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Philadelphia Women's Lacrosse Umpires Association

The Philadelphia Women’s Lacrosse Umpires mission is to develop, train, and educate women’s lacrosse umpires in the Philadelphia Area. This mission has been accomplished on an unparalleled level for many years. We have developed some of the finest umpires in the nation and indeed in the world. Historically our umpires have been leaders in helping to develop umpires nationwide. Through our meetings and clinics we have helped our umpires to develop excellence at every level.

Saturday, June 27
US Lacrosse and Collegiate Officials Association (COA) Joining Together


I hope many of you have finished or are getting close to the end of your season and taking some time off from lacrosse. Your role is vital to the success of the women's officials education and development, and I cannot thank you enough or adequately for your leadership and commitment to US Lacrosse.

As you are aware, US Lacrosse and Collegiate Officials Association (COA) are joining together to transition collegiate officials' trainings, observations and ratings to COA. Attached is the document, jointly written by COA, USL and IWCLA, that outlines this transition. Please distribute this information to your board members who: - already officiate college level games; - you anticipate officiating college level games within the next 2-4 years; - those officials who aspire to officiate college level of play.

If questions arise after distribution of this document, I encourage you to forward them onto Nikki Williams and Joan Sitterly at: Nikki: Joan: ?

Many thanks for your assistance with this and my best,

Jen Dorff WGOSC Chair
1030 Beacon Bluff Court
Colorado Springs CO 80905

Friday, May 1
Women's Officials Programs and Clinics

Please go to your Central Hub and find the latest updates on WOMEN'S OFFICIALS PROGRAMS AND CLINICS. As a reminder, PWLUA offers scholarships as well! Reflect on your lacrosse career and how you can be the best official you can be!!

Wednesday, March 25
Carding Form

Sunday, March 1
USL Test

Don't forget to logon to and take your annual Rules Exam.  Note that if are rating this year you must complete your exam before your playday.

Tuesday, October 1
Membership Requirements

All Philadelphia Women's Lacrosse Umpires are required annually to:

1. Be members as an UMPIRE of US Lacrosse (see Links section of our website)

2. Become a member of the PWLUA (link at the top of the site)

3. Attend the reqired number of meetings PIAA Members (6 and an Interpretation Meeting) Non PIAA Members (4 meetings and an Interpretation Meeting)

4. Perform service and attend a clinc/playday

5. Take the year US Lacrosse test (access your arbiter account to take the test.  Go to the handouts section of our website to download it ahead of time.) Click here for directions.  Adult referees should email their results to Kathleen Gregory,

Optional: Be a certified member of PIAA

Thursday, October 17
Becoming a New Women's Lacrosse Official

Interested in becoming a new official?  Click here for step-by-step instructions on how to do exactly that.