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A minimum $100 deposit is required by 1-20-11 (No exceptions) of receiving your registration confirmation. The remaining $250 is due on 2-4-11(No exceptions). Once your Registration Form & deposit has been received and processed, you will receive an Email with league instructions.
"A.B.L" Adult Basketball League



Congrats to our 1st Annual Alumni League  

2010-2011 Tournament Champions:



2010-2011 League MVP:

Mr. Shon Carter (East Meck)


Alumni League Rules

1.      Must be at least 30 years old or have been out of high school for at least 10 years (NO EXCEPTIONS TO RULE #1)

2.      No more than 15 men on a roster, and the roster must be turn in before the season, Game has to start with 5 players or forfeit with NO REFUND!! We will allow an extra 3 minutes on clock for players to arrive before forfeit.

3.      There will be 2, 20 minute halves; clock only stops for free throws, timeouts, and injuries

4.      Each team is allotted a total of 5 timeouts for each game, 3 full-timeouts-2 30s timeouts

5.      Each player is allowed 5 fouls before fouling out

6.      No kids are permitted on the sideline

7.     No profanity or vulgar language at anytime, one technical for this behavior and the player is suspended from that game and the next game. If you are kicked out of a game you are suspended from the next game, NO REFUND!!

8.     3 technicals in the league and the player will be suspended from the league permanently with NO REFUND!!!.

9.      Each team must have identical t-shirts with numbers on back or jerseys with numbers on back.

10.  If a player is not on the roster prior to season they will not be able to play

11. No firearms will be allowed on the premises

12.   No fighting or threaten another player will be tolerated.

13.  Clean up bench after each game or you will be fined $10 dollars on the next game.

14.  ABL nor the facility will not be held responsible for any injury of any player

15.  ABL nor the facility will not be held responsible for any personal items that are lost or stolen

16.  OVERTIME: One 3 minute overtime with 1 full timeout, second overtime sudden death first basket wins 

17. NO EXCEPTIONS to rules 1-16. 


T.J. Swann: Founder/CEO

Aaron Alexander : President 

Contact Email: tj_tymespecial@yahoo.com



Disclaimer: The Queen City Alumni High School Basketball League has NO affiliation with the Charlotte Mecklenburg School System!!


Best of Me by amac

Monday, October 25
Individual Top Performances


  1.  Mark Horsley (Waddell Park All-Stars) 39 points vs. E.A. PREP STARS
  2. Donovan (West Meck) 35 points vs. Independence
  3. CoJack (Independence) 35 points vs. West Meck
  4. Gerald (Olympic) 29 points vs. East Meck
  5. Rock (Independence) 21 points vs. West Meck
  6. Chris "Big Red" (Providence) 20 points vs. Myers Park
  7. Jason Horsley (Waddell Park All-Stars) 20 points vs. E.A. PREP STARS
  8. R. Henry (East Meck) 16 points vs. Olympic
  9. Cloud (Myers Park) 12 points vs. Providence



  1. Andy Gunn (South Meck): 30 points vs. Waddell Park All-Stars
  2. Holmes (East Meck): 26 points vs. Providence
  3. J. Horsley (Waddell Park): 26 points vs. South Meck
  4. C. Clyburn (Providence): 23 points vs. East Meck
  5. Barnes (Myers Park): 14 points vs. West Meck


Tuesday, September 28

Game Results:


  1. Waddell Park All-Stars 83 vs E.A. Prep 75
  2. East Meck 79 vs Olympic 66
  3. West Meck 114 vs Independence 100
  4. Myers Park 53 vs Providence 45



  1. Waddell Park All-Stars 74 vs. South Meck 54
  2. Myers Park 69 vs. West Meck 48
  3. East Meck 98 vs. Providence 40