Racine Razors Volleyball Club: F.A.Q's

1.What is club volleyball?

Club volleyball is an opportunity for an athlete to continue to play volleyball during off- season to improve their skills and receive additional training to prepare for high school and/or their college careers!

USA Volleyball is the national governing body associated with the U.S. Olympic Committee and is responsible for local, regional, national, and international volleyball competition.

Racine Razors participates in the USA Volleyball within the Badger Region. This is an elite Junior Olympic volleyball club!

2. Do you have to be a certain age to play?

The earliest that USAV competition can start is in the 12's division (participants can be younger and qualify). All ages can play up if they make roster!

3. How long is the club season?

It depends. The regular club season begins in December, with tryouts in November, and ends at the earliest in March with the Badger Region Championships.

If national qualifiers or nationals are involved the season will be longer.

4. What type of season is club volleyball?

Club volleyball consists of tournaments on the weekends. Many events are one day only, Saturday or Sunday (most of the one day events are on Sunday). Some of the bigger events would cover both Saturday and Sunday. A typical one-day tournament would begin around 8:00am and conclude play early to late afternoon. NOTE: Admissions may be charged.

5. Is there any travel?

Our schedule consists of several one-day tournaments and the Badger Region Championships, which is a two-day event. These tournaments are approximately between 20 minutes to 1 1/2 hours travel time one way.  

6. When traveling, do parents have to also attend? 

No, a parent for each athlete is not required to attend.

7. How many players do we take on a team?

Ideally, we like to have between 8-10 players on a team. A club may also have more than one team available in a given age definition, depending on the participants at tryouts, recruiting and interest.

8. How do tryouts work?

Players will tryout with other players within their age definition. The director and club coaches will be evaluating the players skill level during this time. On the first tryout date, of those players, some may receive offers for a position on a team, while leaving some openings available through the second tryout. Those players that did not receive an offer will be able to continue trying out for the remaining openings at the second day of tryouts, with any new players who were unable to make the first tryout date. A player is encouraged but not required to attend the second tryout to be eligible to receive a remaining opening position.   

9. Do you have to be at tryouts to play on a team?

No. A player may be made an offer without trying out for a team. A player may contact the club for a position or a coach or director may make an offer via any communication including: telephone, face-to-face, letter, email or text.

10. What if the player does not earn an offer and has missed tryouts for other clubs?

Contact other clubs to find out where their openings are. Many clubs carry as many teams as they have players for, and some may be short a few players. Clubs will often send out emails to other clubs informing them of their teams that need players. Usually, anyone who really wants to play club volleyball can find a club that needs players.

We encourage players to come back the following year to tryout if they were not given an offer or position on a team. Many players improve their skills through school teams, camps and clinics and are able to come back and receive an offer!

11. I did not register for tryouts in advance, may I still tryout?

Absolutely! Blank forms, with the exception of the required membership card (which is only obtainable ONLINE), for registration will be available at tryouts. Please arrive 30 minutes early to register.

12. How will you know if you made a team? (Club Offers)

During tryouts (first or second sessions), it is possible for a coach or director to speak to and offer a player a spot on a team. The coach or director will also give the player a form with offer information. If the player does not receive an offer at either tryout, it is still possible to receive an offer from the club afterwards via telephone, email, text or letter.

If the player verbally says "yes" to the offer, that is considered a verbal contract to play for that club for that year. If the player wishes to wait to accept the offer, they have until Thursday evening (9pm) following the first tryout, then until Monday evening (6pm) following the second tryout to inform the coach or club of their decision. If you know your decision before these times, please contact the club or coach of your decision ASAP, so that we can either fill your spot if you decline or be able to list you on the roster if you accept.

13. What are the costs?

CLICK HERE for the "Costs" Section

14. When are the club fees due?

The first payment of $500 will be due at the team tournament registration meeting held after tryouts. At this time two additional checks for $250 ($137.50 for 12's & 13's) each will be requested to be written out for the remaining balance. One will be post-dated for January 31st, and the other for February 28th.

15. Where do we practice?

We practice at Razor Sharp Fitness Center 

CLICK HERE for map!                                                          

16. When do we practice?

Practice times are scheduled for Monday & Wednesday evenings and Sunday mornings or mid-day. If a tournament falls on a Sunday, then no practice will take place on that day.

Due to potential sports conflicts, we may practice at variable times.

17. How does the club view conflicts with a school sport? 

Our view is that a player's school sport should come first, club volleyball should come second. We do not force players to choose between other school athletics and club volleyball. Communication at the beginning of the season and during the tournament scheduling with the coaching staff is important so that we are aware of any school sport conflicts, in order to work as best we can to accommodate all schedules.

18. Do you have to live in the Racine area to play for Razors?

No. The purpose of club volleyball is to have rosters filled with the most qualified and dedicated athletes! We encourage players from all over the surrounding areas to participate! 

19. Do your teams participate in national qualifiers/nationals?

It depends. Each individual team will decide if they wish to participate in these events. This will require parents, players and coaching approvals. These events may require extensive travel and will increase costs. This may conflict with other schedules and affordability of families. 

20. What qualifications do you have for your coaching staff?

It is the minimum requirement for any coach in the USAV Junior Program to be IMPACT certified.

IMPACT is Increased Mastery and Professional Application of Coaching Theory.  Emphasis is on drill development, principles of learning skills, resources, athlete safety, legal and moral responsibilities, and ethics. 

Beyond these qualifications, our coaching staff has prior club and high school/college coaching experience, as well as being high school/collegiate players!

21. How many teams do you sponsor?

We hope to carry teams from age 12 through age 18.

It will depend upon the coaching staff and participants accepting offers. We wish for the players to have the best coaches available and will man teams to these coaches. We will finalize teams after tryouts to see what age definitions will be playing. It is possible to have more than one team for the same age definition.

22. I don't see my question...

Please email your question to: racinerazorsvbc@yahoo.com




































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