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 Coaches Concussion Awareness Training Sites.

New State Law requires that all Coaches take Concussion Awareness Training.

ACTive Athletic Concussion Training for Coaches: Click Here 

CDC - Center for Disease Control: Click Here

NFHS - National Federation of High Schools: Click Here

ConcussionWise: Click Here



Attention Coaches: Use of Ralston Soccer Fields

All three Soccer fields may be used for team practices this Spring 2014 season.

Field 3 will have ENSA and In-House games scheduled on it. In-House games are on Saturday 9:00 am to 1:00 pm and Wednesday Nights

Field 4 will be used for practice only, no ENSA games will be scheduled on it.

Field 5 will have ENSA games scheduled on it, and can be used for practice.

As a reminder all In-House and ENSA Games have Priority over practices or other activities.

 Ralston Soccer Fields Layout

The Ralston Middle School is also available for practices this Fall Season. The Club has Two Goal Boxes set up with nets on them. A 60 x 40 Field has been marked out. 






Nebraska State Soccer Tournament Information Web Site, Click here

Or Click on each of the tournaments listed below for information.

Youth Tournaments : 2014 Calendar Year.

Iowa Tournaments:  2014 Calendar Year.


 Nebraska State Soccer

Coaching Educational Series

Courses and Licenses

E Certificate Course
The E Certificate Course is an 18-hour course. Attendance is mandatory to pass course.
D License Course
The D License Course is an 36-hour course. Attendance is mandatory to pass course

Link for Nebraska State Soccer Coaching Education: Click Here

Coaching Resources

Soccer Internationale

Soccer Specific

Great site for soccer drills

J.B. Marine - Soccer Club

Great site to view dribbling/footwork skills and also to get lesson plans

Grass Roots Coaching 

Footy 4 Kids

Soccer Training Guide

In Side Soccer

US Youth Soccer

Soccer Training Info.

FIFA Laws of the Game Printable copy

soccer soccer soccer soccer soccer soccer soccer soccer soccer soccer

Basic Soccer Rules

"The Rules of Soccer are very simple, Basically it is this: If it moves, kick it. If it doesn't

move , kick it until it does" - Phil Woosnam

soccer soccer soccer soccer soccer soccer soccer soccer soccer soccer


Ralston Soccer Club Micro / In-House Rules of the Game


Handout: Ralston Soccer Club Micro / In-House Rules

Coaching words of Encouragement

94 Ways to Encourage your Athletes.

Handout: Words of Encouragement

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