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Thursday, February 12
"Just Let the Kids Play" Forum on February 25

Radnor Athletic Association (RAA) (including Lacrosse, Basketball, Little League & Soccer) and Radnor Parks & Recreation are hosting a presentation by national youth development spokesperson Bob Bigelow, at 7:00 pm,Wednesday, February 25, 2004 at Radnor Middle School in the Activity Center in Wayne.

Bigelow, a former NBA first round draft pick, will lead a forum discussing youth sports today, “Just Let the Kids Play.” All parents, coaches and administrators of youth sports are encouraged to attend this event. Admission is free.

Bigelow, an accomplished athlete who graduated from University of Pennsylvania in the 70’s has spent his post-competitive career studying and researching the direction of youth sports including the roles played by parents and coaches alike.  Bigelow’s 20 years of experience playing, coaching, parenting and public speaking make him one of our country’s premier authorities in this arena.

In his book “Just Let the Kids Play”, Bigelow examines the pressures exerted by league administrators, parents and coaches on children who play sports. Bigelow played for the Kansas City Kings, Boston Celtics, and San Diego Clippers, and on the collegiate level he played for Penn. He has played on and coached teams of all levels since his teenage years and has come to realize that adult intensity does not belong in organized youth sports.

Bigelow, a captivating speaker, was an NBA first-round draft pick.  However, he probably would have been “cut” from basketball in the 7th grade if cuts had happened then. He is now on the lecture circuit trying to convince people like us that we can do a much better job by our children than we are currently!

Be sure not to miss this opportunity to get involved in a conversation for possible different futures for our children. Bob’s discussion followed by a Q & A with our Radnor audience will provide an ideal forum for parents & coaches to reflect on our roles in youth development. Every sports parent, coach and club official should come and join this eye opening dialogue about roles of children & adults in youth sports.  We hope to see you there!

Tom Blomstrom  Director, Radnor Park and Recreation Department
John Geary, President, Girls’ Lacrosse Club;
Peter Samson, President, Boys’ Lacrosse Club;
Annette Smith, President, Radnor Soccer Club;
Joe Hammonds, President, Radnor-Wayne Little League;
Bob Miccolis, President, Radnor Athletic Association

This free event is open to the public.