Ralston Soccer Club: Goal Keeper

 Introduction to the Goal Keeper

The Keeper, perhaps the single most important player on your team, and perhaps the most neglected in terms of training.

Through the years I have found that most coaches don't know what to do with the keeper in practice other than to shoot at them.

Therefore I have gathered in this section of the website, some very basic keeper warm-up and game-like exercises so that you can help this important position player achieve their very best.

Coach KY

Special thanks to George M. Lasher Youth Soccer Coaching – Long Island 


Handout: Goal Keeper Introduction

Goal Keeper Mental Preparadness

The following is from a seminar given by Dan Gaspar at the NSCAA convention and is courtesy of Gary Rue and Jim Turpin.

Dan Gaspar runs Star Goalkeeper Academy, trained Portuguese National Team keepers, was the MetroStars keeper coach, coached last year in Japanese J -League, holds an NSCAA advanced national license, and is a technical
consultant for US Soccer Project 2010.

Handout: Goal Keeper Mental Preparadness

Goal Keeper Warm Up

Ideas from Dan Gaspar of Star Goal Keeping Academy, Kim Wyant of the US National Team and LI Lady Riders and Bobby Muuss of UCONN

Handout: Goal Keeper Warm Ups

Collapse Drive and Driving Sideways

This is an exercise and a progression for teaching the Collapse Dive and to Dive Sideways.

Handout: Collapse Drive and Diving Sideways

Cutting down the Angel
This is a simple demonstration to explain how to cut down the angle on a shooter.
Handout: Cutting Down the Angle

Forward and Backward Footwork Drill
This one teaches agility, change of direction and concentration.
Handout: Forward and Backward Footwork Drill

Stance and Balance
These are exercises to help stance and balance that I got on the web from Kim Wyant, former National Team keeper and former keeper for the Long Island Lady Riders,
Handout: Stance and Balance

Square Of Death
This is a footwork exercise from Bobby Muuss, Men's Keeper Coach for UCONN.
Excellent agility, explosiveness and anaerobic conditioning.

Handout: Square of Death

Defending the High Cross and Low Cross
This was a session put on by Bobby Muuss, goalkeeper coach for the UCONN Men's Team
Handout: Defending the High Cross and Low Cross

Tuesday, February 9
Recovery From The Chip
This is an exercise submitted to eteamz by Jim Turpin, a UUSF D license coach from Hamilton and a frequent contributor to the soccer-coach email list and the Team Discovery Website
Handout: Recovery from the Chip

Handling the Short Hop
This is another exercise submitted to eteamz by Jim Turpin, a UUSF D license coach from Hamilton and is an innovative way to teach handling the short hop.
Handout: Handling the Short Hop

Implementing the GK in Team Training
Give this a try. Keeps the Goalie active.
Handout: Implementing the Goalie in Team Training

The Triangle Drill
This is a drill found on the web from Dan Gaspar at the Stony Brook University soccer coach clinic
Handout: The Triangle Drill

The Pressure Drill
From Dan Gaspar at the Stony Brook University soccer coach clinic in 1999
Handout: The Pressure Drill

More of My Favorite Goalie Drills
Handout: Keeper