the following year is required.

(a)    Any player demanding or receiving remuneration in any way for playing softball with any team in the Association will be suspended from further competition for the remainder of the current season including playoffs.

(b)    Ungentlemanly conduct or use of abusive language by any player, manager or coach of any team, on or off the playing field.

(c)    Striking or making contact with an umpire on or off of the playing field. The player will be suspended from competition for one calendar year from date of the infraction. For the suspended player to resume playing in the Association during the year that his suspension expires,he must be placed on the teams roster prior to the roster deadline. The player must also appear in five league games in order to be eligible to participate in League playoffs.

(d)    Should any player register with more than one team in our Association, that player will be suspended for the remainder of the current year including playoffs.

(e)    For any player to be eligible to play in the playoffs he must have five (5) on field appearances in regular League play and must be on the final roster. Any team challenged will be responsible to prove the player participated.

(f)    Any player found ineligible will be suspended for the remainder of the current year including playoffs. An ineligible player is any player participating while under suspension and/or covered by the explanation in the current year CASA Rulebook.

(g)    Any player or coach making a farce out of the game.

(h)    The participation rule under 15 (e) will further be expanded to include any players under the age of 19 (under 19 men's/midget) that have been affiliated by Softball Saskatchewan. Teams must be able to provide evidence of affiliation before the player takes the field of play. This evidence may be in the form of a letter from Softball Saskatchewan or other acceptable confirmation in writing. The confirmation will be provided to the Executive, who will notify the Umpire In Chief as well as the other teams in the Association. (04)

16. Penalties relating to Player Expulsion
The following penalties apply for player expulsion under Section 15(b) Suspension of Players.

(a)    Players having a first offense will automatically be suspended from the playing area for the remainder of the game in which the offense occurred. The player will also be suspended from the playing area for the next succeeding game.

(b)    A second offense will result in the suspension of the player from the playing area for the remainder of the game in which the offense occurred plus an additional three (3) consecutive games.

(c)    A third offense will result in the suspension of the player from the playing area until his suspension has been reviewed by the League Committee and a decision made on the length of the suspension or possible expulsion from the League.

(d)    All other penalties and expulsions of players not covered in this Constitution will be handled under the current rules of Softball Saskatchewan.

17. Player Expulsion
(a)    When a player has been ejected from a game, the Plate Umpire is to complete a Player Expulsion Form, which will be forwarded to the League Secretary immediately following the game. (99)

(b) A League Executive Member will notify a representative of the team that is scheduled to play the next game against the team with the suspended member. The Umpire-In-Chief will also be notified so that the officials who are to officiate in the next scheduled game in which the suspended player is a member, are also aware of the suspension. (99)

18. Suspension of Teams
Teams will be suspended under the following rules. All suspensions will be made by the League Executive and the respective manager, coach or team representative of the affected team, will be contacted before the next League game. (99)

(a)    Teams that default two (2) games in either regular season league play or playoffs will be suspended from further play in the Association. All fees paid to the Association will be forfeited to the Association. The suspended team will not be permitted to participate in any League activities or functions (including a League cabaret and award banquet) for the remainder of the year in which the suspension occurred.

    The team(s) may apply for reinstatement into the Association by making written application to the League executive prior to the commencement of the League activities in the year following the suspension. League activities are deemed to have commenced at the holding of the first (1st) League meeting of any given year, normally the first (1st) Wednesday of February or as determined by the Executive. (2007)   

    Any team suspended from the Association for any reason will forfeit its position in the tier structure of the Association. Upon reinstatement, the team(s) would commence play in the lowest division in the Association in their year of reinstatement.

(b)    Teams failing to provide a completed player roster by the roster deadline date will default their next scheduled game after the roster deadline and all further scheduled games until the completed player roster is submitted and a $100.00 fine has been paid to the Association.

(c)    Failing to comply with and obeying the Constitution and By-Laws of the Association.

(d)    For not complying with playoff regulations.

(e)    A team shall retain its' position in the Association for a new season if, and only if, a minimum of 6 players from last season's roster return on the current roster of the team. Failure to meet this minimum requirement means the team forfeits its' position in the Association and will be replaced by the next team eligible to move up as per the Constitution's rules regarding tier structure.(99)

(f) All points earned as a result of games played will be eliminated for all teams. In other words, no points will be awarded and any games played will be deleted from the schedule as will the results of those games and the points earned. (04)

19. Penalties regarding suspension of teams
(a)    A one hundred ($100.00) dollar fine will be levied upon any team that defaults a game. This fine will be paid before the team will be allowed to play their next scheduled game. After the second default, the team will be suspended for the remainder of the season.

(b)    Any team suspended from League play will automatically forfeit their fifty ($50.00) performance bond.

(c)    Any team suspended, or not leaving the Association in good standing (i.e. with outstanding fines); the individual players from that team roster are responsible for their share of the outstanding fine with a minimum of $10.00 imposed on a pro-rata basis. This share of the fine must be paid prior to being permitted to participate with any other teams in the Association in years subsequent to the suspension.(99)

(d)    Players from any team that has been suspended will be allowed to return to play in the League the year following their team's suspension. However, a maximum of three (3) players from that team will be permitted to join another team in the Association. This condition will remain in place for two (2) consecutive years following the year in which the suspension occurred.(99)

(e)    A team that has given a minimum of 24 hours notice to the Umpire Scheduler, League Executive, and the opposing teams's representative of being unable to field a team for a scheduled playoff game, will have given up the game by default. However, under these circumstances it will not be subject to the regular League imposed fine for a forfeited game.(99) Points and a win shall be awarded to the other team without any further consequences to the team defaulting.

20. Protests
(a)    All protests filed with the Association for League games must be submitted to the League Secretary or other Executive Member in absence of the Secretary.

(b)    All protests will be submitted in writing and signed by the manager or coach of the team initiating the protest. The protests will be received by the League Secretary no later than twenty-four (24) hours after the offense and prior to the start of their next scheduled game, whichever is the lesser time. All protests will be accompanied with a fee of ($100.00) dollars which will be returned only if the protest is granted.

(c)    All protests will state the Article of the Constitution or by-law or the Softball Saskatchewan rule that has been broken and will contain supporting evidence. The League Secretary will disperse one (1) copy to the League Umpire-in-Chief, one (1) copy to the manager or coach of the team protested against, and one (1) copy will be filed with the League Executive.

(d)    The manager or coach of the team protested against may if he wishes, file evidence in defense of the protest served against him. This evidence of defense will be forwarded to the League Secretary in writing and in triplicate within twenty-four (24) hours of receipt of the protest. Upon receipt by the League Secretary, one (1) copy will be forwarded to the manager or coach of the team lodging the protest, and one (1) copy will be forwarded to the League Umpire-In-Chief as soon as possible. One (1) copy will be filed with the League Executive.

(e)    Teams losing games by protests on rule interpretation will not be considered as defaulted. Protests lost on Constitutional or by-law infractions will be considered as defaulted games.

(f)    No protest will be contested on an umpire's judgement. Only on an interpretation of playing rules.

(g)    The Umpire-In-Chief will handle all protests regarding Softball Saskatchewan rules as well as the rules under which this Association is governed. The Umpire-In-Chief will give a copy of his decision to the League Executive who will in turn notify the teams and players involved in the protest of his committee's decision.

(h)    All protest during playoff games shall be decided at the time the protest is made if the Umpire-In-Chief or his representative is present or before the next scheduled game.

21. Appeals
(a)    The right to appeal shall pertain only to a player, coach, manager, team, umpire or Association Officer who has affiliated, and or, registered with Softball Saskatchewan.

(b)    All affected parties will be given the opportunity to be present, and make presentations to the Appeal Committee.

(c)    All documentation will be available and accessible to all affected parties.

(d)    The affected parties may be represented by Council.

(e)    Any team, team member, umpire or Association Officer who desires to appeal their suspension of more than three games, must notify the Association's Appeal Committee through contact with the League President, in writing, of their intention to appeal, within fourteen days (14), after receipt of the notice of suspension. The written notice of intention to appeal must be accompanied by a non-refundable payment of $150.00. The appeal hearing will be heard as outlined in Section 8.01, 8.02, of the Constitution and By-Laws of Softball Saskatchewan which are outlined in the current year's Handbook of Operating Rules. (99)

22. Appeal Hearing
(a)    Cost $150.00 NON-REFUNDABLE.

(b)    All affected parties will be given a minimum of two (2) days notice of the appeal date, time, and location.

(c)    The Association's Appeal Committee shall deliver its' decision to all affected parties, by mail, no later than seven (7) days after the conclusion of the appeal hearing.

(d)    The Appeal Committee decisions will comply with the terms of the Association's Bylaws, Constitutions and Operating Rules.

(e)    The decision of the Association's Appeal Committee shall be final.

(d)    The Appeal Committee will consist of the League Umpire-In-Chief, the League President, who will chair the hearing and only vote in the event of a tie, and three randomly selected members from teams which are not directly involved in the matters leading up to the appeal. These Appeal Committee Members cannot be members of the current League Executive. (99)

23. Umpires
(a)    The League Committee will be responsible for the proper registration of League Umpires, and will, with the Umpire-In-Chief, arrange for umpires as required in all games. All non-registered umpires will be approved by the League Umpire-In-Chief.

(b)    The umpire's fee will be decided by the League Committee.

(c)    The cost of payment to the umpires will be the responsibility of the League.

24. Uniforms
Each team will submit their official uniform and all players on the team will dress accordingly. Each player will be attired in this uniform for every game. Any player dressed otherwise will not be allowed to play until properly dressed. A catcher will be exempt from wearing a cap while catching. A complete uniform will be worn from the first League game on.

(a)    The team managers or coaches on the field will be attired as per Canadian Amateur Softball Association rules.

(b)    If players on a team wear undershirts, they will be of one type and uniform color.

(c)    This article may be waived with permission from the League Executive for special cases.

25. Game Balls
One (1) new and one (1) used playable ball will be put into play for each game. It will be the responsibility of the team at bat for the return of game balls that are hit out of the playing area.

26. All Star Selection
(a)    A pre-printed form listing the nine (9) positions, utility player, and manager or coach will be distributed to the manager or coach of each team.

(b)    The manager or coach will insert the names if the players with the positions played.

(c)    No player will appear in more than two (2) positions. A playing manager or coach may appear in three (3).

(d)    Each player on the roster will be assigned to at least one (1) position.

27. League Tournament
All Association teams are encouraged to participate in the annual Rambler Park Softball Tournament. Teams unable to participate for any reason must supply a minumim of two (2) workers per shift to assist in the running of the League Tournament. Failure to do so, will result in the assessment of a $200.00 fine per shift missed against the offending team. This fine, will be required to be paid prior to the offending team participating in their next scheduled League game. (2007)      

28. League Cabaret
If the League holds a fund raising event such as a cabaret, it is expected that all Association teams have representation at the function. Failure to have a minimum of 2 members present will result in the levying of a $200.00 fine. This fine must be paid prior to playing any further games scheduled by the Association. (2007)   

29. Tier Structure
Whereas the Association is made up of separate Divisions a method to determine movement from one Division to another is required.

For the purpose of discussion the Divisions shall be identified numerically with the top Division referred to as the 1st Division and so on to include as many Divisions as the Association may have in any one year.

The (1st) Division will consist of six (8) teams. The seven (7) teams with the best regular season record will retain the right to play in the Division the following year. The team which finishes last in regular season play will then drop out of the (1st) Division and into the next lower Division. (03)

The team that is the overall playoff winner in the 2nd Division earns the right to move into the 1st Division the following year. Should for some reason this team or one of the existing seven (7) teams remaining in the 1st Division be unable to participate in 1st Division play, then the vacant spot in the 1st Division will be offered to:

1. The team with the best regular season record after the Division Champs in the 2nd Division.

2. The team that is moving down from the Upper Division.

3. The team with the next best win/loss record in the Division and so on.

This procedure will then be used to determine team movements in the remaining Divisions.

Any possible exceptions to the above will be brought to the attention of the Executive prior to the March meeting each year. Should a change to the above format be required, it will be presented to the General Membership at the March meeting. A decision to amend the tier structure may be made at that time with a determination made for the overall benefit of the Association given the greatest consideration.

30. Player Development: Playoff Play
1.    For playoffs, the respective team must notify the League executive in writing prior to their last scheduled League game of the name(s) to be added to their roster - maximum two (2). The additions to the team's roster cannot exceed the maximum roster limits allowed by the constitution (seventeen (17) players plus three (3) non-playing coaches). Players names on their team rosters after the Rambler Park roster deadline cannot be deleted to make room for an affiliated under 19 aged player. If the Rambler Park team does not have space to add players, they will not be permitted the use of Midget aged additions for the playoffs. (04)

2.    Any affiliated player(s) added to a playoff roster can appear on only one roster.

3.    The participation rule number 15 (e) of the Rambler Park Fastball Association which requires a player to have five (5) on field appearances in regular season play in order to be eligible for playoff participation shall be waived for the purposes of this section. (04)

Appendix 1 - The Breaker Rule To Determine Playoff Positions
When two or more teams are tied at the end of regular season play, the first determining factor would be how the tied teams did against each other.
The second determining factor will be runs for and against between the teams that are tied.


Teams A, B, C, are tied at the end of the season. The scores throughout the season between the three teams are as follows:

         GAME #1       GAME #2

In this example:
Team B has 3 wins - 1st
Team C has 2 wins - 2nd
Team A has 1 win - 3rd


          GAME #1   GAME #2


In this example each team has two wins and two losses.
Team C would be 1st because of the net of 5
Team B would be 2nd because of the net of 1
Team A would be 3rd because of the net of -6

If two or more teams remain tied after the calculation in example #2, the team with the greater number of runs scored in regular season play will be first of the teams tied.

The third determining factor would be the win/loss record against teams in their own Division. If the tied teams are in a Division other than the 1st Division, then the win/loss record against teams in their own Division would be used as the 1st criteria. The 2nd criteria would then be the win/loss record against teams in the upper Division. The 3rd criteria would then be to use the win/loss record against teans in a lower or other division if one exists.

If the teams remained tied after application of all of the above Tie Breaker criteria, a coin toss will be used to determine placement. (04)

Rambler Park Fastball
Rambler Park Fastball
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