Pflugerville Youth Football League: History

Warner, Pop (1871-1954)
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American football coach, credited with originating the single and double wingback formations. He was born Glenn Scobey Warner in Springville, New York, and educated at Cornell University. Warner, one of the outstanding football coaches of his time, was active for 45 years. The institutions at which Warner coached include the University of Georgia (1895-96); Cornell University (1897-98 and 1904-6); the Carlisle (Pennsylvania) Indian Industrial School (1899-1903 and 1907-14), which he brought to a high place in football ranks; the University of Pittsburgh (1915-23); Stanford University (1924-32); and Temple University (1933-39). He was advisory coach at San Jose (California) State College from 1940 to 1945, when he retired. Among his outstanding players at Carlisle was the All-American halfback Jim Thorpe.