Prince William Girls Fastpitch Softball: PWGFS Hall of Fame

The PWGFS Hall of Fame was established during the spring 2005 season. The purpose of the Hall Of Fame is to acknowledge the commitment & dedication shown to PWGFS through the years by Players, Coaches, Board Members as well as others who have contributed to the over-all success of PWGFS. Each spring season, up to five former players will be chosen to be inducted into the Hall along with any Coaches, Board or other inductees.


The criteria to be considered for the Hall are:



1) The player has played for PWGFS every season since entering the league from at least the 10U Division. (Time missed due to injury will not count against you). Consideration will also be given to players with a minimum of 8 seasons spring or fall.

2) The player was a standout player in PWGFS.

3) The player set an example of helping younger, less experienced players.

4) Players will be nominated by coaches and other league officials.



1) The coach was involved with PWGFS at least 3 full years, spring & fall.

2) The coach stood out as a teacher of the game as well as a positive role-model to all the girls involved in PWGFS.

3) The coach participated in teaching through PWGFS camps and clinics.

4) Coaches will be nominated by board members.


All Others

1) All others will be nominated by board members based on their level of commitment, dedication and hard work shown to PWGFS over the years.


All Hall of Fame nominees will be reviewed and voted on by the PWGFS board.

Prince William Girls Fastpitch Softball Hall of Fame


Lydia Austin - Inducted Spring 2005
Katie Barham - Inducted Spring 2005
Shyanne Donahue - Inducted Spring 2005
Tirza Austin - Inducted Fall 2005
Shannon Cleary - Inducted Fall 2005
Victoria Halla - Inducted Fall 2005
Stephanie Kestermann - Inducted Spring 2007
Shyla Rider - Inducted Spring 2007
Kristen "Cricket" Borsari - Inducted Spring 2009
Rebecca Horesky - Inducted Spring 2011
Jessica Lonsinger - Inducted Spring 2011

Nicole Belk - Inducted Spring 2017

Lindsay Slover - Inducted Spring 2017  



Harry Blair - Inducted Spring 2012 25th Anniversary (Original Coach)
Fred Frazer - Inducted Spring 2012 25th Anniversary (Original Coach)
Brace Heit - Inducted Spring 2012 25th Anniversary (Original Coach)
Bill Mack - Inducted Spring 2012 25th Anniversary (Original Coach)


Commitment to PWGFS Excellence

Doug Young - League Scheduler - Inducted Spring 2007
Dale Hill - League Founder / 1st President - Inducted Spring 2009
Judy Brewer - Umpire - Inducted Spring 2011
Donna Donahue - League Commitment - Inducted Spring 2011
BJ Nohilly - Secretary / Treasurer - Inducted Spring 2011
Bill Posey - 2nd President - Inducted Spring 2011

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