PYSL TOPSoccer: Documents to share

Feel free to print and share these fliers and letters with friends and loved ones.
Player Registration Form

Player Registration Form

Player Registration FormPlayer Registration Form

CYSA Membership Form (1601)

This form is required each year to register for seasonal league play. You will need to complete and sign TWO copies of this form. No photos or birth certificates required.

CYSA Membership Form (1601)CYSA Membership Form (1601)

Letters from TOPSoccer friends


Open letter from a momOpen letter from a mom

Volunteer Registration and Waiver form

This forms is required for all volunteers/buddies.

Volunteer Reg and Waiver formVolunteer Reg and Waiver form


TOPSoccer Flier

TOPSoccer FlierTOPSoccer Flier

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