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Wednesday, July 5

Quincy Youth Baseball & Softball is a non-profit, all volunteer organization.  The sole purpose of Quincy Youth Baseball & Softball is to provide quality recreation for the youth of Quincy.

2018 Baseball Softball

Spring Registration is now open!


2018 House Season Registration Fees 
Leagues  Early Bird Discount Registration 10-01-17 to 12-31-17 Standard Registration 01-01-18 to 03-31-18 Late Reg Fee 04-01-18 to 04-15-18
Babe Ruth 13-16 years old  $        170.00  $         190.00  $            210.00
Cal Ripken 10-12 years old  $        130.00  $         150.00  $         180.00
Junior Farm 8-9 years old  $        130.00  $         150.00  $         180.00
Girls Softball 6-16 years old  $        130.00  $         150.00  $         170.00
Instructional Baseball 6-7 years old                                                                                                  $          90.00  $         110.00  $         130.00
T-Ball 4-5 years old  $          45.00  $            60.00  $            75.00

























































































































































































































































































































































































































Quincy Youth Baseball & Softball Leagues
Baseball: Babe Ruth (13-16 yrs)     Baseball: Cal Ripken Major (10-12 yrs)    
Baseball: Cal Ripken Minor (10-12 yrs)     Baseball: Instructional (6-7 yrs)    
Baseball: International League (13-16 yrs)     Baseball: Junior Farm (8 yrs)    
Baseball: Junior Farm (9 yrs)     QYBSL Bambino Buddy-Ball    
Softball: Mary Pratt (11-14 yrs)     Softball: Trainor/Malloy (7-10 yrs)    

Tuesday, March 8
Quarry Night Lights Project Announcement


QYBSL is thirlled to announce the kickoff of:

"Quarry Night Lights"

QYBSL is thrilled to announce that we are launching a massive fundraising campaign called "Quarry Night Lights" to bring night baseball to Quarry Hills by installing lights on the playing fields!!!! In June 2015, we approached the City of Quincy with a concept. After some hard work with the Parks Department and an initial environmental study, we entered a partnership with the City of Quincy to move forward and pursue the project. This project will bring regular night baseball to Quincy players aged 8-12 for the first time in the history of our league. It will also allow us to showcase our great city to surrounding communities by improving the quality of tournament baseball we can host. Finally, lighting Quarry Hills will provide our kids with the same opportunities as the youth in nearby towns and will bring positive night time summer activity to the Quarry Hills area.

We're very grateful to Mayor Koch for his willingness to work together to improve the opportunities for our youth. Mayor Koch has been an unwavering supporter of our league and a champion for our kids for many years. We would also like to thank Chris Cassani and the Parks and Recreation Department for their support and for their hard work in getting a feasibility study completed and a manageable proposal put together. Finally, we have to thank the Quincy Community Preservation Committee for their unanimous support of our proposal.

While this is an incredible development for our league, we are now faced with the hard part.

We need to get to work and raise our portion of the cost!

We have developed a capital improvement plan that will address improvements not only at Quarry, but some long needed upgrades at few other locations for both baseball and softball. Every player in our league will see some benefit from this campaign.

Our fund raising goal is substantial, however we are already over 30% of the way there before formally kicking off the campaign!!

This is no small feat, but we are determined and believe we can make this happen THIS SEASON, BUT WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT!

We have a short window and many dollars to raise!!

This is an all hands on deck proposition!!

Ultimately, we would like to avoid raising these funds on the backs of our loyal families. We pride ourselves on being one of the most affordable baseball and softball leagues in the region, despite being one of the largest. As such, our fundraising plan is four fold.


  • Phase 1: Large Corporate Outreach: We have already reached out to several large local corporations to see if any are interested in becoming keynote sponsors through large donations. These efforts have already seen some promising returns and we are encouraged that they will continue to do so. 
  • Phase 2: Small Corporate Outreach: Over the next two weeks, we will be reaching out to as many smaller local businesses as we can to invite them to be part of this project. You may have heard that "a little bit in abundance is a lot". If you own a business or work for a business that you believe would be interested in helping us out, please contact us and let us know!! 
  • Phase 3: Grassroots efforts: We will need to raise whatever funds we cannot raise through corporate donations by using multiple grassroots efforts. We have several fun community fundraising events already in the works and you'll be hearing about them soon! 
  • Phase 4: Earn It!!: Finally, we will be asking each of our teams that play at Quarry Hills to raise $500 each through any method they choose. With 11 or 12 kids per team, it's a modest amount, but it helps us become closer with the community. We will encourage teams to be creative. We will work with coaches and teams to help with ideas if they are struggling. It could be obtaining a pledge from a local business for cleaning up a property or public area to choosing to sell calendars, 50/50 raffles, or candy bars. We feel there is a real value in allowing our kids to earn some of their opportunities. Every team that meets their $500 goal will have the opportunity to play under the lights!! 
If you have an idea for teams or would like to help coordinate the team fundraising program, please let us know.
This will require the entire QYBSL village. Please consider supporting us. As a 501-3-c registered non-profit, all donations made to QYBSL are tax deductible. Right now, we simply need to get the word out! If you need more information or you'd like a donor package for a local business, please just ask. We'll supply it forthwith!
If you'd like to make a donation directly, they can be sent to:
Quincy Youth Baseball and Softball
Attn: Quarry Night Lights
101 Butler Road
Quincy, MA 02169
We will also be registering a GoFundMe page shortly. We will be sure to share that as soon as it is live!
Progress on the campaign will be regualrly updated on our facebook page.
We are also on Twitter (@QYBaseball).
These are exciting times for us. We can only imagine how excited the kids will be! Please join the effort and be part of it!
Thank you in advance,
Board of Directors
Quincy Youth Baseball & Softball


Wednesday, May 3


Instructional / Tball Picture Day 

Date: Saturday June 10th, Quarry Hills

Please arrive 30 minutes prior to  your game 


 You can also click on the link below to preregister for your photos.



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*** Please note: Lifetouch is an outside vendor. Please do not contact your coaches or league directors for status of your pictures. We do not have access to your personal information.

You can contact Lifetouch directly at 1-888-255-5191 for any questions or concerns you may have.

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