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Philadelphia Women's Lacrosse Umpires Association

The Philadelphia Women’s Lacrosse Umpires mission is to develop, train, and educate women’s lacrosse umpires in the Philadelphia Area. This mission has been accomplished on an unparalleled level for many years. We have developed some of the finest umpires in the nation and indeed in the world. Historically our umpires have been leaders in helping to develop umpires nationwide. Through our meetings and clinics we have helped our umpires to develop excellence at every level.

Tuesday, April 12
Remaining Meetings

Here is a list of remaining meetings for our chapter PLUS more from other chapters. The meeting alternatives were for cases of hardship only. The intent was never for you to fill up in Feb and March. That is exactly what PIAA does NOT want. We appreciate all the service you do but we can't count more than two alternatives. Your playday will count. We have added two extra meetings. Not wanting to drive is not an excuse. Please try to make some of these remaining meetings.

4/18 Gen Meeting 7pm Colonial
4/21 Gen meeting 7pm Dtown East
4/25 Gen Meeting 7pm Dtown east
5/11 playoff Meeting 7pm Colonial

Lehigh Valley
4/19 Gen meeting 7pm Swain School
5/11 playoff meeting 7:30 Swain school
5/17 Gen meeting 7pm swain School
6/16 dinner meeting TBD

4/11 Gen Meeting 7:15 Penn Manor
4/25 Gen Meeting 7:15 Penn Manor

Thursday, March 31
Summer Tournaments

Click here to check out a list of summer tournaments looking for referees.

Monday, March 28
PWLUA March 2016 Newsletter

Hello PWLUA!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Spring Break and Happy Easter! We are in full lacrosse mode! Please take the time to read through the information in this newsletter. There are several attachments included, so please review. Please contact our executive board with any questions or concerns!!

Wednesday, February 24
PIAA Bulletins & Stick information

Please go to the Girls Lacrosse page on the PIAA website to review the preseason bulletins and the latest of which includes clarification on the recessed screw wording and enforcement guidelines, questions and answers on the rules and a document showing pictures of legal/illegal knotting for the different levels.

Also for your reference here is a document laying out the anatomy of a women's lacrosse stick and a Stick Guideline PDF which contines the measurements and requirements for NCAA Coach stick check requests. However, this is a good reference, not for coach's stick check requests, but as a quick reference for a stick that may seem odd at any level of play as the USL guidelines are the same.

Some supplemental questions and answers are here from the Monday, February 22nd meeting for reference.

Monday, January 18
2016 Newsletter

Click here to access your 2016 Season Newsletter.

Friday, May 1
Women's Officials Programs and Clinics

Please go to your Central Hub and find the latest updates on WOMEN'S OFFICIALS PROGRAMS AND CLINICS. As a reminder, PWLUA offers scholarships as well! Reflect on your lacrosse career and how you can be the best official you can be!!

Tuesday, October 1
Membership Requirements

All Philadelphia Women's Lacrosse Umpires are required annually to:

1. Be members as an UMPIRE of US Lacrosse (see Links section of our website)
2. Become a member of the PWLUA (link at the top of the site)
3. Attend the reqired number of meetings PIAA Members (6 and an Interpretation Meeting) Non PIAA Members (4 meetings and an Interpretation Meeting)
4. Perform service and attend a clinc/playday
5. Take the year US Lacrosse test (access your arbiter account to take the test.  Go to the handouts section of our website to download it ahead of time.) Click here for directions.  Adult referees should email their results to Kathleen Gregory,

Optional: Be a certified member of PIAA

Thursday, October 17
Becoming a New Women's Lacrosse Official

Interested in becoming a new official?  Click here for step-by-step instructions on how to do exactly that.