Quiet Fire Youth Track & Field: Welcome

Sunday, November 1
Welcome to the 2015 track & field season

2016 signups coming soon
  Please send email to quietfiretc@aol.com for registration package.  Team size will be limited to the first 80.

  Where are they now
Isaiah Jewett-UC Irvine--Isaiah Bernard--University of Hawaii--Jaleel Wadood-UCLA--Stanley Norman-University of Arizona--Aaron Brown--University of Arizona--Iman Marshall--USC--Amber Gore -USC--Brandon Hasson--Arizona State--Hasani Barrett--Grand Canyon University--Morgan Simon - UCLA --Elijah Dunstin - University of Colorado ---Darell Fuery - Fresno State ---Sydney Johnson - Cal State Eastbay--- Ravyn Miller - Cal State Eastbay---- Kayla Phillips - University of Hawaii---- Dayna Hurd - Eastern Michigan University ---- Giana Woodruff - University of Washington ---Nikki Woodruff Southern Illinois University---- Bailey Mason - Cal Berkeley----Haley Miller - Duke---- Sydney Hall--Cal State Dominguez Hills---- Samaje Grant --University of Arizona---- Sierra Peterson-University of Washington
College Graduates
Aaron Hester UCLA
Yasmine Woodruff UCLA
Charnel Price UC Berkeley






6-7-8 year olds born in-- 2008-2009-2010   

9-10 year olds born in 2006-2007  

11-12 year olds born in  2004-2005

13-14 year olds born in-- 2002-2003 

  15-16 year olds born in- 2000-2001

17-18 year olds born in- 1998-1999



Handout: 2010 invitational results