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Philadelphia Women's Lacrosse Umpires Association

The Philadelphia Women’s Lacrosse Umpires mission is to develop, train, and educate women’s lacrosse umpires in the Philadelphia Area. This mission has been accomplished on an unparalleled level for many years. We have developed some of the finest umpires in the nation and indeed in the world. Historically our umpires have been leaders in helping to develop umpires nationwide. Through our meetings and clinics we have helped our umpires to develop excellence at every level.

Friday, May 1
High School Sportsmanship Award

In a couple of weeks you will be asked to participate in two rounds of voting for our High School Sportsmanship award. Schools receiving one or more votes will be added to the 2nd round. This will be an online vote. Very simple, very easy. Listed below are some guidelines to be used when making your decision. Now that we all aren't freezing we can take the next couple of weeks to think about our decision. The team chosen will receive this award at the annual PLA banquet. Refer to this list of schools. If there is a missing institution please inform Kerry Sacco ASAP.

-PWLUA Sportsmanship & Fair play Fairness
-Knowing the rules of the contest
-Self Control
-Exercise Representational Behavior
        -Respect for Opponents
-Displays open graciousness in winning or losing
-Recognizes & appreciates skilled performance regardless of affiliation
-Respecting the Judgement of the Officials

Friday, May 1
Women's Officials Programs and Clinics

Please go to your Central Hub and find the latest updates on WOMEN'S OFFICIALS PROGRAMS AND CLINICS. As a reminder, PWLUA offers scholarships as well! Reflect on your lacrosse career and how you can be the best official you can be!!

Friday, May 1
Post Season 2015

MEETING ALERT: A meeting for the District One playoff series will be on 5/6 at 7:30 pm at Plymouth Whitemarsh HS, Room 220. It is strongly recommended that if you plan be involved in the playoffs that you attend. We will be giving PIAA meeting credit if you need to make up a meeting even if you are not involved with the playoffs. The meeting will review game instructions, overtime review, Lightening, illegal stick stringing and stick checks and other officiating information.

The District One playoff series will begin the week of May 10 and will proceed forward from there. All games are three man and will be assigned through the District One arbiter site. Some regular season games go on until around 5/22. You can still receive assignments until that time from the regular season. Most of those games are for middle schools, but I will be trying to pair an experienced person with a newer official so there is more of a learning process. So for those experienced persons out there, it is important that you make a point to try to work two of those games with one of these people. The private school championship series will be from 16th to 20th of May.  

Wednesday, March 25
USL National Tournament

USL has announced on its' Event page that the National Tournament will return to Lehigh University over Memorial Day weekend.

Please recommend/alert your officials that the site is up and officials can start to 'apply' (that is the button they click under Volunteers and Officials).

This year's format for rating officials will be different. No National candidates will be rated. National rated officials will be onsite observing and providing feedback to officials on the field. There will be at least 2 District clinics (1 for new candidates and 1 for renewal candidates) It's a great opportunity to receive feedback and practice for our well-seasoned officials as well as new, up and coming.....Please support the event, especially since it is within our region....and travel is 'lite' in comparison to other super regions....

Monday, March 16
PIAA Interpretation Meeting

This memo is to notify you that we have posted the online rules interpretation meetings for all spring sports. Please inform any member of your chapter who has not attended a rules interpretation meeting that they may complete the rules meeting online for a $50 fee, which will require a credit card. They will receive credit for the mandatory rules meeting and after completion will receive a certificate. The online option will be available for one month. The instructions are listed below.

1) Go to
2) Double click on the officials’ tab near the top of the page.
3) Click on the last box on the right side of the page, (makeup online rules interpretation meeting)
4) Sign in with access code: (first four letters of your last name IN CAPS and last four numbers of your social security number) – click - sign in.
5) Select sport & follow the prompts.

A certificate will be generated to them upon successful completion. Coaches may attend online for a $75 fee. They will use the school’s access code, which they will get from the Athletic Director. Thank you for your assistance, if you have any questions or concerns, please contact PIAA at 717-697-0374.

Wednesday, March 25
Carding Form

Sunday, March 1
USL Test

Don't forget to logon to and take your annual Rules Exam.  Note that if are rating this year you must complete your exam before your playday.

Monday, March 2
Play Days

Upcoming schedule of play days which are your opportunities for rating and service are listed below.  If you need more information, please contact the chair person(s) listed below.

April 25 - Katie Sampson, Bert Butler, chair

Wednesday, January 14
2015 Newsletter

Please review the 2015 PWLUA Newsletter, complete with 2015 meeting dates.

If you have not yet registered, please do so now. Note that dues are now considered late and are $55 for an active adult official.  Please see the online registration or the registration form in the newsletter for additional information for youth and new officials dues.

Tuesday, October 1
Membership Requirements

All Philadelphia Women's Lacrosse Umpires are required annually to:

1. Be members as an UMPIRE of US Lacrosse (see Links section of our website)

2. Become a member of the PWLUA (link at the top of the site)

3. Attend the reqired number of meetings PIAA Members (6 and an Interpretation Meeting) Non PIAA Members (4 meetings and an Interpretation Meeting)

4. Perform service and attend a clinc/playday

5. Take the year US Lacrosse test (access your arbiter account to take the test.  Go to the handouts section of our website to download it ahead of time.) Click here for directions.  Adult referees should email their results to Kathleen Gregory,

Optional: Be a certified member of PIAA

Thursday, October 17
Becoming a New Women's Lacrosse Official

Interested in becoming a new official?  Click here for step-by-step instructions on how to do exactly that.