Michigan RAGE: Welcome

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Tryouts for 7th grade boys will be November 17th from 1-3 at MVP Fieldhouse.


The Michigan RAGE Basketball Club is a non-profit organization serving the Greater Grand Rapids Area. Our Club will teach the skills that are needed to win on the court and also off the court. Your child will learn the game of basketball and have fun in the process.

Please visit the ABOUT US tab to find out more about the Club. Visit each teams website under the TEAMS tab to the left.

You can now follow the Michigan Rage on Twitter. Click on the following link: Michigan Rage Twitter.

You know your kid has AAU fever when...

1. She/he thinks a "Boarding School" is a rebounding camp.
2. She/he trys to use "AAU" as a word in scrabble.
3. She/he shovels the driveway in the middle of the winter without being asked.
4. Your dog can't fetch, but is a great rebounder.
5. The wood floors in your house need to be refinished, because of basketball drills.
6. She/he gets marked down on her biology test when she puts down "elbow" is the corner of the foul line.
7. She/he sleeps with her/his basketball.
8. She/he thinks "Chairman of the Board" refers to a post player.
9. She/he backs the car out of the garage and turns on the headlights so she/he can shoot at night.
10. Her/his father says:"Young lady/man, you and I need to deal with this, one on one!", and she/he goes and gets her/his basketball.