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Renew your PWLUA membership for 2014 now. Early bird date is April 6th.
Philadelphia Women's Lacrosse Umpires Association

The Philadelphia Women’s Lacrosse Umpires mission is to develop, train, and educate women’s lacrosse umpires in the Philadelphia Area. This mission has been accomplished on an unparalleled level for many years. We have developed some of the finest umpires in the nation and indeed in the world. Historically our umpires have been leaders in helping to develop umpires nationwide. Through our meetings and clinics we have helped our umpires to develop excellence at every level.

Friday, March 14
NOCSAE balls

If two PIAA schools are playing girls' lacrosse, both the NOCSAE stamped balls and the NFHS balls may be used.

Non-PIAA ...

Thursday, March 6

PBOWS Banquet

As was announced at our meeting last week, PBOWS is awarding the 20 Year Outstanding Service Award to 6 of our own lacrosse umpires.

Nancy Coffman
Mari-Ann Wilson
Loretta Pawlowski
Jen O’Donnell
MaryJane (Schaaf) Anderson
Judy Michel

Please consider attending the Award Dinner on Monday, May 5 to celebrate and honor your colleagues. Please fill out the reservation form if you are interested. Reservations are due by 4/15/14 (It’s Tax Day, so get them in early!)

Saturday, January 4
Youth and New Adult Official training

Please contact Nancy Coffman if you are interested or know of someone interested in becoming a new youth or adult official or youth officials that would like to renew their rating.  The following dates have been set up to accommodate the classroom and field ratings:

Please refer to the list of training dates and on field rating dates for more detailed information.


The student officials registration form can be obtained in the handouts section of our website.

Friday, January 24
2014 Newsletter

Check out the 2014 newsletter for all of the important information you need to know for your 2014 season !!

Tuesday, October 1
Membership Requirements

All Philadelphia Women's Lacrosse Umpires are required annually to:

1. Be members as an UMPIRE of US Lacrosse (see Links section of our website)

2. Become a member of the PWLUA (link at the top of the site)

3. Attend the reqired number of meetings PIAA Members (6 and an Interpretation Meeting) Non PIAA Members (4 meetings and an Interpretation Meeting)

4. Perform service and attend a clinc/playday

5. Take the year US Lacrosse test (access your arbiter account to take the test.  Go to the handouts section of our website to download it ahead of time.) Click here for directions.  Adult referees should email their results to Kathleen Gregory,

Optional: Be a certified member of PIAA

Thursday, October 17
Becoming a New Women's Lacrosse Official

Interested in becoming a new official?  Click here for step-by-step instructions on how to do exactly that.