This will be my last post on this site.  QUICK VBC will no longer be in operation.   I think it is just time for me to retire and allow younger coaches and club directors to take over.  Hopefully volleyball in southwestern Illinois will continue to grow.   There are already many more high school and even grade school age players in the area from Jerseyville to Alton to Edwardsville to Litchfield playing club volleyball than there were 3 years ago when I started this club.   To all of you who gave QUICK a chance I want to say thank you.  As you can see below, QUICK alumni have in the past and continue to make an impact on area high school volleyball teams.and some of them are playing volleyball in college.  Good luck to all the QUICK alumni in the future.   I hope you had as good an experience playing for QUICK as I had coaching in and running the club.   Thanks also to the coaches who coached in this club and tried to make it a good one.   I will always be in your debt.



 Savannah Fisher from last year's QUICK 17s was named all-conference in the SWC for the 2nd year in a row.   Keeley Peters was named MVP of her JV at Pattonville after earning player of the match in her first varsity match earlier in the year.

Anna Chew was also named all-conference for the second year in a row.

 With Anna's and Savannah's all conference recognition it meant that 6 of the 18 players in the club made all-conference this fall including 5 (Anna, Savannah, Brianna Henke, Cassidy Taylor and Marissa Nosco) of 9 from last year's 17s team and 1 (Paige Brittingham) of 9 of the players from last year's 14s.   Remember, also, that all 9 of last year's 14s played varsity this year as freshmen! 


Just a quick note.   As some of you may know QUICK VBC will not be fielding any teams this year.   As I promised when I started this club, if I could not find coaches that I was comfortable with or if I envisioned not having enough players to field a team I would just not have a team in a particular age group.  Such is the case this year.

I consider that the future of club volleyball in the area from Alton to Jerseyville to Litchfield to Edwardsville and surrounding school districts hinges on giving players in these areas a good product.   Just throwing teams out there for the sake of having teams is likely to ruin the possibility of establishing club volleyball in the future in this area.  As my goal is to grow club volleyball in this area, I would rather not have teams than have teams that don't give a good impression of what club volleyball should be in terms of cost, quality of instruction, etc.   

Hope to be able to field teams next year.   


 The Prairie State Conference All Conference Team has been announced and 4 of the playeers played for QUIDK 17s last year"

 Brianna Henke (3rd time all-conference first team

Cassiday Taylor (3rd time all conference)

Marissa Nosco (2nd time all conference first team) 


The first high school all-conference teams were announced this week and Paige Brittingham, the libero on our girls 14s team last year, made 1st team all-conference in the Suburban  North XII conference.   Paige was the first freshman to make all-conference in this league in recent memory and was also named the best server on her high school varsity.  She averaged over 1 ace per game placing her in the top 10 in the area in aces per game. 

All 9 girls from our 14s team made varsity this year and all had significant roles on their varsities.  Keep up the good work, ladies, and we look forward to seeing more of you on all-conference teams in future years. 

9/7/2016 - High School Season Progressing Nicely for QUICK players

 From the Girls 14s from last year all 9 players (all freshmen) have now either made the varsity outright or played on their varsity.  Unfortunately for Taylor, who made the varsity at Duchesne out of tryouts, she will miss her first varsity season with an injury.    We all know she will come back stronger after her recovery and all wish her well as her recovery progresses.

The rest of the girls from last year's QUICK 14s are having excellent first seasons and are all starters on their varsity with the exception of Keeley at Pattonville who appeared in her first varsity match last week and was named player of the match for Pattonville.   Way to go girls!

 The girls from the QUICK 17s are all having good seasons.   As the season progresses I will start posting stats as they become available at the Post-Dispatch website.  

8/5/2016 - All 9 QUICK 14s girls from last year had GREAT HS tryouts this week!!!

QUICK had two teams in 2015/2016, a girls 14s team in Missouri and a girls 17s team in Illinois.   The main goal we set last season for the 14s was to learn volleyball at a high enough level and refine their technique to prepare them for high school.  The hope was that if we prepared them properly some of them would make their varsity teams as freshmen and the rest would be on their JV teams.  Although making varsity as a freshmen has to be based on talent of the player, there also has to be the element of good fortune.   That is, there has to be an opening which is sometimes tough when returning seniors, juniors and sophomores are also competing for that opening.  If there are too many returning varsity players from last year there might not be a spot for a freshman on the varsity.

Well, the Missouri HS tryouts were completed this week and here is how the girls from our 14s team fared as freshman in their first HS tryout:  All of them have a chance to see action with their varsities during the upcoming HS season

 Here is how each of the girls did:

Taylor - Varsity at Duchesne HS

Maddie - JV/Varsity -Will be a swing player, splitting time between the JV and varsity at Duchesne HS

Keeley - JV/Varsity - One of two freshmen to make the JV (no freshman made varsity) at Pattonville HS and may see some varsity time if the varsity is short a player during the year.

Bridget - Varsity at Rosati-Kain

Alise - Varsity at Rosati-Kain

Morgan - Varsity at St. Charles West

Paige - Varsity at McCluer North

Makayla - Varsity at Ritenour HS

Sophie - Varsity at Parkway South HS

Before I go any further I want to thank the HS coaches of each of these girls for giving them the opportunity to play at this level this coming fall.  I can't thank each of you enough for having the faith in these girls that I have always had in them. 

For each of these girls this represents a great accomplishment.  It is difficult enough for freshmen to make JV at a lot of high schools but for these 9 freshman-to-be, 7 of them made VARSITY outright, one will swing between JV and varsity and the 9th in this group  was one of two freshmen at her HS to make JV (no freshman made varsity) and may be brought up to varsity if the need arises.   This is an amazing result for a small, local (North County) team and it speaks to how much work these girls have put in to become better players.  QUICK is all about individual development and putting the girls at positions that they can suceed at, both in club and in high school.   We want to give quality coaching while keeping the cost of club volleyball where it SHOULD be.   It cost each player $247 total to play for QUICK 14s this year. 

I can't tell you how proud I am of each of these girls.  Way to go, ladies.   Your hard work payed off and I love all of you.  I especially love the effort you have put in to become better volleyball players and impress your HS coaches during this tryout weekend. 

High school tryouts for Illinois start next Wednesday.   Good luck QUICK 17s as you go back to your HS for tryouts!  


First, happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there.   Volleyball wouldn't be possible without all of you getting your kids to and from practice and tournaments and that applies as much, if not more, to the moms of QUICK players.     Again, have a great day, moms!

 Although in the big scheme of life, it hardly makes a ripple but volleyball in St. Louis will never be the same as we all find out that St. Louis CYC volleyball club will go out of operation after nationals this year.  This club has been an icon in St. Louis club volleyball for 30 years.   As their club announcement says, part of the reason for the club ceasing operations is that it has become more of a business than what it was when the main clubs in the St. Louis area were CYC, Team St. Louis, St. Charles VBC and Tri-County Volleyball Club in the late 1980s.  With CYC ceasing operations none of those clubs is in existence any more.   It's a shame that volleyball has become an income generator for so many club administrators, coaches and even now tournament directors.   Not that I begrudge anyone making an income but this is youth volleyball for heaven's sake.  This situation was the reason I started a blog about keeping the cost of club volleyball down to the bare minimum, with suggestions of how that might be possible.   If you are interested you can read more at:


Goood luck to all the region teams at USA Nationals and the AAU national championships.   For my money the AAUs is the best bargain in national championships with good competition without any of the cost of going to national qualifiers. 



 QUICK VBC finished up its second season this past weekend.   

QUICK 14s finished up the season 30-17 vs 14s teams in the region and had an overall record of 57-31 including four 15s tournaments and an interregional 14s tournament in Indianapolis.   They ended up ranked 25th out of 90 teams in the region, which was similar to their ranking of 22nd out of 79 teams last year at 13s. 

 QUICK 17s wound up ranked 36th out of 79 teams in the region, bettering significantly their 53rd place ranking (out of 78 teams) last year as 16s. This was made even more impressive as a comparison of final 16s rankings from last year and the final 17s rankings from this year showed that QUICK had one of the top increases in ranking compared to teams in their age groups (moving up 17 places in the rankings, year over  year).  Many teams either held their same ranking from the previous year or slipped a little bit.   QUICK 17s finished with an overall 25-21 record against 17s teams in the region and a 32-37 record against all teams they played against.   

The 14s practiced an average of 1.3 times a week (most teams in the region average closer to 2 practices a week) during the year and it ended up costing $247 per player to play for this team.  

The 17s ended up practicing an average of 1 time a week and it ended up costing returning players just $217 to play the entire season. 

This shows that quality select volleyball is possible without charging a lot of money AND also still allowing for kids to be involved in other activities.   One of our goals is to show all clubs and players in the region that this is possible.   Probably less than 5% of the kids in this region will go on to play college volleyball.  For what it costs a kid to play from 10-and-under to 17-and-under (over $2000 a year on average in the big clubs and $1000 a year in smaller clubs), a family could pay for a decent chunk of college education for that child if they could save most of that money instead of spending it on club volleyball.    

We at QUICK VBC want to say thanks to all the coaches, players and parents who gave up so much of their time to make this season a success.  

Stay tuned for more QUICK volleyball this coming fall as we continue to expand in our effort to bring more volleyball to the area of Alton to Jerseyville to Litchfield to Edwardsville and surrounding school districts.   


 QUICK 14s ended their season today finishing 3rd in the silver division of 14s regionals.   They won two matches, both in 2 games and then lost in the silver semifinals against SLVVC in 3 games.   Much more tipping and dinking by SLVVC and much more hitting by QUICK but, sometimes the sneaky team beats the power team.    Nevertheless, good season for QUICK 14s as their pre-regionals ranking in the region was 17th.  They were one of only 3 teams in the top 17 teams in the region that were from a club other than typical regional powerhouses,  Show Me Rox,  HP STL, Rockwood, Team Momentum, TESL, St. Louis CYC, H2 and MOVA.  Congratulations, ladies and the picture of me with the team is already in place on the wall in my office!  Good luck in your HS open gyms, camps and tryouts this summer and see you next fall at tryouts!   A special thanks goes out to their coaches, Mary Hurley and Carolyn Aubuchon who guided our 14s to a very successful season. 

It cost each family $247 to play the entire season for QUICK 14s.  They played a tournament in Indianapolis and the Gateway Festival in addition to playing in regionals.     


 Rough first day at the 14s Gold/Silver regionals for QUICK 14s.   They went 0-3 (1-6 in games) to fall into the silver bracket for tomorrow's playoffs.    Things didn't go their way today but tomorrow is another day as these girls, who have had a great season, play their last matches together before they head off to high school and new volleyball challenges this fall.  For 7 of these girls they have been playing together since 5th grade with one joining in 6th grade and one joining in 7th grade.   They have accomplished a lot finishing 3rd in the Gateway Festival and ended up ranked as the 5th best 12-and-under team in the region.    They have followed that up with two good years culminating in the regional playoffs tomorrow.   Good luck tomorrow girls!  You have made us all proud of how a bunch of mostly (except for Morgan :-) ) North County kids could compete with the best volleyball teams in the Gateway Region!  Be as proud of what you have done as we are of you!


QUICK 17s finished regionals today.   They wound up 5th (out of 18 teams) in the event, posting a 10-2 game record (5-1 in matches).   Today they beat Midwest Fire (40th in the region, but missing their starting setter who was hurt the match before) and HP STL White (47th) and lost to H2 Il White (38th in the region).    They also finished ahead of Aces Black (finished in 9th place), Aces Royal (11th place) and Aces Illinois (13th place), among other teams, in a tournament won by Net Force Green, who upset Quincy to win the bronze championship in this 18 team event.   For the year QUICK 17s were 25-21 against 17s competition and will finish in the top half of 17s teams in our region, bettering their finish last year when they finished 53rd out of 81 teams in last year's 16s in the final Gateway Region rankings.   Congratulations QUICK on a great season!

 Oh, BTW, the cost to play the entire season for QUICK 17s was $217 for returning players and $300 for new players who had to buy their uniform package.  Four of our players were sophomores.  4 of our players were playing select for the first time, 3 for their second year and only one player had played more than three years of club volleyball.  Due to so many of our players playing multiple HS sports, we were only able to do one team practice a week and, for players who could make it, one skills session a week.   Again, congratulations girls for your success despite all these obstacles.   I have seen the development that you have made this year and it is truly outstanding.  


The 17s (ranked 42nd our of 79 teams in the most recent regional rankings) swept through their first day of play in regionals today, beating RC Flyers (66th in the region), Midwest Fire (40th in the region) and Festus Fire (44th in the region), all in straight sets to take over the #5 seed in the tournament.   The competition immediately gets tougher as we enter the bronze (championship) bracket of the 17s bronze/copper regionals for the playoffs tomorrow.  Great first day for the 17s.   Good luck tomorrow.


 14s and 17s strike gold while playing 'up' at Principia.

 Gold playoffs, that is.  

 The 14s played in a 16-team 15s tournamet and finished 2nd in their pool losing to TESL 15s, splitting wit South County 15s and beating HP STL White 15s to finish 2nd in their pool.  They lost in the playoffs to Rockwood 13s Mizuno who was playing in the gold finals when we left.

The 17s played up in the 18s event, going 4-2 in pool play to finish second to St. Louis CYC 151, who they split with in pool, and then losing to eventual champion Natural Disasters in the gold semifinals.  The 17s were missing two middle blockers, one due to injury and the other due to the death of a friend from Jerseyville who died in a car accident on Saturday night. 

 Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family of the girl, who we heard was a volleyball player at Jerseyville, and to the passenger in her car who had serious injuries. 


 QUICK 14s traveled to Game Time today to play in a 15s event there.   They won their pool with a 5-1 record and then lost a rematch to MOVA 15 Gold in the semifinals of the gold bracket.   Second straight 3rd place finish in a 15s tournament.  Way to go girls!

QUICK 17s went to Belleville and went 2-4 against 17s teams, bringing their overall game record this year to 15-19 against Gateway 17s teams.   Currently we are ranked 45th in the region and in this event we lost to the 17th and 40th ranked teams in our region and beat the 48th ranked team in the region.   

 One more tournament for each team heading into regionals with the 14s and 17s teams both playing "up" in their next events. 


Another good day for QUICK volleyball. 

The 17s played at Principia and took second in the silver.  While that doesn't sound great, their two pool play match losses were to the teams who finished first and second in the event, Rockwood Navy 16s and HPSTL 15s Royal.    They beat HP STL 17s White and SISVBC 16s Elite before losing to HP STL 17s White in the finals of the silver.   Their pool was tough as it featured the two finalists in the gold division and the two finalists in the silver division.  If that wasn't tough enough they played the entire day with only 6 players as one of their outside hitters and two of their middles could not be there.    We had three players playing out of position with our libero playing opposite, our opposite playing middle and one of our setters hitting outside besides having our one true middle playing all the time (front and back brow) for the first time this year.    Great job ladies for gutting it out and playing with such passion.   Your result does not nearly represent the level and determination that you played with today!

The 14s played in a 15s event in St. Charles and finished 3rd .  They played pool play with their backup setter who did a great joub and only had their full team (9 players) for bracket play.  In pool they finished 2nd by splitting with St. Charles Stars 15s KM, losing to Team Momentum Orange 15s (ranked 7th in the region in 15s) and beating Lions.  In the playoffs they beat MOVA 15 Gold in 3 games in the quarterfinals and  lost in the semis to St. Charles Stars SM.  Another great effort. 


QUICK 14s travelled to Belleville to play in a local 14s event.  They finished 4-1-1 on the day, defeating ROAR, MOVA White, RC Flyers and SWI Blue, splitting with MOVA Black in pool play and losing only to SWI Black in the finals. 

QUICK 17s made the long drive out to Francis Howell and finished 3-1-1 on the day to win the silver division.  Their only loss was to Team Momentum White, splitting with H2 IL West and defeating Rockwood White, Owensville and St. Louis Powerhitters on route to a 7-4 game record.   


QUICK 14s stayed in town this weekend to play in the Gateway Festival, one of the regions signature events.   QUICK went 5-1 in matches over the two-day tournament, losing only in the semifinals to HP STL 14 White.    They had victories over SLVVC, Gemini, HP 13s, JC Crush and Aces before losing for the first time against a 14s team this year.  This runs their match record on the year vs 14-and-under teams to 12-1-1 and their overall match record to 17-3-2, counting matches against 13s and 15s teams.  The goals the club set for this team begin and end with the development of its players as they prepare to try out for their high school teams this fall.  However, while winning isn't necessary for this team to reach those goals, it is nice that during this process where their technique is refined and they learn to play offense and defense at a high level, they are having success on the court, as well.  Great job ladies!  See you this week as you continue your training. 


 QUICK 14s hit the road today to play in an interregional tournament in Indianapolis.   They went undefeated in pool play and then swept their way to the gold championship in straight sets in all their playoff matches even though they only brought 8 players to the event.   The girls had a great day, played strong all day and put into use everything they had learned in practice.  Also a testament to how strong they played was that the second place team from their first pool won the silver division and the 3rd and 4th place teams from their first pool played in the finals of the bronze division, making their first pool the toughest one by far in the tournament.  Congratulations girls and safe travels back to St. Louis!!!!!!


 Not so good news for QUICK 17s as they went 1-7 yesterday at Principia.   On paper this was their toughest tournament of the year and it proved to be that way in reality, not just on paper.   After losing two close games to the #1 seed in the pool, Rockwood Navy 16s (a qualifier for USA Volleyball's national championships the last 3 years) they split with the highest ranked 17s team in the tournament (#16 in last year's 16s rankings), JNVBC E.  However, they lost two close, ugly games the Rapid Fire Blue and then lost to last year's #25 team, TC Select in the silver playoffs (we also lost to them in regionals last year).   However, the things we had worked on in practice the past two weeks were seen all day, a real positive that with only 2 practices they were able to make these things part of their game!

1/17/16 -  

It was a good weekend for QUICK teams.

The 14s finished with an 11-1 record, winning the PAO 14s tournament.  They won 11 successive games after a close loss in the first game of the tournament (defeating that team, Crossfire, 3 more times in the tournament).  In the finals they beat a very good Team Momentum Navy 13s, completing a 4-0 record against that team for the tournament.  This came after the 14s opened the season last weekend by playing with only 6 players (including their libero) in finishing 2nd in the silver at the Aces 15s tournament. 

 The 17s opened their season with a 4-5 record in the Principia 17s tournament.    The team played very well with 3 players playing in their first select volleyball ever and five other players only playing in their second year of club volleyball.    During the tournament they played the #17, #24, #27 and #45 ranked teams in the region from last year's end of the season rankings and took at least one game from every team but last year's #17 team (Franklin County).

1/1/16 -

 Happy New Year from QUICK Volleyball Club, whose high school program services Illinois from Alton to Jerseyville to Litchfield to Edwardsville and surrounding school districts.   

If you have any questions about any of the QUICK VBC teams, please contact the club director, Dennis Nosco, either at 314-921-0919 or via e-mail at dnosco@hotmail.com  

 11/7/15 - The QUICK difference 

 The goal of the QUICK high school program is to start and maintain a quality club volleyball program and make an impact on the development of volleyball players in the area of Illinois from Alton to Jerseyville to Litchfield and to Edwardsville and surrounding school districts.  Our first year was a big success as you can see below by how some of our players from last year's 16s team (our first team ever) did for their high school teams this fall. (players listed below are high school juniors unless otherwise noted)   

Brianna Henke - A leader on a team that just set a school record for most wins in a season, Brianna is among the leaders in the entire St. Louis area in kills per game (11th) and aces per game (34th) and was second on her team in service points per game, blocks per game and points per serve.  Brianna was all-tournament at the Macoupin County volleyball tournament and was named 1st team all-conference this year in the Prairie State conference. 

Savannah Fisher - A two year starter on a team that is 21-11 on the season, Savannah led her team in aces per game (36th in the entire St. Louis area), service recieves and digs and ranks 3rd on her team in kills while playing middle blocker after having played outside hitter for QUICK last year.  Savannah made the all-tournament team at the Alton Invitiational and the All-area team in the Advantage News. 

Kassidy Funke - As libero and part-time DS on the same 21-11 team, Kassi was 2nd on her team in serve receives, 4th in digs and 3rd in service points per game. 

Faith Franke - As a sophomore splitting time between varsity and JV, Faith is among area leaders (17th) and led her varsity in blocks per game.

Marissa Nosco - As a sophomore in her first varsity season, she was the starting setter and co-captain.  Marissa's team went 16-11, posting a winning record for the first time since 2006.  She was among St. Louis area leaders in assists per game (29th in the area), aces per game (16th), service points per game (8th) and points per serve (39th).  She was 3rd on her team in digs.  Marissa made the all-tournament team at the EAWR Invitational, was also 1st team all-conference in the Prarie State Conference and All-Area in the Advantage News this year.   Marissa was also the only setter in the St. Louis area to have at least 400 assists, 50 aces, 200 digs and 190 service points, based on statistics in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.    

Stephanie Korte - A first year varsity setter after being on the JV as a sophomore, she led her team to the most wins in school history and a regional championship, defeating perennial power Carlinville.  She was among area leaders in assists per game (14th), service points per game (22nd) and aces per game (25th).   She was also one of a handful of setters in the St. Louis area to have more than 500 assists, 50 service aces and 200 service points.  Stephanie made the all tournament team at the Redbird Classic and was 2nd team all-conference in the South Central Conference.

 At QUICK, we are built on 4 principles:

  • Quality coaching - We won't have a team in an age group if we can't find a quality coach.  Without quality coaching kids don't improve the way they should for the commitment they (and their parents) are making to this sport.   
  • Affordable cost - We know how tight money can be.  We try to make club volleyball as inexpensive as possible.  We are not inexpensive because we give you less development, other clubs are more expensive because they charge large club administration fees, make you buy uniform items and accessories you don't need and pay the coaches, things that don't necessarily translate into quality for you.  Our 13s and 16s last year paid under $300 per player for the entire season, everything included.  Our open gyms are free. 
  • Integrity - We believe that winning is NOT an important part of the club volleyball.  Player development is the most important thing we do.  Just like we wouldn't put an inexperienced coach in charge of a club team, we won't, except in case of emergencies, put players at positions JUST to help our teams.  Rather, we try to train players at positions that will help those players as they get to the next level in their volleyball development.   
  • Caring - We schedule most practices on the weekend to lessen conflicts with players' high school sports.  We don't overschedule as we know players have other commitments and responsibilities.  We offer skill sessions for our HS players so they can get more practice if they would like it. 

QUICK stands for QUality, Integrity, Caring and Knowledgeable.

We hope you will choose QUICK as your club this season.  But whether you do or don't, we want you playing club

10/8/15 - Teams for 2015-2016 season announced!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

QUICK VBC is pleased to announce its teams for the upcoming season and tryout dates for those teams. 

Girls 17s - Head coach: Dennis Nosco, assistant coach: TBD; estimated cost: $200-350 for the entire season; practices and tournaments mostly in Illinois; 6-8 local tournaments, no travel; practice begins in late December, season ends in mid-April.  Minimal conflict with high school sports and willing to work around, where possible, other commitments. Tryout date and time: See above

Girls 14s - Co-coaches:  Dennis Nosco, Carolyn Aubuchon, Mary Hurley; Estimated cost $200-400 for the entire season.  Practices start in late November and season ends in mid-April.  Practices and tournaments mostly in Missouri. Tryouts complete

Girls 12s -  Coaches; TBD;  Estimated cost:$200 for the entire season.  Practices and tournaments mostly in Illinois;  Tryout date and time: TBD 

 Please contact Dennis Nosco (dnosco@hotmail.com) with any questions about the above teams.  More information will be available as we get closer to tryout dates. 


QUICK is always looking for new coaches.   

Please contact Dennis Nosco at dnosco@hotmail.com if interested. 


Quick 13s finished their season today, ending up as the 21st-ranked team in the Gateway Region and ending the first year of QUICK VBC STL.  The 13s played in 7 local tournaments plus the President's Day Classic, Mid-East Qualifier and the Battle for the Arch.  They practiced two times a week most weeks.  The per player cost for the entire season was $215.    Most of the teams they played at our last tournament were charging $2000-$2500 per player for the season.   Quality coaching at a reasonable price.  That is what QUICK is all about.  When you look at the club you want your daughter playing for next year we hope you will consider QUICK but, more importantly, that you will consider whether you need to be paying over $2000 or even over $500 for your daughter to play club volleyball.   We don't think you should be paying that much as we have shown that it can be done more cheaply AND with high quality technical instruction and winning results, both for the player's development and the team's success.



 Our 16s completed their season today.  We played in 8 tournaments, had to pay for practice time and still our per player cost for the entire season was $217 per player.  We had 10 players from 8 different schools who became friends.  I am so proud of these kids.  We played 16s and had 6 sophomores, 4 freshmen, and only three kids who ever had played club before.  We had kids who were cut from other club tryouts, kids who were cut from their high school team.  We only had two kids who were starters on their HS varsity this year.  Most of our players were on their JV teams, some not even full-time starters.  Yet we competed with more experienced club teams and battled them.  In all matches, our record was 36-42 including 0-8 in our last event, which was a warmup for teams trying to qualify on May 3rd for nationals. I can't wait for next season!!!! Have I mentioned how proud I am of these girls?!?!?! 


QUICK is an acronym that stands for Quality, Integrity, Caring and Knowledgeable.

We're a new club but our club director has been involved in youth volleyball in this area for over a quarter of a century.  To learn more about him, his experience and his vision for what club volleyball should be, click on the Club History and Philosophy tab on the left. 

We have founded this club on two premises: 

(a) club volleyball has gotten too expensive in the St. Louis area. 

(b) there should be a quality volleyball club that services the area in Illinois from Alton to Jerseyville to Litchfield to Edwardsville and surrounding schools.   

We, at QUICK, don't believe that club volleyball has to be expensive to have quality.  You just have to have dedicated and knowledgeable coaches, and players and parents who strive for and are willing to work for quality play at a reasonable price.  By keeping costs under control our club director has coached teams that finished 7th in the region (Girls 11s, 2011) (cost per player before fundraisers: $250; after deducting the profits for fundraisers the cost ended up being $50 per player for the entire season);  and 5th in the region and 9th in the MidEast Qualifier (girls 12s, 2014) (under $300 per player for the entire season after fundraising).  At QUICK, we believe that low cost plus quality coaching creates value for parents and players. 

We plan to start small with only a couple of teams this year with a St. Louis-based 13s and an Illinois-based 16s teams.  Next year we plan to expand by having teams in as many age groups as possible, most being in the Illinois area described above. 

Let us know if you have any questions by clicking the CONTACT US page.  

We sincerely hope you will give us a try.


 Dennis Nosco