Quartz Hill Pony Baseball League: Welcome

R.I.P. John Michael Burgess
R.I.P. John Michael Burgess

   The objective of our Pony League shall be to implant firmly in the youth of the community the ideals of good sportsmanship, honesty, loyalty, courage and reverence, so they will be well adjusted, stronger and happier youth and will grow to be good, decent, healthy and trustworthy adults.

Eligibility: Ages: 12, 13 & 14 by April 30, 2014.



Just an FYI Quartz Hill Pony will Be holding early sign ups. Dates and times are as followed.

Oct. 19th from 2-4pm.
Nov. 9th from 2-4pm.

Early sign up fees will be $230.00




2014 Fall Ball Pony schedule


Date:                                                                 Time:                                                      Teams:

September 11th                                                  6:00pm                                                  Rays vs Quakes

September 14th                                                 9:00am                                                  Tigers vs Quakes

September 14th                                                 11:15am                                                  Cardinals vs Nationals

September 14th                                                 1:30pm                                                   A's vs Rays

September 14th                                                 3:45pm                                                  Brewers vs Dodgers

September 16th                                                 6:00pm                                                  Quakes vs Rays

September 18th                                                 6:00pm                                                  Nationals vs A's

September 21st                                                  9:00am                                                 Rays vs Dodgers 

September 21st                                                 11:15am                                                  Nationals vs Quakes

September 21st                                                 1:30pm                                                   Brewers vs Cardinals

September 21st                                                 3:45pm                                                   A's vs Tigers

September 23rd                                               6:00pm                                                  A's vs Brewers

September 25th                                                6:00pm                                                  Cardinals vs Quakes 

September 28th                                                9:00am                                                  Quakes vs Brewers

September 28th                                                11:15am                                                  Tigers vs Rays

September 28th                                                1:30pm                                                   A's vs Cardinals

September 28th                                                3:45pm                                                  Dodgers vs Nationals

September 30th                                                6:00pm                                                 Rays vs Brewers 

October 2nd                                                      6:00pm                                                 Dodgers vs Tigers

October 5th                                                       9:00am                                                  Nationals vs Brewers

October 5th                                                       11:15am                                                  Quakes vs A's

October 5th                                                       1:30pm                                                   Tigers vs Dodgers

October 5th                                                       3:45pm                                                   Cardinals vs Rays

October 9th                                                      NO GAMES                                            NO GAMES

October 12th                                                    9:00 am                                                   Cardinals vs Tigers

October 12th                                                    11:15am                                                   A's vs Dodgers                  

October 12th                                                    1:30pm                                                     Natinals vs Rays

October 12th                                                    3:45pm                                                    Quakes vs Brewers

October 14th                                                   6:00pm                                                    Dodgers vs Cardinals

October 16th                                                   6:00pm                                                    Tigers vs Nationals

October 19th                                                   9:00am                                                    Rays vs A's 

October 19th                                                   11:15am                                                   Quakes vs Dodgers

October 19th                                                   1:30pm                                                    Brewers vs Tigers 

October 19th                                                   3:45pm                                                    Nationals vs Cardinals






2014 QHPL Home Run Leaders as of 5/10/2014.

 AL: Brett Hill: 1 (Angels)

 AL: Elijah Gates: 5 (A's)

 AL: Matthew Walton: 2 (Angels)

 AL: Tyrese Grandy: 2 (A's)

 AL: Danny Tejada: 4 (Twins)

 AL: Travis Lavendier: 2 (Twins)

 AL: Brendon Stutzman: 1 (Red Sox)

 AL David Castillo: 1 (Red Sox)

 AL: Andrew Van Buren: 3 (Twins) 

 NL: Gabriel Bitolas: 1 (Giants) 

 NL: Carlos Oceguera: 1 (Cardinals)

 NL: Isaac Moreno: 1 (Cardinals) 

 NL: Randy Clemons: 3 (Giants)

 NL: Jonah Percell: 1 (Cardinals) 

 AL: Tyler Iskiyan: 1 (Twins)   

 ALNick Landa: 1 (Angels)

 AL: Mikey Carrillo: 1 (Red Sox)

 NL: Adrian Monroe: 1 (Dodgers) 



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