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Quincy Youth Baseball & Softball is a non-profit, all volunteer organization.  The sole purpose of Quincy Youth Baseball & Softball is to provide quality recreation for the youth of Quincy.

If you have any questions or concerns, please first reach out to your league director.  Thier email addresses can be found on the Board of Directors page.  If they cannot assist you, then please contact us at our main email address:  quincybaseballsoftball@gmail.com 

Quincy Youth Baseball & Softball Leagues
Baseball: Cal Ripken Major (10-12 yrs)     Baseball: Cal Ripken Minor (10-12 yrs)    
Baseball: Instructional (6-7 yrs)     Baseball: International League (13-16 yrs)    
Baseball: Junior Farm (8 yrs)     Baseball: Junior Farm (9 yrs)    
Baseball: Junior League (13-15 yrs)     Softball: Abigail Adams (6-8 yrs)    
Softball: Dorothy Quincy (11-12 yrs)     Softball: Mary Pratt (13-15 yrs)    
Softball: Trainor/Malloy (9-10 yrs)    

Dewey Holmes Day
Saturday, June 28
Cal Ripken Major Celebrates Dewey Holmes Day

Thank you to all the players, coaches, families and volunteers who came to Quarry Hills to honor and celebrate a man who was coach and player in Quincy Youth Baseball for nearly 35 years.  "Dewey Holmes Day" was a tremendous success and a great way to close out the Cal Ripken Major season.
Below are the auction winners...thank you to all for your generosity!
David MacDonald    Jonny Gomes Picture
Billy Farrell   Demarini Senior League Bat 
Aidan McDonnell    Demarini Little League Bat 
Bridget Smiddy   Center Stage Studio Gift Card 
Kerri Smiddy    Purefections Gift Card 
David MacDonald   Wild Willy's Gift Card 

Friday, May 23
Age old Debate Resolved: Click here for proof!!

OK Folks!!  Many have heard coaches preach this through the years...I know I certainly have!!  See the attached link for the definite proof!!  As we've told you all a thousand times, don't ever hit the dirt heading into first base unless you are ducking a tag from an errant throw...it's just plain faster to run through the bag!  (Thanks to Dewey Holmes for diggin this up!)

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