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2013 Season Registration Forms

2013 Player Registration2013 Player Registration

2013 Medical Release Form2013 Medical Release Form

2013 Volunteer Application2013 Volunteer Application

2013 Sponsor Form2013 Sponsor Form

2013 Fall Ball Handout

Please download handout for 2013 Fall Ball information

2013 FallBall2013 FallBall

2013 Snack Bar Sign Up Information


Final 2013 Schedules...

2013 TBall and CPitch Game Schedule2013 TBall and CPitch Game Schedule


Umpire Assignments

See handout for umpire assignments for the season.

2013 Complete Umpire Schedule(4-18-13)2013 Complete Umpire Schedule(4-18-13)

QHLL Constitutions

New and Old QHLL Constitution



2013 QHLL Standing Rules

2013 QHLL Standing Rules2013 QHLL Standing Rules

Umpire Stuff

Umpiring Facts & InfoUmpiring Facts & Info

Think you know BaseballThink you know Baseball

Top 40 BB Rules and MythsTop 40 BB Rules and Myths

2 Man Mechanics (60ft Diamond)2 Man Mechanics (60ft Diamond)