Prince William Girls Fastpitch Softball: Partnership with Competitive Edge

Competitive Edge
Friday, December 1
Partnership with Competitive Edge

PWGFS is glad to announce a great new opportunity for league players to continue developing their skills.  Registrations for spring will include a 2-month membership to the Competitive Edge Athletic Performance Center beginning April 1st thru May 31st.  This is a great opportunity to get some additional practice in when your team is not practicing, you don’t have available space, or when the weather is not ideal for outside.  The 2-month membership includes the use of the 3 practice cages, 3 batting cages, and the utility cage. Practice cage good for hitting drills, tee work, and soft toss.  Not specific to hitting only.  Batting cages are all set up with baseball hitting machines, but there is a Jugs machine available upon request that is for softball.  Not specific to hitting as long as someone is not waiting to use a hitting machine.  Utility cage can be used for fielding, throwing, pitching, and hitting.  There may be a need to share this space.  

These spaces are available to you on a first come first serve basis unless a designated area has already been reserved by someone.  You can check the schedule on the website to see availability.  Balls, tees, and L screens are all available for your use.  There are rules posted that you will need to abide by using the space.   Please represent the league well.   

There are other services available at Competitive Edge that you can take advantage of but not included in the membership.  You will see some of the other activities going on while there.  Speed and agility training is available.  This is a great way to stay in shape, get stronger, and get those feet moving.   Clinics are available as well as small group and private lessons for hitting, fielding, pitching and catching.  All things that can enhance softball skills.  See the website for more details about all activities and services.    We look forward to a great partnership with Competitive Edge providing space to help with the development of the players of PWGFS. 

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