PYAA Fastpitch Softball: PYAA Softball Rules

Sunday, February 12
PYAA Softball Rules for spring and fall season play

PYAA plays by regular season Dixie Softball rules, with additional local league options set forth in the handout.  Coaches and players should be familiar with Dixie Rules and any changes that are listed to the rules on the website, as well as all PYAA rules for softball season play.  The rules were decided to insure fairness to all players and will be enforced by the Board.  If you have any questions or need clarification on Dixie or PYAA rules, please check with the Director of your child's division. 

The most important goal is to have fun while learning the game of softball!  Healthy competition, teamwork, fair play and respect should be followed in all aspects of the game, both on and off the field. 


The Dixie Softball, Inc. national board of directors met in Litchfield Beach, South Carolina on September 23 & 24 and the following rule & policy changes were put into place:



The following will be added as a new Article: (D.) - (LOCAL LEAGUE OPTION 2) Each time a player-pitcher issues four (4) balls to a batter, the batter will not receive a base on balls. Instead the coach-pitcher will pitch three (3) pitches to the batter in which the batter can: 1. Strike at and miss three (3) pitches thus creating a "strike out" or, 2. Hit the ball where a play can be made. After the batter has either successfully reached base or made an out, the player-pitcher will resume pitching to the next scheduled batter. Present coach-pitch rules that appear in the DIXIE DARLINGS SPECIFIC PLAYING RULES in this rule guide will apply with the above exceptions.


1. Page 5, Section DEMOCRATIC ACTION, 3rd complete paragraph

With written permission from the President, states may have more than nine (9) districts.

2. Page 13, Section DATES TO REMEMBER

Suggested changes for rules and policies must be in the hands of the vice president no later than May 5 of the current year. Any rule or policy change received after the proper deadline date in a season must be resubmitted the following season (year) and must be received by the proper deadline date.

3. Fees for registering as a DSI umpire in 2012 will be $30.00. The $30.00 fee will include an umpire's manual sent to each umpire free of charge for each umpire request.

3. Page 96, Section XII, Article (C)

Firearms of any kind will NOT be allowed within the confines of the actual playing/practice area. The only firearms allowed at actual playing/practice areas will be those worn by law enforcement officers who are called to the actual playing/practice area to handle situations that may occur from time to time. 




Handout: PYAA Rules