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Tuesday, June 13
2017 Sportsmanship Award Winners Announced

After two rounds of voting, this season’s 2017 sportsmanship award winning teams are:


1st place- Academy Park

2nd place- Conestoga

3rd place- CB West


Congratulations to these teams for exemplifying sportsmanship throughout the season.

Wednesday, February 24
PIAA Bulletins & Stick information

Please go to the Girls Lacrosse page on the PIAA website to review the preseason bulletins and the latest of which includes clarification on the recessed screw wording and enforcement guidelines, questions and answers on the rules and a document showing pictures of legal/illegal knotting for the different levels.

Also for your reference here is a document laying out the anatomy of a women's lacrosse stick and a Stick Guideline PDF which contines the measurements and requirements for NCAA Coach stick check requests. However, this is a good reference, not for coach's stick check requests, but as a quick reference for a stick that may seem odd at any level of play as the USL guidelines are the same.

Some supplemental questions and answers are here from the Monday, February 22nd meeting for reference.

Monday, February 1
Stick Guidelines
Please check out this Stick Guideline PDF.  It contines the measurements and requirements for NCAA Coach stick check requests. However, this is a good reference, not for coach's stick check requests, but as a quick reference for a stick that may seem odd at any level of play as the USL guidelines are the same.

Sunday, November 8
Certified Trainer Program

Attached is a document with information about the Certified Trainer Program that will be implemented prior to the 2016 season. Applications will be available soon on the US Lacrosse Arbiter Central Hub Programs and Clinics page. Following the application process, there will be a registration link available.

PWLUA intends to have 5 USL certified trainers. If you are interested in being considered for one of these training positions, please contact Lorma Capili @ no later than Tuesday, 11/10/2015.

Sunday, October 11
US Lacrosse Announces 2016 Rule Changes
Please check out the summary of rule changes for the 2016 season on the US Lacrosse website.

Saturday, June 27
US Lacrosse and Collegiate Officials Association (COA) Joining Together


I hope many of you have finished or are getting close to the end of your season and taking some time off from lacrosse. Your role is vital to the success of the women's officials education and development, and I cannot thank you enough or adequately for your leadership and commitment to US Lacrosse.

As you are aware, US Lacrosse and Collegiate Officials Association (COA) are joining together to transition collegiate officials' trainings, observations and ratings to COA. Attached is the document, jointly written by COA, USL and IWCLA, that outlines this transition. Please distribute this information to your board members who: - already officiate college level games; - you anticipate officiating college level games within the next 2-4 years; - those officials who aspire to officiate college level of play.

If questions arise after distribution of this document, I encourage you to forward them onto Nikki Williams and Joan Sitterly at: Nikki: Joan: ?

Many thanks for your assistance with this and my best,

Jen Dorff WGOSC Chair
1030 Beacon Bluff Court
Colorado Springs CO 80905

Sunday, October 11
Updates from the PWLUA President

I hope that you all have had a wonderful summer. The fall is a great time to prepare for the upcoming 2016 ...

Friday, May 1
High School Sportsmanship Award

In a couple of weeks you will be asked to participate in two rounds of voting for our High School Sportsmanship award. Schools receiving one or more votes will be added to the 2nd round. This will be an online vote. Very simple, very easy. Listed below are some guidelines to be used when making your decision. Now that we all aren't freezing we can take the next couple of weeks to think about our decision. The team chosen will receive this award at the annual PLA banquet. Refer to this list of schools. If there is a missing institution please inform Kerry Sacco ASAP.

-PWLUA Sportsmanship & Fair play Fairness
-Knowing the rules of the contest
-Self Control
-Exercise Representational Behavior
        -Respect for Opponents
-Displays open graciousness in winning or losing
-Recognizes & appreciates skilled performance regardless of affiliation
-Respecting the Judgement of the Officials

Friday, May 1
Women's Officials Programs and Clinics
Please go to your Central Hub and find the latest updates on WOMEN'S OFFICIALS PROGRAMS AND CLINICS. As a reminder, PWLUA offers scholarships as well! Reflect on your lacrosse career and how you can be the best official you can be!!

Wednesday, March 25
Carding Form

Becoming a New Women's Lacrosse Official

New officials WANTED:

Interested in becoming a new official?  Click here for step-by-step instructions on how to do exactly that.

Please contact Roberta Butler,, 215-570-1390 for more information....there's a reward for referrals....

Training includes:
-Handouts, exgra rule book, coin, cards and flag
-Initial Classroom session - 2 hours
-Live on field training - 4 hours

First scheduled session is January 16th from 6-8pm, others to be scheduled as space becomes available.

Monday, December 1
Memo to All Officials Regarding NOCSAE Decision

On Monday, November 24, 2014, NOCSAE (National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment) issued a statement announcing that it had voided the manufacturer’s certification of compliance for all manufacturing dates, for the Cascade Model R and the Warrior Regulator lacrosse helmets. 

Please click on the Memo link below for the entire article and print the Pregame Certification Reference to keep with you.

Memo PDF:

Pregame Certification Reference:

Wednesday, January 14
2015 Newsletter
Please review the 2015 PWLUA Newsletter, complete with 2015 meeting dates.

If you have not yet registered, please do so now. Note that dues are now considered late and are $55 for an active adult official.  Please see the online registration or the registration form in the newsletter for additional information for youth and new officials dues.

Monday, December 14
Frequently Asked Questions- Answered
How do I become a Lacrosse Umpire?

PWLUA requires that all of our members have official’s membership with US Lacrosse. As a member of a group of working professionals we feel this is essential to stay current with the latest interpretations of rules and gives us educational resources and guidelines as well as insurance.


Where do I get training?

Youth and Adult training has a variety of sessions and opportunities throughout the area.  The opportunities provide classroom instruction and on field training.  Most of the classes form in January, and on field training is on going for those who miss the classes.   No person should feel they cannot be trained for these opportunities.

For classes in your area, contact:

Roberta Butler-Eastern Suburbs-north to

Nancy Coffman- Western Suburbs- West Chester, Reading-


How do I become certified to umpire in Pennsylvania?

PIAA is the governing body for HS and MS games in Pennsylvania schools.  You must obtain an application from  There is a written test which you must take. This test is given 4 times a year.  In June, October and February. At Upper Merion HS or at Belfield Rec Center in Philadelphia.  In addition the 4th opportunity is at the PIAA Officials Convention in August.   If you miss this test you will be ineligible to umpire school games in Pennsylvania this year.


You must also obtain background checks to umpire in PA.  See details on how to obtain the checks by clicking on the HANDOUT TAB.


What if I only want to do youth games?

You can do this if you are trained and certified as a US Lacrosse umpire.   To do this you must attend the required meetings, playday and rating session.


What is the uniform and what equipment do I need?

PWLUA takes particular pride in the appearance of our officials.  We ask that you be dressed neatly and crisply in the required uniform.

The equipment you need can be obtained from one of the vendors listed in the LINKS section. You will need:


Rulebook-provided by US Lacrosse or PIAA

Stripped shirt

Black kilt, shorts or trousers

Black shoes

Yellow Flag

Green, Yellow and Red Cards


Black hat or visor

Other:  Tape measure, umpires manual (available on line), pen or pencil, coin, chapstick, sunscreen.

Why do I have to attend all of these meetings?

PIAA requires that we attend 6 meetings and one interp. meeting.  Those not certified by PIAA must attend the minimum of 4 meetings and an interp. meeting.  Excellence is maintained by having all members attend meetings for current rules interpretations and explanations.  Our board pioneered the format adopted by many boards throughout the country and feel these meetings are necessary to develop the skills and techniques necessary to professionally umpire a lacrosse game.


What is a Playday/Clinic?

The playday/clinic opportunities were developed to help train and evaluate umpires on the field.  These are on field experiences where umpires can get experts to watch them and evaluate their skills as well as give feedback for growth in the game.


How do I get games?

After you have been adequately training and can manage a game, you can be assigned to games appropriate for your evaluated level of competence.  The assignor for Youth (Eastern Suburbs), all Middle school, High school and Division 2 and 3 games in this area is Roberta Butler- .  For Division 1 games you must obtain a rating of District or higher.  Contact Jen O’Donnell- .

Thursday, March 21
Meeting Clarifications

Your meeting responsiblities as members of PWLUA are:
-If you are PIAA you need to complete a MINIMUM of 6 regular meeting equivalents plus an interp.  If you are USL only, you must complete a minimum of 4 meeting equivalents.
-Our Feb. 25th meeting countes as 1 INTERP and 1 REGULAR meeting. Same for BUXMONT board.
-Your Playday will count as a meeting.
-If anyone attended an out-of-chapter Interp meeting (Lehigh valley/Lancaster/Harrisburg) you MUST get a signed note and forward it to me.
-If you attended the super clinic, it counts as 2 meetings.

What is a meeting equivalent??????
-Playday/ extra unpaid playday on separate day Attendance at College game-watching game with another official or speaking with officials on game.this is an educational experience. You cannot simply attend and watch your daughter or niece etc play. You can email me your observations if you cannot connect with game umpires. This can only count as ONE meeting.
-Rules talk at youth, Middle School , High School or parent group. ONE meeting.
-Online course
-USL convention

We have an alternate meeting form located on our website. Fill it out and send or email it to me. If you fail to complete the meeting responsibilties you will be fined $15 per missed meeting. Please don't hesitate to contact me to discuss alternatives. We can be creative. Please make every effort to attend our remaining meetings. Stay healthy and safe. Warm weather is just around the corner!

Friday, May 1
Want to "Raise Your Game"?
Do you need a little support to continue your professional development?  Please check out the annual Raise Your Game scholarship offered.