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   The Ralston Micro Soccer Program is for players up to 8 years old.  This Micro program will focus on introducing the player to the game of soccer, learning to be a part of a team, and having fun. Players will be introduced to team work, fair play and sportsmanship by playing fun games that will help build their fundamental soccer skills.  The U5/6/7 teams will be co-ed, made up of 5 to 7 players, and they will play a 3V3 or 4v4 game. The U8 teams can be male, female or co-ed.  The players usually practice once a week and will play a game once a week. Games will be played on Saturday Mornings from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm with rain out games played sometime during the week.  The players will be supervised by Club Trainers and Parent coaches. 

  Frequently Asked Questions:

Registration:  We begin registration on Dec. 1st for the spring and June 15th for the fall seasons.   

Dates of Season:  A club representative will contact you sometime in late March or early Apirl for the Spring season or late August early September for the fall season.  Games usually start around the first or second weekend in April for the Sping season.  In the fall season, they should start around the first of second weekend of September.   You won't hear from a club representative until these time periods.

Uniforms/Equipment:  All uniforms will need to be purchased at Soccer Internatinoale.  The uniform is a blue jersey costing about $20.  Players can choose whatever number they want on the back.  This will be the uniform shirt the player will use until they outgrow it.  You will need red shorts, red soccer socks, and shin guards as well.  

All players must wear tennis shoes or soccer cleats to every practice and game.  No baseball shoes.

All players must wear shin guards to all games and practices.  They must also have soccer socks to cover the shin guards.  If a player does not have shin guards, they will not be able to play/practice.

Bring a water bottle to all practices and games.  Please NO juice, pop, sports drinks, etc. as the young players tend to become more interested in getting a drink rather than playing soccer.

Practices:  All In House/Micro coaches are volunteers.  Practice times and locations are up to these volunteers although it is expected that they practice within the Ralston School District.

Expect one practice per week with one game per week although this is dependant on the volunteer coach.  Season lasts 6-8 weeks depending on the weather.

Game times & Location:  All games are played at the Ralston Soccer Fields, 81st and Serum Ave.  Games last about 1 hour.

Games are Saturday mornings and occasionally during the week(Wednesdays) if needed due to weather related make ups.

Cancellations:  Coaches will notify players if games are cancelled or start times are moved due to weather.

WE DO NOT KEEP SCORE!  The focus is on players becoming comfortable with the soccer ball, learning soccer skills, having fun, making friends, and physical fitness.


To Contact In-House Commissioner

 Please send e-mail to Ralstonsoccerclub1@gmail.com  Attention In-House Commissioner




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Ralston Soccer Club Micro / In-House Soccer Rules
Handout: Ralston Soccer Club Micro / In-House Rules

Some of the In-House Soccer Players


John Walsh In-House Kids
Head Coach, John Walsh and In-House Players

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