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2003 2004 AFL Champions
Tuesday, March 18
The 2003 & 2004 AFL Champion Tennessee Raiders

      are Loudon County's own professional minor league football team. Minor league football provides and opportunity for young men to continue to play the game of football. It is often viewed as the second chance or the last chance. It can be a second chance for it's players to prepare themselves for a college or professional career. In turn it is a last chance for the players just to play the greatest game on God's earth.

God Bless the USA
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Saturday, July 8

Psalm 27
the Lord is my light (in the shinning light of day or the darkest of night), and my salvation, (he sent his only Son to die for me). Who shall I fear? .The Lord is the strength of my life (he is my strength when I am as strong as Sampson or weak and sick in bed). Who should I be afraid of? When my enemies try to harm me they stumbled and fell (my enemies are not just a person but anything that may come against me, a test at school, a death in the family, or sickness in my body). They will not rise! They shall not rise! They cannot rise! (They lay defeated at my feet even before they begin their attack and that is where they will remain). In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, Amen.

These words were written by King David who as a child saved his people by killing a giant with a sling and a pebble. Words have power. In my heart these are the most powerful ever written.

God Bless,
Coach Littleton

Minor League Football Hall Of Fame
Sunday, August 5
Miranda Makes HOF Nomination

Maryville Invaders owner and host of Charter Main Street's "Press Box Saturday", Ralph Miranda, has officially nominated retired head coach Michael Littleton for the Minor League Football Hall of Fame.  The awards ceremony will be held Thursday, December 6th, at the Oasis Resort and Casino in Mesquite, Nevada for the Class of 2007.


To:                   Minor League Football Hall-of-Fame


RE:                   Mike Littleton


Subject:            Induction


August 2, 2007


I would like to present Mr. Mike Littleton for induction into the Minor League Football Hall-of-Fame.  My name is Ralph Miranda and I am the owner of the Maryville Invaders Minor League Football organization.  We played from 1999 through 2002 in the Southern Football League, the Millenium Football League and the NAFL.  We suspended operations in 2003.


I have known Mike since 1998 through competing against him.  I hired him as my Head Coach in 2000.  Mike loves the game of football and is dedicated to its development and to the players that he has coached.


Mike and I did not always see eye-to-eye on football operations.  You would expect this of any owner/coach relationship.  Regardless of this, he always presented his case in a polite yet firm manner stating his reasons for the position he held.  He always deferred to my judgment as owner and I respected him for that.


Mike’s greatest quality was a love for his players.  He always tried to treat each player fairly while evaluating their abilities.  Mike loved his players and would go out of his way to help them.


Mike’s knowledge of the game, both offensively and defensively, was second to none on our level of football.  He directed our team with confidence, poise and a determination that winning would follow if we held ourselves to a high standard and work ethic.


Perhaps the quality I most admire about Mike is his love for God and his son Michael.  Mike is a godly man and prayer was an important part of our organization and of Mike’s life.  He is single yet never failed to spend time with his son and try to raise him in a Godly manner.  His commitment to his son exceeds his commitment to himself.


While I was sorry to see our organization suspend operations, if I was ever to bring the Invader organization back, Mike would be my coach!


Based on this, I present Mr. Mike Littleton for induction to the Minor League Football Hall-of-Fame.




Ralph J. Miranda        

Handout: Hall Of Fame Application

Thursday, June 14
2007 CFU Schedule Cancelled

Due to Coach Littleton's knee surgery the 2007 Champions Football University camp schedule has been cancelled. We hope to see you in 2008.

Sunday, January 1
CFU Private Lessons

Contact Coach Littleton for private training sessions on any position.

Wednesday, August 2
From The Desk Of The South Blount Optimist Club President

Dear Mike,

Thank you very much for hosting our 2nd Annual CFU Camp at Friendsville Elementary School. On behalf of the South Blount Friendsville Optimist Club, I would like to commend you on a job well done. I can honestly say that everyone involved had a great time and the kids left with a great deal of newfound knowledge. Although it was hot again this year, all of the kids experienced a camp that was focused on fundamentals and techniques while at the same time seeing just how much fun the game of football is. I personally have had the opportunity to assist you the last two years and even thought I am well past my playing days, I too have enjoyed and learned from the camp. I truly believe that the camp format offers just the right combination of station work and team competition. That goes along way in keeping the attention of the younger players. Please feel free to use me as a reference to anyone who is interested in putting on a future CFU Camp.

I look forward to next year’s 3rd Annual Camp. May God bless you in your future endeavors.


Bill Pyle
South Blount Friendsville Optimist Club
July 26, 2006

Red Team
Monday, July 17
2006 SBO Red Team

Top Row:        Daniel Davidson, Tyler Michael, Cody Gregory
Front Row:        Matthew Gideon, Zack Haire, Brandon Crabtree, Colby Gilbert

White Team
Monday, July 17
2006 SBO White Team

Top Row:        Calvin Hendrick, John Curtis Ledet, Colby "Capt. Crunch" Littleton
Front Row:        Joel Graham, Tyler Tindell, Cade Ramsey, Cody Daugherty

Blue Team
Monday, July 17
2006 SBO Blue Team

Top Row:        Moe Jackson, Joseph Dockery, Grant Gentry
Front Row:        Austin Finger, Johnny Dockery, Corey Pyle, Ashley Tindell

Gold Team
Monday, July 17
2006 SBO Gold Team

Top Row:         Dylan Sanders, Tim Green, Samuel McCloud
Front Row:        Dylan Hollifield, Noah Linginfelter, Lucas Gilbert

Friday, March 18
    On Tuesday March 18 of 2003 this site went on line giving life to the idea of one coach and ...

Friday, March 18
Final Numbers and Highlights
60-17 overall record, all games coached, regular, pre, and post season .780
37-11 as a head coach .770
4-6 ...

Friday, March 18
Favorite Memories
1998 Knoxville Crusaders vrs Carolina Twisters
55 yard touchdown pass from Sterlin Henton to Jamaal Collins ...

Sunday, June 18
Players In The Pros

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Minor League Football is a stepping stone to Professional Leagues. Some younger players that play Minor League Football moved on to play in college. Here are some of those players from the Tennessee Raiders, Maryville Invaders, Tennessee Highlanders, and Knoxville Crusaders.

Tuesday, January 18
American Football News 2004 Division 2A Top 10

1. Central Ohio Lions
2. Carolina Knights (NC)
3. Chicago Thunder
4. Belleville Justice (IL)
5. Hardin County Wolverines (KY)
6. Connecticut Thunder
7. Tennessee Raiders*
8. Southeastern Texas Hurricanes
9. Charlotte Power
10. Lima Warriors (OH)

*moved up from 16 at the end of 2003

Kesslers Team Sports

    "This is Michael Littleton, Head Coach and CEO of the Tennessee Raiders, Loudon County's own professional minor league football team. When the Raiders need uniforms and equipment we go to Kesslers Team Sports. They are at the Kingston Pike exit off Pellissippi Parkway right behind the Thrifty Nickel in Center Park Plaza. They can outfit an entire team or take care of your individual sporting good needs. Football, basketball, baseball and more. If you've got game, they've got gear, Kesslers Team Sports".
201 Center Park Drive
Suite 1190
Knoxville TN 37922

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